Aisha Razem

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Aurora's tears , 18/1/2009 Canvas
Pain Reflection, 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Devided , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Phantom Land In Hand , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Aromatized sadness, 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Scratched Woman, 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Soul Snatch , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Frightened mothers , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Good bye , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
War's Numb, 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Left Alone , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Frightened , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Death Taste , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Weeping Sublimation , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Sad , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Palestinian Calamity , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Division, 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Confused , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Spinal Wound , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
freedom Lockup, 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Lost His Family , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Mourner , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Under Siege , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Facing Death, 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Women's Damge , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Scream , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Weeping Sister , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Cracked Under attacks , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Threatened , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Refinment , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Frazzled Identity , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Collapse, 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Torn , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Dancing Clouds Canvas © Aisha Razem
God's Present , 2006 Canvas © Aisha Razem
Arousal Canvas © Aisha Razem
valentine, 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Tearful, 2007 Canvas © Aisha Razem
Hope , 2007 Canvas © aisha razem
jasmin's Rain Canvas © aisha razem
Sunrise Canvas © aisha razem
Rainbow 1 Canvas © Aisha Razem
Rainbow 2 Canvas © Aisha Razem
Lost Mothers , 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Weeping Bird , 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Asleep, 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Calm , 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Pulsing Fear , 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
winded soul, 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
My Loneliness , 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Aurora, 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Barbed wires, 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Blood Rose , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Sky's drops , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Voiced Figure , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Violet bouquet1, 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Violet bouquet 2, 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Massacre , 2001 Canvas © aisha razem
Captured , 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Drowning, 2002 Canvas © aisha razem
Quick Facts
palestine - Jericho
Birth year
1954 - 13 - 8
Lives in
Works in
My Own Art Razem Gallery - Amman
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mixed-media, performance, modern, photography, digital, figurative, gallery, conceptual, sculpture




About Doctor: Aisha Al - Khawaja Al Razem


I'm extremely dedicated to my family and our Palestinian wound , which sprays the essence of all souls of art ,  poetry , political writings , paintings , novel bleeding which makes an art form in my heart beats !!! For me, poetry is more than just the glib stream of emotions and feelings or tears, it is considered logically smoothed minded insomnia. It is also my consciousness on the top of my internal vision towards the fragile peaceful nations and their natural earth treasures, who are exposed to the might digestive dictators, especially in the decades of George Bush's dynasty terror dominant   !!!! I cry by my Poetry and paintings for the Palestinian children, who were weaved in phosphorous bombs from the Israeli genocide against their innocence and helpless escape. I cry for the Iraqi and Afghani children and innocence in the surrounding screams of them without any manhood to save.

Resembling their pain, suffering in my hot tears writings, planting their eyes  in my thoughts of a pained heart. It is an art represents my Palestinian Peaceful weapons glowing towards our freedom and homeland on our own holy ground. glows above the sad earth, proving to  humans who ever they are , that our arms to defend our lives and land forwards freedom is embraced  by art . Deserves years and year's worth of study and practice.


I am the mother of five .... Three beautiful daughters who are

 now adults & married so I have two grandchildren (Qaiss & Daniel) and I have 2 grown sons still studying in universities ....  Taking care of my family besides being a famous writer and poet.... A famous painter also in the Arab world nominated as one of the best poets as they say! But I do believe that I am the pen who can win! I have been writing political articles in daily newspapers for many years! I was born in the good old days of ingrained feelings of compassion with wide perceptive eyes looking at the happenings of the world! Novelist columnist

I fight the hatred by wiping the human's tears with my words against the bluffs of lazy wealth and fake strength! I am a person with faith and a mother who prays five times a day!

My hobbies include reading poetry, photography wherever I step, painting life with hands raised to sky reaching for love and rain!


I try to be kind towards every body in the earth as it's another great way of spreading peace .... Despite those who stole our trees and soil easily and shed our blood loud and clear!! As a Palestinian from the holy land without any piece of land..... I dream of a gallery , close to a green garden full of earth's essence and scents splashed over and over until humans become fragranced with art and poetry , teaching us how to love and live on this earth and beyond!!


About Aisha Khawaja Razem

Aisha Razem C.V

- Born in Jericho 1954

- Originally from Hebron - village Ajjour that was stolen in 1948 by the Israeli occupation.

- Finished her elementary school in- Jericho at 1967 before the second disaster of occupying the west bank (the rest of Palestine land) at 1967

- Finished her secondary school in Amman

- She studied nursing in 1973 at princess Muna College of nursing - Amman

- She studied the courses of Military Management and Political seminars in Maxwell University of Alabama - U S A in 1982

  • - She also enrolled in English courses in the same university in 1982
  • - Her university degree of Arabic Literature was acquired from Beirut Arab University in 1987.
  • - Master degree 2004 in fine art - Trinity University
  • - Doctor of philosophy of fine art - the relationship between painting and poetry- comparative study 2007
  • - She enrolled in many conferences and international Arabic seminars as research participator and lecturer.
  • - She participated in festivals of Arabic poetry locally and regionally, where she introduced her patriotic poems laden with the Palestinian Arabic suffering and Hope.
  • - She fought to represent the people's needs & demands by running through parliamentary elections in Jordan for three battles in 1989 -1997 - 2003 - but her pen still willing to win !!!
  • - She continued writing political essays since 1977 having her fixed columns in al Dustour newspaper and several weekly newspapers.
  • - She is the author of many published books.
  • - Her poems in a collective book which contained seven previously published books was published and distributed widely in 1998.
  • - She is supported by her Husband (The fighter Pilot Gabriel Razem) who is now flying the Air Bus 340 for the royal Jordanian Airlines.
  • - Her personal art exhibitions were held in different countries all over the world since 1982.
  • - She exhibited her Paintings at many famous halls and expositions all around the world.
  • - She is the mother of three daughters ( Maiss - Reem - Zein ) and two sons ( Hussein - Mohammed )

- She is the Editor in chief of the Magazine ( Al - Safeerea )  published in Jordan

- She started writing in the year 1977 and published many materials (poems - short stories - articles - novels - in newspapers & magazines).

- She wrote a weekly article for Al- Dustour newspaper -AL- Rai newspaper - Shihan news paper - Al Mehwar weekly magazine -  (1985-2007), and still writes in Al Dustour newspaper till this day.

-She is an active member of Jordanian Writers Association, a member of Arab Writers Union, a founding member of the Humanitarian Center for Women Rights, and a member of Jordanian Women Union. Also a member of the Arab internet union.

- She is managing and directing her own cultural Gallery Phoenix Gallery for culture and Art in Lowaibeda - Amman .