Scott A. Trimble

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Quick Facts

Scott A. Trimble graduated from USC’s School of Cinema and Television with an emphasis in history/criticism and screenwriting.  Although he enjoyed writing, he dreaded the time-intensive nature of transcribing entire ideas into words once their inspiration had already sparked and moved on.  Painting, by contrast, is all about immediacy and spontaneity, and is full of opportunities for Trimble to surprise even himself.

Trimble’s practice of planting successive images on the same plane offers an experience beyond the four corners of the canvas.  He partially or sometimes wholly obscures one of his then-existing paintings, pressing the remainders into service of a new, multiple palimpsest that mimics and physically resembles the way our memories construct themselves over time. Unwilling to completely renounce writing, he pairs intuitively musical titles with doggedly ambiguous imagery as his expressionist and surreal figurative and landscape paintings examine the elusive nature of recall within the hidden structures of relationships and emotional wellsprings,

An active artist-member of the Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, Trimble’s work is widely and increasingly shown in group shows throughout Southern California.  He has had a solo show at Ego Fine Art, a featured artist exhibit at South Bay Contemporary, and a well-received pairing with photographer Osceola Refetoff at Chungking Studio on celebrated Chung King Road.  In 2015 and 2016, William Escalera and Francisco George juried Trimble’s work into Gallery 825’s Out There, as did Nina Zak Laddon in the highly-regarded CA101 exhibition, and he has been honored to donate work for auction at LAAA’s annual fundraiser.  His work also can be seen at an upcoming exhibit at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and a scheduled June 2017 solo show at the Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum.

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