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African Quilt designs by Molly Cleator, Gigi Scully, 2008 Fabric © Courtesy of the Artists
African Quilt designs by Molly Cleator & Gigi Scully, 2008 Fabric © Courtesy of the Artists
Jancara Series , 2008 Fabric © Courtesy of the Artists
Jancara Series, 2008 Fabric © Courtesy of the Artists
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Scully Cleator Designs creates one of a kind artisan quilts from fabrics of the world. The international flavor of the fabric inspires, dictates and guides the design process.  Each quilt is designed, named and numbered recording its individuality and uniqueness.

The Quilts

This series of quilts is the Jancara Series, named for the market where these fabrics came from in Lagos, Nigeria.  They are constructed from repurposed Nigerian Head ties, which are made from various materials.  The quilts are designed to be two sided, like a conversation, reflecting the diverse cultural influences found in the fabrics. They are hand stitched in the tradition of drawing and mark making that either accentuate the designs in the fabrics or use the fabrics as a blank canvas.

There are three formats to the Jancara Series: the quilts, the portraits, and prayer flags. The portraits are wall-sized pieces and the prayer flags a small, and can be hung individually or in a series.

About Us

Gigi Scully began her artistic career as both a painter and a fashion designer.  She lived in Italy for many years, which continues to influence and inspire her. Being fluent in Italian she studied and worked in the fashion industry for many years. Having fallen in love with a boy back home she was persuaded to bring her passions back home.  She then opened a small intimate atelier for her designs called Out of Italy, which had a devoted following.  Both her paintings and her designs reflect the sensuality and lushness of Italian aesthetic.  Scully Cleator Designs provides a harmonious marriage of Gigi's sensibilities, combining her expertise with fabrics and her passion for color and form.

Molly Cleator grew up in a home filled with textiles. Her mother was a weaver, knitter  - well basically if it could be done with fibers she did it.  Molly was surrounded by artisans and crafts people her whole life and aspired to become one herself.  However, the contemporary art world lit a fire in her soul, which resulted in a MFA in New Genres from UCLA.  Molly's work has always been about the materials - using the right material to accurately express her ideas. Whether video, live performance or fabric - the materials are linked to her ideas.  This continues to be true with her design work. Her love of diverse cultures and the aesthetics that arise from these cultures is the passion that drives Molly with the quilts and her design work.

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Gigi Scully - 626.695.9591

Molly Cleator - 323.661.9323




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