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software art, game art, augmented reality, Hacking, modification installation, digital, conceptual
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Jan, 2020
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I am a New Zealand born media artist based in Berlin, Germany. I've presented my papers and projects at many museums, international electronic-art events and conferences, including the Tate Modern, Transmediale, Ars Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival. My work has received several awards, ranging across technical excellence, artistic invention and interaction design.

I've given numerous workshops and master classes in game-design, artistic game-development, object-oriented programming for artists, UNIX/Linux, virtual architecture, interface design, augmented reality and open source development practices worldwide.

exhibitions, talks, workshops


Six Composite Acts, MMX gallery, Berlin

The Artvertiser (at the Murcia stand), ARCO, Madrid

The New Arena Paintings (solo show), Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee, Scotland

The Artvertiser at Transmediale 2010, Berlin

'The Not So Brief History of Sound Based Games', artist talk, A-MAZE Festival, Berlin


levelHead at Space Invaders, FACT, Liverpool, U.K

levelHead at Over The Game, Zemos98, Seville, Spain

The Atocha 24 Insertions, HAMBRE (group show) Madrid

levelHead at TWEAKFEST, Zurich, Switzerland

levelHead, Award and exhibition, LAVAL VIRTUAL, Laval, France.

levelHead at Art Rock festival, St Brieuc, France

The Artvertiser workshop, Cartagena, Spain

Composite City, Paper presentation, See Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany

levelHead at Mois Multi, Quebec City, Canada.

levelHead at the Japan Media Art Festival, National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

levelHead at the Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria (opening exhibition of new center).


Trapped Rocket II at Dadamachinima Exhibition (curated by, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Fijuu2 at DING>>DONG, Liverpool, U.K.

levelHead at MAKEART, Poitiers, France.

levelHead at Cinekid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Optical Illusion Art as Radical Interface: Paper presentation at Light, Space and Perception series, Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain.

levelHead at GameCity, Nottingham, U.K

Exhibition of 3 works and guest panelist at The Circle 08, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Cartofictions: Maps the Imaginary and Geo-strategic Engineering. Paper presentation, Zagreb, Croatia

levelHead at Split International Film Festival, Split, Croatia

levelHead at Ars Electronica (award and exhibition) O.K Centre, Linz, Austria

levelHead at FILE08, Sao Paulo, Brasil

levelHead at 'Future Past Cinema', Sonarmatica08, Sonar, Barcelona, Spain.

levelHead at <>TAG exhibition, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Augmented Reality Games workshop (3 days) and related talk. Mediamatic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

levelHead at Feria de las Ciencias, Madrid, Spain.

levelHead at Homo Ludens Ludens, Laboral, Gijon, Spain (5 months exhibit).

Optical Illusion Art as Radical Interface: Paper presentation at Homo Ludens Ludens, Gijon, Spain.

Two weeks teaching at Inclusiva-net Madrid, Spain

Cartofictions: Maps the Imaginary and Geo-strategic Engineering. Paper presentation at Inclusiva-net Madrid, Spain


Fijuu2 exhibited at 'Games:AV' London Games Festival, London, U.K

Fijuu2 exhibited at 'Kiblix', Maribor, Slovenia.

Unprepared Architecture (with Simone Jones) exhibited at 'TestBed', Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada.

Fijuu2 exhibited at 'Indiecade', E3 Game Expo, Santa Monica, America.

'Artistic Game Development: Tools, Techniques and Trends', Workshop and lecture Transistor 07, CIANT, Prague, Czech Republic.

'Introduction to Modding and Rapid Game Prototyping', 20 hour workshop at The Laboral, Gijon, Spain.

Exhibition of 'Unprepared Architecture' at 'Interactivos', MediaLabMadrid, Madrid, Spain. Collaboration wih Simone Jones.

Rapid Game Prototyping with Blender and Python, 40 hour intensive workshop given at the Technical University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Second Person Shooter (2 Player version), 'Gameworld' at the Laboral, Gijon, Spain

Fijuu2, 'Late at the Tate', Tate Britain, London, U.K

Exhibition of new work ioq3aPaint, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, America

Artist in Residence, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, America

Presentation of Commissioned piece Packet Garden, Arnolfini, Bristol, U.K


ART+GAME, Brussels, Belgium. Gave 40 hour intensive on artistic game development using Python and Blender.

ART+GAME, Brussels, Belgium. Fijuu2 exhibited.

Bzoom06, Brno, Czech Republic. Fijuu2 exhibited.

'Gaming Realities', Mediaterra06, Athens, Greece. Keynote paper presentation and exhibition of Fijuu2.

GYOML, Folly, United Kingdon. Lecture and one day workshop on artistic game development using Blender.

tranISTor, CIANT, Prague, Czech Republic. Lecture and one day workshop on artistic game development using Blender.

'Digital Showcase 37' Austin Museum of Digital Art, Texas, America. Installation of 'Qthoth'.

Game/Play, HTTP Gallery, London, U.K. Second Person Shooter prototype on exhbition. Curated by Furtherfield.

CyberSonica06, London, UK. 2 Week installation of commissioned work 'Fijuu2'.

Lovebytes2006, Sheffield, UK. 4 week installation of bot driven piece 'Q3APD'.

Lovebytes2006, Sheffield, UK. Workshop - Introduction to Blender.

AVFestival 06, Middlesborough, UK. Workshop - 30hour, 5day intensive on game development.

