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i'll eat your shame and make you new, late 2007 / early 2008 Marker On Watercolor Paper 20" X 32" © damien james
metastasis 5, 2008 Marker On Watercolor Paper 24" X 18" © damien james
i grieve that grief can teach me nothing, 2005 Marker On Watercolor Paper 18" X 25" © damien james
metastasis 3, 2008 Marker On Watercolor Paper 24" X 18" © damien james
this is the exact moment in which i am meant to be, 2006 Marker / Collage On Watercolor Paper 15" X 20" © damien james
what a joy that would be, 2006 Marker On Watercolor Paper 11" X 19" © damien james
"E" from the You-Are-Beautiful State Street mural, 2007 Plastic And Wood Cut Out 20" X 24" © damien james
metastasis 2, 2008 Marker On Watercolor Paper 18" X 24" © damien james
fish on unicycle 1, 2008 Marker On Watercolor Paper 10" X 10" © damien james
fish on unicycle 2, 2008 Marker On Watercolor Paper 10" X 10" © damien james
Internal roadmap of the path of least resistance, which tends to be the path i never take. (Though i'm still at a loss as to why that is.), 2009 Marker On Watercolor Paper 32" X 20" © damien james
It was only briefly that i was there, but more so that i was not. And when i was not, i could clearly see how addictive being present could be, to the point that i had to commit serious consideration to stepping back, looking into space, seeing nothing at, 2009 Marker On Watercolor Paper 32" X 20" © damien james
Quick Facts
pop, mixed-media, installation, collective, surrealism, publication, modern, graffiti/street-art, gallery, conceptual, exhibition/performance

I am a self-taught artist and writer working in Chicago and various points in cyberspace. (Does anyone say "cyberspace" anymore, or has it been replaced by "blogosphere?") My art is in private collections in London, Berlin, Mumbai, a small town in Romania, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and various other cities, villages, and townships throughout the U.S., so I'm pretty special, which is not to be read as anything other than sarcasm. I wrote monthly features (and did some editing) for the New Orleans-based national art magazine Art Voices before they folded (which had nothing to do with me, of course), and contribute regularly (and sometimes less than regularly) to the publications listed below, newest among them:, for which there are links in the event that you have any interest in reading further. I will not, however, assume that you do.   

Some selected pieces from various places I've been published: :

Connecting, Part 1 - Art as transportation

Connecting, Part 2 - Useful junk

Connecting, Part 3 - Ceci n’est pas une Twinkie

Connecting, Part 4 - All spin of one kind or another

Connecting, Part 5 - Effortless

Connecting, Part 6 - Postscript and postmortem

The Chicago Reader :

Cover story on Ryan and Trevor Oakes

Bad At Sports :

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Matt Woodward

Beatrice Fisher

Half the sky, part 1

Half the sky, part 2

Chicago Humanities Festival

The Yes Men in Chicago

Had some swell things to say about my open letter

New City :

The Art of Democracy at Loyola University Museum of Art

Open letter to the art thief

Riva Lehrer at Printworks

The Tract House at Three Walls

Liza Berkoff and Liliana Porter at Carrie Secrist

Saatchi Gallery Online :

On Around the Coyote's Spring Festival, 2008

McSweeney's Internet Tendency :

Just a little list

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