Nelly Drell

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"Evening", 2010 Oil On Canvas 150x200cm
"Hold me", 2008 Oil On Canvas 70cmx100cm
"Composer Arvo Pärt" , 2009 Oil On Canvas 90cmx115cm
"Woman", 2004 Oil, Canvas 155cmx185cm
"Devilment", 2003 Oil, Canvas 120cmx150cm
"Uninfluenceble" , 2009 Oil On Canvas 130cmx150cm
"Soul", 2008 Oil On Canvas 200cmx200cm
"Soul 1", 2007 Oil, Canvas 100 Cm X 140 Cm
"Soul 2", 2007 Oil, Canvas 100 Cm X 140 Cm
"Leaning woman", 2003 Pencil,Paper 46cmx59cm
"Strong", 2003 Pencil,Paper 57cmx75cm
"Self-Potrait", 2005 Oil, Canvas 75cmx100cm
"Mosambai", 2005 Pencil,Paper 50cmx70cm
"Assured", 2003 Pencil,Paper 46cmx59cm
"Central Park" , 2003 Oil, Canvas 100 Cm X 130 Cm
"Versus", 2010 Oil On Canvas 150x180cm
"Departure", 2010 Oil On Canvas 75x115cm
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Tallinn, Estonia
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Lives in
Tallinn, Estonia
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Tallinn, Estonia
landscape, traditional, figurative




             Artist statement



I desire to communicate universally. To capture the beauty of life's simplest moments and through that have a visual dialogue between my art and the audience. I want to express both the suffering and joy that surrounds all people and be emotionally powerful. My paintings are reflection of the present but influenced by what came before me. They are meant to evoke emotion by representing matters of the soul. Each painting tells a story-shaped and influenced by the events surrounding my life. The nude is common motif in my paintings. I paint visual stories of people. I try to see past the flesh and bone and discover what resides in their depths of their souls and bring the hidden thoughts of an individual to the surface of the canvas. I love experimenting with boundary between realism and expressionism. My educational background greatly influences the way I paint. My passion is for light and shadow, and how it plays upon the human body. I use both thick and thin textures with earthly tones. But it is the dramatic use of light and shadow that enhances the feeling of the subject coming alive. I would like to utilize the oil paint in order to show the multiplicity of life, bringing attention to the political, social, religious events and, how they relate to nature.


 Art painter Nelly Drell was born in 19.10.1979 in Tallinn, Estonia.. Already as a child she was very interested in art and at the same time studding in Pelglinna high school she was also supplementing herself in Kullo art centre and in Kevade street art school. After committing and dedicating herself to art soon became clear that the road what was chosen was right and grow the need and wish to develop her skills and become a real artist. After graduating high school she carried on studying painting in 1998-2000 in Estonian Art Academy, later in Miami International Fine Arts College (2000-2001) she got her bachelors degree and in New York Art Academy (2001-2003) masters degree in painting.


     Nelly Drell´s creation catches the eye by being bold and realistic and having lots of figural compositions. She isn't afraid by experimenting with different art styles. You can find from her paintings hyper-realistic city views, ethnic-romantic celebration and all other possible styles, from baroc to clasitsism. The same diverse is the artist in variation of subjects. Among the work there are at the same time colorful sport events, dramatic scenes from history and vivid landscapes. Usage of art form and choice of motives are varying but the main attention stays on (harmonically depicted) people.


    Nelly Drell has exhibited her paintings since 1995 at tens of group and personal exhibitions. She has won in 2001 Miami International Fine Arts College young visual artist award and in 2008 SMV- prize in Estonian Artist Union year exhibition.

From 2005 she has been a member of Estonian Artist Union.