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Rainbow Experience Gallery, Karpeles Museum, Warwick Gallery, Mount Beacon Fine Art
publication mixed-media landscape modern painting, figurative

You may want to know this about the Mirca Art Group:

● The Mirca Art Group is by some considered one of the most influential internet based group of
artists today
● The group has more than 130 members from different parts of the world
● The group first attracted attention for its committment for Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi.

VIOART(sister site of Mirca)

2008 Mirca Exhibition, Italy
2008 Mirca Exhibition, Skogas, Sweden, Galleri Lyktan
2009 “Freedom and Art” book published by Mirca Art Group/Carla Goldberg and travelling exhibition at Mount Beacon Fine Art Gallery in Beacon, NY, USA
2009  Fadime Sahindal exhibition by VIOart, Sweden
2009 The Mirca Tour for Human Rights Exhibition in Ostra Gymnasiet Trangsund (Sweden, November -December)
2009 Karpeles Museum “Freedom & Art” Travelling exhibition- Newburgh, NY, USA
2010 Warwick Gallery, “Freedom & Art” Travelling exhibition-Warwick , NY, USA
2010 The Rainbow Experience Gallery, “Freedom & Art” Travelling exhibition-Cape Town, South Africa
2010 “Planet eARTh” book published by Mirca Art Group and group exhibition in Cologne, Germany
2011  Mirca International Art Show,Witten, Germany
2011 The Mirca Tour for Human Rights Exhibition, Malta


International Artists and Activists Discuss Burma's Fight for Freedom


February 14, 2009; Beacon, NY - A panel of 5 international experts will come together at the Mount Beacon Fine Art Gallery in Beacon, NY, to discuss the plight of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, a key political figure who has been under house arrest in Myanmar (formerly Burma) for the past 19 years over her bid for political freedom.

Panel speakers include Maura Stephens, professional journalist and former Newsweek general editor

Stacie Freudenberg, photojournalist and activist who's work has been featured by such major media outlets as the New York Times and USA Today

Nay Tin Myint, former leader of Aung San Suu Kyi's security detail who was later imprisoned and tortured by Myanmar officials and today is the Secretary NLD (USA)

Kyi May Kaung, PhD. Economist, poet listed in American Anthology of Poetry, artist and Burmese exile

Jeffrey Hellman, independent filmmaker and photographer (World Dharma)

The panel is under the umbrella of a coalition of more than seventy different artists on six continents, called Mirca Art Group-FREEDOM&ART and is designed to raise awareness about the book for sale and traveling exhibit also called FREEDOM&ART whose proceeds are being donated to Amnesty International on behalf of Aung San Suu Kyi. Nearly twenty of these international artists will make an appearance at the panel and reception following.

Panelists will engage in a question-and-answer format dialogue whose topics range from the interaction between freedom and art in human societies to why Americans should become engaged in the plight of Aung San Suu Kyi and how it will ultimately affect the international playing field. Members of the Audience will also be allowed submit questions for the panelists.

Carla Goldberg, Executive Coordinator for the U.S. branch of FREEDOM&ART and Senior Editor of its namesake book, has worked tirelessly to bring these panelists and artists together from across the country and around the world. Says Goldberg, "with Rape used as a Weapon of War on a grand scale, 70,000 child soldiers, a million refugees, and the legally elected leaders in 1990 through a fair and Democratic process denied the right to rule their own country by the military Junta, the Burmese problem is a humanitarian problem. The Mirca Art Group presents a panel discussion, and art exhibition to inform the general public of the deplorable situations in Burma and also seeks to give everyday citizens information on how each and every one of us can help rather than feel helpless."


FREEDOM&ART was born out of artmesh, a social media website that allows artists to network via forums and groups, similar to the way users interact on social mega-site The plight of Aung San Suu Kyi became a rallying cause for a core group of artists who banded together across international boarders to use their artwork as a peaceful weapon on her behalf.


The FREEDOM&ART Panel Discussion will start at 4 pm on February 14 and last approximately 2 hours, followed by a casual reception. Signed copies of the book FREEDOM & ART will be available for sale.

Please visit

or contact

Carla Goldberg- Executive Coordinator USA for more detailed information at



About the Mirca Tour for Human Rights (MTHR):

● A tour of artshows in support of the United Nation's Declaration for Human Rights
● 70 members of Mirca each donated an artwork for the tour
● The first show was organized by 'Kulturföreningen Lyktan' (Culture Association Lyktan),
Sweden. ( in collaboration with 'Östra Gymnasiet' where the show took place
The opening was on the 3rd of November, 2009
A Mirca Thank You to:
Grazyna Kulpa, chairman of Kulturföreningen Lyktan
Stefan Vilkman, headmaster Östra Gymnasiet

The catalog
● An 80 page catalog was printed
and available at the show
● Each participating artist was
● The actual text from UN's
Declaration for Human Rights was

Catalogue of MTHR traveling art exhibition on Blurb It’s available for preview and purchase at : detail/858820




Below The Surface-Mixed Media Art Of Carol Flaitz and Carla Goldberg including works from International artists of Mirca Art Group from the Freedom & Art project



Saturday, November 7, 2009


12:00pm - 4:00pm


The Karpeles Museum


94 Broadway


Newburgh, NY


Opening: Below the Surface – The mixed-media art of Carol Flaitz and Carla Goldberg

Carol Flaitz and Carla Goldberg are innovative contemporary artists united by a common aesthetic sensibility and social perspective. Besides a similar creative philosophy, they share a profound concern for the use of art in the improvement of the human experience. Earlier this year the two artists were responsible for coordinating the Freedom and Art International Exhibition at the Mount Beacon Fine Art Gallery, designed to raise awareness of the imprisonment of the Burmese political activist and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

The dynamic work of these artists is complementary both emotionally and formally. Both use abstraction to create work in mixed media, Flaitz inspired by nano-photography–examination of the tiny computer chips that drive modern computer technology–and Goldberg by the infinite flow and spirit of the Hudson River. The textured work of both artists is vibrant in composition and richly tactile in surface.

“Below the Surface” also features selected international artwork from the book entitled Freedom and Art, a collaborative effort by 74 artists from 27 countries on six continents published to make a philosophical statement. Proceeds from the sale of the book, which will be available at the exhibition, are being donated to Amnesty International on behalf of Aung San Suu Kyi. The paintings selected for the exhibition from this elegant volume include work from artists in Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Libya, and South Africa.

The public is invited to meet the artists at a reception at the Karpeles Museum on Saturday, November 7, from 12 to 4 p.m.

The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum is located at 94 Broadway, across from City Hall, in the City of Newburgh. The Karpeles Museums are a national chain with nine in the U.S., specializing in the preservation and display of original, historically significant documents and manuscripts. Museum Hours: Thu.-Sat., 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday, 12 to 4 p.m.

Admission is always free.



The Rainbow Experience Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

The Rainbow Experience at Mandela Rhodes Place is privileged to be hosting the ‘Freedom and Art’ international exhibition for one month from April 28th 2010. Complementing this exhibition are the works of 30 local artists who show their pieces as “ Free art – Art without Boundaries”
The International traveling exhibition (from the Mirca Group) has come to South Africa and features artists from all over the world. In support of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Prize-winning peace activist who stands for the rights of individuals, freedom and democracy in the face of a brutal dictatorship in Burma, this exhibition will move and inspire you.
Proceeds from sales will be split between Amnesty International, the Artists and the Gallery. Therefore by patronizing the Arts your purchase will be going towards helping Aung San Suu Kyi.




