Eeinna Akers

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Blood Diamond, 12/08 Acrylic, Painted Clay, Gem Stones, Moss 3'x2' 1/2 © Eeinna Akers
Daddy's Girl, 12/08 Acrylic, And Balsa Wood. 1 1/2'x2 © Eeinna Akers
Curtain Call, 1992 Acrylic 1' 1/2x1' 1/2 © Eeinna Akers
Ghosts, 1/09 Acrylic 1 1/2'x2' © Eeinna Akers
A Gray Matter, 1/09 Acrylic 1 1/2'x2' © Eeinna Akers
Illusion, 1/09 Acrylic, And Balsa Wood. 1 1/2'x2 © Eeinna Akers
The Bizness, 1/09 Acrylic, And Balsa Wood,Clay 2'x2' © Eeinna Akers
Exhibit Jan 09, 1/09 Acrylic Mixed Various © Eeinna Akers
Exhibit Jan 09, 1/09 Acrylic Mixed Various © Eeinna Akers
Quick Facts


My name is Eeinna, pronounced (Ena), and I'm married to a wonderful man for who has been a support and assistant to me in my Art endeavors. We have two children 15 and 8, and we live in Upstate NY.

I am a California native who has transplanted to NY to be with my husband 20 years ago from Miami. We enjoy sailing, and camping and other outdoor activities. We enjoy being with our children and spending time together when we are not working or consumed by activities surrounding the children.

Screenwriting, Directing, and Producing is my first love. Painting and creating pieces has been a hobbie I enjoy as a pass time. Recently I took the time to create a series of art pieces solely geared toward Tragedy Comedy faces with a 3 dimensional twist. Thanks to our local library I had to mass produce the paintings with little time in between to savor my master piece.

10 years ago I enjoyed a brief stint in the film industry working for a famous and successful production house. I was blessed to direct my first music video and enjoyed the trappings of a shortlived jet setting lifestyle. Shortly after my husband and i decided to put everything on hold and focus on having our second child with hopes of getting a daughter. That hope was realized. We knew right away that we had to move out of NYC.

The past 10 years I've developed my own fiilm company Got Next Films  "A conceptual film company". I've been slowly but surely building my archive of great scripts and preparing for that big meeting.

In the meantime my husband and I dedicate our time to advocating for children who need a voice. We are concerned over various issues like public education and urban schools etc.

I could go on all day but I will close by saying that I hope to this year use my art as a platform to help donate time and money to create incentives for kids to help them stay in school, enjoy the success of higher achievement, and less violence in inner city schools.




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