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sketches Pencil & Charcoal © @nilanjana dey
landscape Water Color, Pen & Ink © @nilanjana dey
Pen & Ink © @nilanjana dey
Water Color, Oil Pastel © @nilanjana dey
corporate magazines Adobe Photoshop & Corel Draw © @nilanjana dey
corporate magazines Adobe Photoshop & Corel Draw © @nilanjana dey
commercial art samples Poster Color, Divider & Footrule © @nilanjana dey
commercial art samples Poster Color, Divider & Footrule © @nilanjana dey
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University of Calcutta, 2001, MA (English literature)

Nilanjana De, the recipient of Paschim Banger Kirtimaan Manush Award in Fine Arts, from Rotary International (1999), is a self taught artist under the guidance of national award winning painters like Partha Bhattacharya and Jayashri Burman, two of her guides. Besides being an MA (English), PGDMM, she has also acquired diplomas in Graphic Art and Commercial Art.

Nilanjana is employed in a reputed business house in India in the Corporate Brand Communication space. She is also the Founder of Spread Your Wings Music Foundation


Spread Your Wings Music Foundation

At times there is a sense of creative vacuum and stagnation inspite of working for probably one of the best employers in the country, and doing a job where an individual can utilize one’s academic and professional degrees effectively.

It is only then when one’s innate instinct to break free from the lack of creative independence inspires one to pursue one’s unfulfilled desires and goals in the creative world.

This was the story of the Founder Member Nilanjana De, when after working in a renowned business house for 14 years, she conceptualized the format of ‘Spread Your Wings Music Foundation’ in mid-April 2013.

She chose not to leave her job but started approaching artiste and non-artiste friends and associates who would support the cause. With the support of a few positive-minded people in the Foundation Executive Committee (artiste and non-artiste friends and associates), she dived into this venture.

That is how Spread Your Wings Music Foundation was born and since then there was no looking back!

Founder Member's Note

"Through Spread Your Wings Music Foundation we want talented people to get benefitted. Within three months after the Foundation was conceptualised, I was transferred to a department where I wished to go since July 2011 but did not have the courage to speak up!

Thanks to my supportive boss and seniors in the job front, I am lucky enough to get the chance to work as well as focus on my creative pursuits!

Chase your dream like the troubled young man Sammy, the protagonist of ‘Spread Your Wings’, a power ballad by Queen from their 1977 album ‘News of the World’…

We, at the Foundation are open to innovative ideas, and believe in experimenting with various programme formats; with the primary aim being to introduce/ hand hold a budding talent every year, be it in the field of music or art!

The Foundation Executive Committee comprise some positive-minded people, with a few of them functioning silently behind the scene. And we also invite volunteers  to come forth  and support this social cause!" - Nilanjana De


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