Enda O'Donoghue

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Reno, 2011 Oil On Canvas 180 X 240 Cm
Fuzzy Memory, 2012 Oil On Canvas 70 X 95 Cm
Apetite, 2008 Oil On Canvas 95 X 120cm
On the One, 2006 Oil On Canvas 120 X 150 Cm
Being Digital, 2008 Oil On Canvas 120 X 150 Cm
Amsterdam, 2006 Oil On Canvas 120 X 150 Cm
El Aeroveiculo, 2005 Oil On Canvas 120 X 150 Cm
Registration, 2006 Oil On Canvas 120 X 150 Cm
Latin-1, 2009 Ink On Paper 12 X 12 Inches
“wow, my stomach looks great!”, 2010 Oil On Canvas 100 X 130 Cm
In the elevator, 2009 Oil On Canvas 95 X 120 Cm
Carbon Copy, 2011 Injket Print 329mm X 470mm © Enda O'Donoghue
"Too Slutty?", 2010 Oil On Canvas 140 X 170 Cm © Courtesy of the artist & Hunchentoot Galerie
Quantization #1, 2012 60 X 80 Cm
View From the Cafe, 2013 Oil On Canvas
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Limerick, Ireland
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mixed-media, video-art, photography, digital, figurative, conceptual

Enda O’Donoghue’s work presents a forensic interest in the medium and process of painting and an ongoing dialogue with the mediation of images through digital technology. Hovering between the realms of abstraction and representation, between the mathematical encoded and the organic, O’Donoghue’s paintings are the result of a process which is highly analytical and methodical and yet inviting of errors, misalignments and glitches. The imagery comes almost exclusively from found photographs sourced from the Internet, where O'Donoghue plays with random throw-away moments of everyday life, merging them together in various interconnected themes. In O’Donoghue’s work, the painterliness of his technique works with the disposable nature of his subjects to make the work sometimes poignant and melancholic, or alternatively brittle and harsh. His work is deeply influenced by the digital high speed reality we now live in and he transports these seemingly meaningless sound-bite images from a place of apparent futility to one that questions and searches for meaning through the transformative act of painting.

Enda O’Donoghue was born in Limerick in 1973 and has been living and working in Berlin since 2002. He completed his degree in painting at the Limerick School of Art and Design and a Masters in Interactive Media at the University of Limerick.

O’Donoghue has taken part in numerous international group exhibitions, including shows at Liebkranz Galerie, Berlin (2012), Meter Room, Coventry (2012), The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2011), Expo in Shanghai (2010), Universal Cube, Leipzig (2008), Four Gallery, Dublin (2006), Overgaden, Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (2006) and a number of solo shows in Berlin, Ireland and in 2009 a solo exhibition in New York. O’Donoghue has also organised and curated a number of group exhibitions in Berlin and is currently co-curating a major exhibition which will present a selection of the Berlin based Irish artists at Grimmmuseum in Berlin and will then be touring to the Galway Arts Center, Ireland in 2013. In November 2012 his work was presented in a solo exhibition at the Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland.