Anthea Delmotte

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Whats in a car, 2008 Oil On Linen On Board 2687 Cm X 1910
Gentle light, 2013 Oil On Canvass 900 X 600 Mm
Bongi, 2013 Oil On Canvass 900 X 600 Mm
interior, 2013 Oil On Canvass 400 X 600 Mm
Artist in his studio, 2013 Oil On Canvass 900 X 600 Mm
Green, 2013 Oil On Canvass 900 X 600 Mm
In the directors office, 2013 Oil On Canvass 400 X 600 Mm
spaces, 2013 Oil On Canvass 900 X 600 Mm
Interior 2, 2013 Oil On Canvass 400 X 600 Mm
abstract, 2013 Oil On Canvass 900 X 600 Mm
a moment, 2010 Oil On Canvass 3 X 11 X 15 Cm
Pikeberg experience, 2007 Oil On Canvass 960 X 235mm
Zohe, 2011 Oil On Canvass 400 X 600 Mm
impose, 2011 Oil On Canvass 5 X 26 X 36 Cm
Girl with the red bucket, 2009 Oil On Canvass 30 X 30 Cm
woman with the red bucket, 2009 Oil On Canvass 30 X 3ocm
railway nostalgia -bridge, 2012 Oil On Canvass 400 X 600 Mm
railway nostalgia - tracks, 2012 Oil On Canvass 850 X 1200mm
Keana and the scrapyard, 2010 Oil On Canvass 26 X 36 Cm
susan en die volstruis, 2012 Oil On Canvas 30 X 30 X 3 Centimeters © artist
"Acceptance", jun 2015 Oil On Canvas 26 X 36 Cm © yes
fleeting moments, may 2015 Oil On Canvas 26 X 36 Cm
woven into the form of your destiny, may 2015 Oil On Canvas 26 X 36 Cm
by nature water, may 2015 Oil On Canvas 26 X 36 Cm
bubble, may 2015 Oil On Canvas 26 X 36 Cm
Embracing the dark, may 2015 Oiol On Canvas 26 X 36 Cm
Facing inwards, may 2015 Oil On Canvas 26 X 36 Cm
security, may 2015 Oil On Canvas 26 X 36 Cm
Quick Facts
Windhoek Namibia
Birth year
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Casa labia - Muizenberg, Grande Provance in Franschoek, Dorpstraat gallery Stellenbosch, The University of Stellenbosch gallery, The Cape Gallery, Everard Read, Lindie van Niekerk, Carol Lee fine Arts, The association of visual arts, Sasol, Artspace
contemporary, figurative, mixed-media, installation, performance, conceptual, landscape, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, graffiti/street-art, exhibition/performance, graffiti

Born in Windhoek ( Namibia). I grew up in different towns in Namibia. Mainly Walvisbaai and Otjiwarongo. I also have strong ties with the kalahari, because my grandparents had farms there. I have very good and vivid memories of the times I spend on the farms during holidays and weekends. I also lived on the farms for periods, pre-school.
I think these times shaped me a lot. The sensations of the smell of coalstove and gas, the sound of a generator. Candles at night and a lot of time outside experiencing the details of a very wealthy visual Kalahari.
My Grannies were very skilled people (craftwise) I learned to work with my hands from young. My father sketched and painted from time to time.

I moved to Potchefstroom in my teens, where I spend my last days in school and worked as a clothing designer and got involved through that with other aspects of art. Props, backdrops etc. The art outran the clothes.  It chose me. Not me it. But it was the right choice as its perfect, fits me like a glove. I am that in flesh and bone and marrow in mind and reality.

I left Potch in the early nineties and moved to the Western Cape where I still live.

In the fashion I was shaped by the times in the Kalahari. On a farm on top of a mountain, with beautifull nature and the milky way at night. Simplicity, space, sounds and sensational smells of fire and artist turps.


Ive had  14 Solo exhibitions:

  1. Sint Anna ter Muiden in Sluis – Netherlands.
  2. 5 in Piketberg at different venues through the years.
  3. The Cape Gallery- Cape Town.
  4. Iziko national museum – Cape Town.
  5. The Cape Gallery – Cape Town.
  6. Liebrecht gallery – Somerset West with James Grace in concert.
  7. AVA  ( The association of visual arts)- where you have to get selected by a panel of 12 people.
  8. Casa Labia cultural centre in Muizenberg.
  9. The University of Potchefstroom- for Aardklop visual arts festival.

Ive participated in 65 Group exhibitions  (not all is noted)  nationally and international in the following galleries – some of them numerous times.

Sandton Civic Hall

Brugge – Belgium

Abele-Watou – Belgium

Sasol- Johannesburg

University of Stellenbosch

Pretoria art Museum

Artspace – Johannesburg

Oliewenhuis National  Museum – Bloemfontein

Grande Provance –Franschoek

Everard Read – Cape Town

Tina Skukan gallery – Pretoria

Investment art  (Brundyn +) – Cape town

AVA – Cape Town

Carol Lee fine arts – Johannesburg

D- Street - Stellenbosch

Lindie van Niekerk Gallery – Cape Town

Halifax – Johannesburg

Strydom Gallery – George

Stellenbosch art gallery

Bellvile arts association

KKNK visual arts festival

Johannesburg art weekend – Luvey n Rose

The Studio – Kalk bay

Liebrecht gallery – Somerset West

The Lounge gallery – Seideberg wine estate

Johan Smit Gallery- Clarens

Steenboksfontein Spring arts festival

Redelinghuys Centenary exhibition

36 Special – Cape Town

Rust and Vrede- Durbanville


Ive participated in 3 art Auctions:

Iziko national gallery

Cape Town City hall – Chefs who share. Where my work took second highest bid amongs 10 great South African artists. Amongst whom: Lionel Smit, Jean Doyle, Louis Janse van Vuuren, Russel Travers, Dylan lewis, Anton Smit, Ryan Hewit,  Heike Allerton-Davies, Jacqueline Crewe-Brown

I entered the New Signatures exhibition (Sasol – Johannesburg) and Windsor and Newton millenium Competion and got into both finalist exhibitions. With Windsor and Newton i entered 3 works and 2 were chosen.  I also got second price in Citrusdal fundraiser exhibition.  As a rule i dont really participate in competitions.

I ran my own gallery and curated 6 sucsesfull exhibitions and numerous projects


Ive done installations for Afrikaburn over 2 years and did 6 performances with the band Croak. Afrikaburn 2015 was a big installation and the whole project took 3 weeks with a big collective.