Juan Pablo Vergara Galvis

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Paulinia cupana(Botanical name), December 2004 Ink 12cm X 15 Cm © Juan Pablo Vergara Galvis
Pterigoplictis multiradiatus(zoological name), january 2000 Pencil 25cm X 35cm © Juan Pablo Vergara Galvis
No Name Buterfly, October 2008 Engraving Hand Colored Print 21cmx28cm © Juan Pablo Vergara Galvis
"To feel that they look at us as stone and inside us we save heaven", October 2008 Engraving 21cm X 28 Cm © Juan Pablo Vergara Galvis
"Big Cat Head", June 2007 Engraving 25cm X 17,5cm © Juan pablo Vergara Galvis
Tito alba, 1999 Mixed Media: Watercolor,Color Pencils. 25x35cm © Convenio Andrés Bello (Andrés Bello Pact)
Melanosuchus niger."Amazonas´ Black Aligator" head, 2004 Ink: Technical Pen 10,5cm X 7 Cm © Conservation International Colombia
Espeletia grandiflora: first stages of its development, 1992 Ink (Technical Pen) 25 Cm X 35 Cm © Juan Pablo Vergara galvis
Panthera onca sketching, 1999 Pencil On Paper © Juan Pablo Vergara Galvis
Dasypus novencinctus.One of the South American Armadillos , Around 1998 Mixed Media: Watercolor And Color Pencils 25cm X 35 Cm © Convenio andré bello(Andrés Bello Pact)
Thibaudia floribunda, 1992 Mixed Media 25cm X 35 Cm © Convenio Andrés Bello
Carapa guianensis, 1995 Mixed Media 25cm X 35 Cm © Convenio Andrés Bello
Brownea rosademonte, 1990 Mixed Media 25cm X 35 Cm © convenio Andrés Bello
Caliandra carbonaria, 1996 Mixed Media 25cm X 35cm © Jardín Botánico "José Celestino Mutis" Bogotá
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Academia de artes Guerrero, 1995, Artes Visuales
Dpto. Biología Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 1981
engraving realism traditional, researching, zoological, botanical landscape drawing, figurative

 I was born in Bogotá-Colombia (Northern South America) One of the most biodiverse places in the world.Maybe for this reason, I studied Biology and Fine Arts.For more than twenty years I have been illustrating for several specialized and general audience publications in Colombia: Bogotá's Botanical Garden, Colombia's National University's Natural Science Institute, Andrés Bello Pact, El Tiempo Newspaper, among many other ones. I have exhibited in Colombia, Cuba and Perú. I coordinated two botanical illustration contests. The first one, inside the 8th latin American Botanical Congress at Cartagena de Indias-Colombia in 2002.The second one: a national contest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of "José Celestino Mutis" Bogotá's Botanical Garden foundation in 2005. Since 2001, I have been  teaching  botanical and zoological drawing mainly for biology and ecology students. I created the "Virtual Scientific Illustration Comunity", which is related with the CHM. United Nations Clearing House Mechanism and in Colombia is managed by the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute. Also, I have traveled giving lectures on scientific illustration history and workshops about botanical drawing.Currently, I am preparing a book about botanical illustration. I think arts and science have many ways to be related: botanical and zoological illustration is one of them.

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