Show Some Emotion, CodeWorks, MiddlesBorough, UK. Presentation on topic of "Frustration and Relief in the Gaming Experience"


International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Paper on Documentary and Political Games.

Mladinski Center, Krsko, Slovenia. Fijuu presentation and performance

Artist in Residence, Technical University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Technical University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 1month, 120hour workshop intensive on open-source game development.

Artist in Residence, Access Space, Sheffield, UK.

Access Space, Sheffield, UK. Introduction to Blender.

Transmediale, Berlin, Germany. Honourary Mention Award for piece 'Fijuu'.

D.I.G.R.A, Vancouver, Canada Installation of EFW at 'P.O.V' exhibition.


PIKSEL2004, Bergen, Norway. Performance and presentation of game based performance system, 'fijuu'

ALT-CTRL, California, America. Installation of game based performance system, 'fijuu'

SAGASNET, Munich, Germany. Paper on Documentary Games.

Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival, Switzerland. Presentation of computer graphic technology developed in 'fijuu'

Sonar2004, Barcelona, Spain. Paper and Concert performance of game based performance system, 'fijuu'

International Film Festival Rotterdam Presentation and exhibition of EFW project.

Two week intensive workshop in Blender and Pure Data, 'Nadine', Belgium.


TRANSFIGURE, Melbourne, Australia. Installation of Commissioned game 'ACMIPARK'

D.I.G.R.A,Utrecht. Presentation of ACMI Commissioned work, 'acmipark' at DIGRA Conference.

Art Futura, Barcelona Spain. Guest Panelist and Paper Presentation in 'Pixel City'.

re:Play, Cape Town, South Africa. Presentation of EFW project. Curated by Adam Hyde and Honor Harger.

Plaything, Sydney. Presentation of game-based performance engine, 'Qthoth' at dLux Media Arts.

Open Source Game Development Symposium, Copenhagen. Paper presentation and panelist.

Next Five Minutes, Amsterdam. Paper presentation and panelist for the EFW project.

user_mode, Tate Modern London. Paper, panel and survey of work by selectparks.

Digital Arts and Culture Conference, Melbourne. Paper presentation, 'D.I.E'.

Synaesthesia World Tour. 13 performances of game-driven electro-acoustics, EU, US, Japan.

L'oading, Sicily, Italy. – exhibition of game 'Qthoth', Curated by Valentina Tanni.


<ALT> Digital Media, American Museum of The Moving Image, New York, USA. Exhibition of 'Qthoth'

Trigger, eSpace, Melbourne. Curated by Rebecca Cannon.

Variable Resistance, SFMOMA, San Francisco, USA. Exhbition of 'Fast Core Routines'

P~lot, tx00m (FOAM) presentations and workshops, Groznjan [Croatia], Amsterdam, Brussels.

The Similar Eye, CGDC Tampere, Finland. Paper presentation of 'The Similar Eye'


Re:Con, Zagreb. Game 'Qthoth' HDLU Gallery, curated by Honor Harger, Zagreb, Croatia.

Bus Gallery, Melbourne. Glitch Machinima 'Max Miptex', collaboration with Chad Chatterton. Game-hack VJ and composition project.

WAVEFORM, Australian Computer Music Association WAVEFORM 2001, UNWS. 6 Channel dispersion of 'Fast Core Routines'

Impermanent Audio, Sydney. Perfomance of 'Fast Core Routines'.

Applications for Computer Gaming Engines in Architecture and The Fine Arts Interactive Information Institute, R.M.I.T, Melbourne. Paper Presentation.

COSIGN2001, CWI, Amsterdam. Paper presentation of 'Polygon Destinies'


Harmonia, West Space Gallery, Melbourne. Collaboration with Chad Chatterton, curated by Brett Jones and Ryszard Dabek

Final Fantasies, 200 Gertrude Street Gallery, Melbourne. Group Show curated by Chad Chatterton,

PCAS/ACAS Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Presentation of game design research paper 'Polygon Destinies: Body, Self and Sense of Place'

Sonic Residues, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Presentation of audio dispersion piece, 'Fieldwork'

Emulations, Westspace, Melbourne. Performance and CD release of new work,


Plant Syntax, Melbourne. Performance and CD release of work, Topographical Amnesia.

Null Point Parallax, Melbourne - with Simon Giddings and Jason Paterson, Writings on the Body, George Patton Gallery, Melbourne.

Parler2000 Galerie Inc, Melbourne. 'Observation Deck' Curated by Rachael Tempest,


Hard Listening Series, The Musicians Club, Melbourne. Performance of 'Cardiometronome'.

The Project Space, Melbourne. Presentation of Quictime VR 'Inexplore' (developed with Evan Harridge)

Plant Syntax, Melbourne., presentation of work at 'Amperecights'.

Adelaide Festival, Adelaide. 'Foldback' .


Artspace - Auckland, NZ. 'BPM' at series Relay,

The Performance Space, Sydney. 'BPM [transduced]' at OPEN, Curated Julianne Pierce (music made with heart beats of four performers - amplified stethoscopes and oscilloscope)


Artspace, Auckland, NZ. 'Sermon' at series Relay,

Artspace, Auckland, NZ. 'Scarab' at series Relay,

Artspace, Auckland, NZ. 'Ping Body' with Stelarc,

Artspace, Auckland, NZ. 'Air to Live' at series Relay,

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