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Impressive body of work!
Greeting bro! thanks for sharing your gift man. I really admire your creativity and can control. Question what tip would you personally recommend for a novice trying to get into the movement. Give thanks always
Comment by: Tafewa Turner on Thursday 03/12/09 at 9:57 PM
Impressive body of work!
Comment by: Tafewa Turner on Thursday 03/12/09 at 9:55 PM
Really Nice
Really like your art! I invite you to visit my gallery and examine my art. I hope it appeals to you and that you might cast your vote in my direction. Thank you SO Much for your time
Comment by: Ray Wolf on Tuesday 03/10/09 at 1:27 AM
Invitation to my gallery
Hi your work is very interesting, I like your unusual technique. Please take a moment today and check out my art and Cast your vote for me if you like what you see. Thanks, Ilana
Comment by: Ilana Aviv on Monday 03/02/09 at 2:41 PM