The Rainbow Experience at Mandela Rhodes Place is privileged to be hosting the ‘Freedom and Art’ international exhibition for one month from April 28th 2010. Complementing this exhibition are the works of 30 local artists who show their pieces as “ Free art – Art without Boundaries”

The International traveling exhibition (from the Mirca Group) has come to South Africa and features artists from all over the world. In support of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Prize-winning peace activist who stands for the rights of individuals, freedom and democracy in the face of a brutal dictatorship in Burma, this exhibition will move and inspire you.
Proceeds from sales will be split between Amnesty International, the Artists and the Gallery. Therefore by patronizing the Arts your purchase will be going towards helping Aung San Suu Kyi.
Launching the exhibition, struggle icon, Judge Albie Sachs, stressed the importance of the works in their depiction of the human right of freedom.
He spoke about the unrest after the Chris Hani assassination in 1992 and how Archbishop Tutu had called for peace as “The rainbow nation of God”. (And)How this affirmative projection of a “rainbow people” at a moment of crisis had given people hope and the (this) concept has become our strength. The link between human rights and creativity brings people together internationally and in honoring Aung San Suu Kyi with this exhibition and the addition of local exhibits we underscore an international voice calling for her freedom. Judge Sachs concluded that this poignant event, though small , has resonance throughout the world and brings together all that is happening so that cumulatively the impact can make a difference.
Guests were invited to write messages of hope and freedom on rice paper fire lanterns which, as a special dedication to Aung San Suu Kyi, will be released in Cape Town in the near future. at the end of the exhibition, please come and add your messages while you peruse the Art.

The exhibition in Cape Town features 20 of the international artists joined by submissions from 30 local artists, which is curated by Belinda van der Merwe and Vicki Murphy. Included in the local line up are Tay Dall, Solly Snook and Phinias Ghirubve, in a variety of mixed media works. Celebrating our own Freedom Day and 16 years of democracy the combination of international and local artists is a powerful representation of how art and freedom are intertwined and a strong reminder of how far South Africa has traveled.

The international traveling exhibition consists of artwork by 74 talented artists representing 27 countries from around the world, they are all part of the Mirca Group, an online artists community (which is free to join online and all are recorded in the book ‘Freedom & Art. The book will be on sale along with the 20 exhibited works sent here by some of these artists. Most of the artists have never met face to face, but share one common interest, a passion for freedom and art.
Carla Goldberg from Nelsonville, NY, USA, one of the international artists featured in the Cape Town exhibition, shares her feelings in the book: “Freedom is the ability to speak or create from the heart without harsh governmental reprisals.”
Linda Bayer Domanski from Westbrookville, NY, USA adds: “Freedom to bask in the elemental, to be still and find rest.”
Another moving quote taken from artist Inaya Hodeib from Lebanon, who features in the book: “My life line so far has taken me through five brutal wars, both civil and invasive. I’ve seen a lot of people dying and killing in the name of a cause that they think would bring them freedom. But sadly, freedom is not a physical entity and alas, death brings forth more bloodshed. Freedom is a state of mind, a simple feeling of gratitude, and a divine happiness that one can find no matter how dark and deep the pit is. Freedom cannot be taken or bought, it is only made and felt from within”.
View the documentary ‘Freedom & Art Exhibition’ in New York on Youtube –
For more information, please contact Belinda van der Merwe on 021 422 1428 or
The exhibition is at The Rainbow Experience, Mandela Rhodes Place, Church St. Cape Town from April 28 to May 28









2010 COLOGNE, GERMANY, 3- 5 September & Planet Earth Planet Art book


A selection of Mirca members has accepted an invitation to do a show in Cologne, Germany in September of 2010.

The Rhine-Ruhr-area will be the European Capital of Culture & Art in 2010 ("Kulturhauptstadt 2010") and MIRCA as one of the
leading international internet based art unions represented! The participating artists  personally attended the show from
September 3rd  to September 5th. The consulates general of the participating artists' home countries had been invited to join
the opening show on Friday, Sept. 3rd, 7.30 p.m.

Exhibitor artists:

Asztalos, Krisztina (Hungary)
Bonnici, Martin (Australia)
Flaitz, Carol (USA)
Goldberg, Carla (USA)
Gövert, Heinz 'HEGO' (Germany)
Kitipov, Angel (Bulgaria)
Oeser, Dagmar (Germany)
Rimell, Bruce ( Uk)
Tunedal, Katarina (Sweden)
Tunedal, Stefan (Sweden)

Guest Artists of Mirca:

Holtkamp, Manfred (Germany)
Maeso-Madronero, Jorge Luis (Germany)
Wehmeier, Wolfgang (Germany)

more info:


Ninety-five artists present their artwork as a voice raised to bring awareness of the urgent problems of the imbalanced lifestyles and unsustainable environmental consumption we humans face, accompanied by a personal statement which brings the clarity of the artist to these problems.

