Erika Husselmann

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an apple a day, 2009 Oil On Stretched Canvas 760 X 505 X 35mm © erika husselmann
the entertainer, 2009 Oil On Canvas 760 X 505 X 35
sowing seeds of hope, 2009 Oil On Canvas 910 X 605 X 35mm
picking dandelions in the wind, 2008 Oil © erika husselmann
Winter, 2008 Oil On Stretched Canvas 915 X 305 X 35mm © erika husselmann 2009
mandolin, 2009 Acrylic On Stretched Canvas 300 X 225 X 35mm © erika husselmann 2009
Fiddle faddle fish tales Oil
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Black Door Gallery, Helena Bay Gallery, Monterey Gallery, Arts in Oxford, Garden Art Studio
surrealism, figurative

Erika is a full-time painter working from her home studio in Auckland, New Zealand. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Art as well as a Bachelor in Music. Her work explores the primitive and whimsical with an often quirky narrative. It touches on the representational with a biographical element seated in childhood experiences and children’s fables and fantasies. Idiosyncracies and a surreal edge often accompanies a dreamlike realism, and together with a quirky sense of language, humour is woven in. 

Her work is held in private collections in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa and Sweden. 

Artist Statement:
“The works in this year's collection show my fascination with chimera - fanciful illusions and fabrications – and reference (yes, it’s true) teabags, and the stains they leave when discarded.” E. Husselmann

Finalist in both 2013 Parkin Drawing Award and 2012 Clifton Art Award as well as 2010 Estuary Art Award 

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