William LaGrone Jr.

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Celest, 7/15/2012 Oil Paint Sticks, Fingers © 2012
Emeralds, 4/22/2012 Oil Paint Sticks 36 X 57 © 2012
QUEEN OF TEN THOUSAND MOONS, June 15, 2011 Oil Piant Sticks 38 X 48 © yes
Pearls, 3-30-12 Oil Paint Sticks 46 X 57 © yes
AquaMarine Gemstone, 06-15-12 Oil Paint Sticks; Oil Pastels 46 X 57 © Yes
Grace Pencil © William LaGrone Jr.
Ghandi, 2008 Dry Pastel 18 X 24 © William LaGrone Jr.
Portrait Oil Pastel 18x24 © William LaGrone Jr.
Adom: Red, 2009 Oil Paint; Oil Pastel 18 X 24 © William LaGrone Jr.
To Seek HIS Face, 2009 Oil Sticks, Oil Pastel 18x24 © yes
Faces, 2009 Oil Paint © Yes
Blue, 06-04-10
Sacloth and Ashes, March 1, 2010 Charcaol, Oil Paint Sticks, Canvas © yes
The Shekinah Glory , 2008 Oil Pastel 18 X 24 © William LaGrone Jr.
Alpha Angel, 01-15-02 Oil Pastels; Oil Paint Sticks © yes
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West Michigan
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United States
Kendal College of Art and Design
PennFoster, 2013, Art
Representing galleries
Heartside Gallery; Bayard's Black Art
arts-education mixed-media modern drawing, gallery, cultural-center realism painting abstract, figurative


 William La Grone Jr. 1967-


William was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His drawing started as a child from watching other artists.  Watching artists and attempting to do as they did was his favorite pastime. He is motivated by his calling as an artist to the cause of good, growth, and the gain that the arts bring to the lives others. There is a strong desire he has to be in tune with others as he paints the rhythms of the atmosphere around him. He is motivated from a deeper understanding of the many struggles and triumphs that has brought him through. His portfolio is his journal and each entry exposes the many life experiences that only could be expressed on canvas.

He paints totally for the peace that it brings him. William strongly feels that we have the ability and the obligation to create. He paints about his overcoming challenges and all of the emotions that come with them. He is also driven by the music he hears, the books he reads, and the events he sees.

He loves painting with his fingers. He says,”I have become the brush that applies the paint causing shapes to take place pulling images out of an empty space and composing a visual documentary for
the inspiration of all who come in contact.” His favorite medium to use is oil pastel and oil paint sticks. He is almost lost in his work as he covers the canvas and looks through the backdrop to pull out of it something that speaks to everyone that sees it. He wants his work to not only be of aesthetic value, but even more so an emotional stimulant that can uplift, inspire, and empower everyone that sees it to realize their own aesthetic beauty.

This is William’s Journey. His paintings tell the story from his child hood to now. This is a glimpse, his emotions both good and bad. It shows victory at its sweetest and with shadows of defeat. His very being has been captured on canvas. So many others write their story, but the best way he can express his deepest self is to paint. His hands is his pen... the paint... is his ink... the canvas... his stage. There is where his feelings are heard and his emotions seen.

“Art.  It's all around us. We breathe it.  We use it. We embrace it on a daily basis. We were designed
to create. It is ecclesiastical in nature. It tells the story of the life both struggles and the victories of its creator. It is the one language that connects the human race.” ~William