These artists come from such nations as the UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, China, Brazil, Greece, Libya,India, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden (and many others), and thus this book is truly a global voice, with contributions from East and West, from the developed and developing worlds.

Delightfully presented in an elegantly designed coffee-table book format, this collection of contemporary artforms ranges from the abstract to the photographic, the visionary to the spectacular, and is prefaced by a wonderful poem (quoted above) entitled Make Art, Not War from Nnimmo Bassey, the Chair of Friends Of The Earth International.
With a wonderful cover from Indian graphic artist Narasimha Gollapudi Murthy and edited as a collaboration between Mirca Art Group and British visionary artist Bruce Rimell, this book is a must-have for any art lovers wishing to experience the insights of artists addressing the greatest issue that mankind faces today: the protection and sustainability of our Planet Earth and the biodiversity that dwells upon it.

Cologne exhibition for dedicating this beautiful book!




4 TH FEBRUARY 19.00 Hour


Mirca International Art Show


Venue is Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Maeso Madronero & Dr. Udo Theis, Marienplatz 2, 58452 Witten, Germany.The show is in favour of Kinderhospiz Initiative Witten e.V. - an organization that gives terminal care to children. Thank you very much to all of the participating artists for sending in their artworks and for donating a certain percentage from the sales!






2011 Malta

21  July 21 July 2011 -- 11:30CEST

Evenings on Campus 2011 by -
Arts & Culture -- 21 July 2011 -- 11:30CEST
The International Mirca Arts Group Tour for Human Rights (MTHR) will be opened by Judge Giovanni Bonello, former Judge of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg at the KSU Common Room, University House, Msida Campus on Tuesday, July 26.

The MTHR is a non-commercial show and is the brainchild of one of the Mirca founders, Swedish artist Stefan Tunedal. Included in this exhibition are seventy members from twenty eight countries, each having given one artwork as a gift in unity and support of the 1948 declaration of Human Rights.

The Mirca Art Group is an international online arts group made up of over five hundred artists, with 6 council members from 7 countries: Stefan Tunedal from Sweden, Krisztina Asztalos from Hungary, HegoGoevert from Germany, Carla Goldberg from the USA, Bruce Rimell from the UK and Martin Bonnici representing 2 countries: Malta and Australia.

This exhibition will be the overarching activity of the University of Malta’s Evenings on Campus 2011, an open air, cultural festival which is now in its 19th year. The programme of concerts, plays and literary events in both Maltese and English, includes an evening with David Lodge, the renowned British writer, facilitated by the British Council.

Events, which will start at 2100h, will be held at various venues at the Msida Campus.

Tickets at €8 for events and €5 for films will be available at the door or from the Communications & Alumni Relations Office on campus, Rm 133, Administration Building or by email:

Mirca Art Group Traveling show " Mirca Tour for the Human Rights", Malta, 2011

MTHR is a traveling art exhibition created by an International coalition of artists in support of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. We are artists without borders who see Human rights as a Universal Right for all Human Beings.

Martin Bonnici , Mirca Art Council from Melbourne, has arranged a show at Malta University. The Mirca Tour for Human Rights (MTHR) will be exhibited - a tour that we have started in Sweden in Nov. 2009. 70 artists from around the world have donated their paintings for the good purpose of the show. The opening in Malta will be on July 26th. Runtime of the show is until August 16th. After that this traveling show will probably be sent to Malta house in Brussels, the Parliament of the EU und then down to Australia. 

MTHR travelling Exhibition, 26th July- 12th Aug, Malta, opening speech by former Judge, Giovanni Bonello from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg 

A collection of judgments involving Judge Giovanni Bonello at the European Court of Human Rights


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