Ieva Alksne

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Open road, 2008 Porcelain/Stoneware 34x27x22 Cm © Ieva Alksne
Open road (detail), 2008 Porcelain/Sculpture 34x27x22cm © Ieva Alksne
Awakening, 2008 Porcelain/Stoneware 20x19x24cm © Ieva Alksne
Spring run, 2005 Terracota 40x28x4cm © Ieva Alksne
Old friends, 2008 Handbuilt Porcelain 24x26x18 © Ieva Alksne
Fighting gravity, 2008 Handbuilt Porcelain/Stoneware 26x29x16 © Ieva Alksne
Headrush, 2008 Porcelain/Stoneware 24x28x24 © Ieva Alksne
Inspired nights, 2008 Porcelain 34x32x21 © Ieva Alksne
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Riga, Latvia
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Burslem Arts gallery, UK
ceramics, porcelain, clay, animal, figurative, sculpture

Originating from Latvia, I came to England in year 2006.

Back in Latvia, ceramics was my lifelong hobby. I gained my education of pottery art participating in different art studios, studying various literature, i-net resources and never ending experiments with various materials. I also attended a 3 year ceramic technology course in college.

In the last 6 years in Latvia my full time job was working for the Latvian fire service control centre, receiving emergency calls and co-ordinating the necessary help to “scenes”.

My time was split between bringing up both my daughters, my job, white-water slalom (a perfect way to keep fit, as pottery making requires some physical strength) and of course dipping my hands in clay.

Today my home is in Stoke-on-Trent, (the historical city of pottery), together with my daughters and my fiancé whose support and encouragement has let me turn my “hobby” in to full time occupation.

I also participate in the “Burslem arts group” and do voluntary work in The “Burslem arts gallery”. This allows me to meet many wonderful, like-minded and supportive people.

My tool of expression is clay, each type carefully chosen to bring my ideas to life. Very often I combine clay with other materials, like metal or glass, as the primary idea dictates the material and technology I use in each project.

Before making each piece, I have an almost complete sketch in my mind and on paper. But during the creation process, each piece starts to generate its own rules and the interaction that follows can often result in something completely different from the initial idea.

Inspiration for my work I gain from my personal everyday experiences such as a book, a piece of music, an image, a single emotion etc.. Also I gain inspiration from my current work, like my fire service themed series which I created while working for the fire service.

I enjoy experimenting, making unusual things, like animal sculptures with absolutely functional drawers, sculptured clay whistles and large chess sets.

All my work is designed and hand sculpted by myself and I try to infuse individual and personal characteristics in each piece I create, even down to the smallest animal sculpture.

When I was just 16, one of my ceramic teachers in the public university taught me a philosophy which I apply to each piece I make

It doesn’t matter if your pot is perfectly straight and shiny,The essence of all art is how much of your heart you put into each piece you create."