Audrey Welch

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Circle Twiggy Oil On Canvas 30" X 30"
Catwoman #4 Mixed Media 8.75” X 12” © Audrey Welch
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City College of San Francisco
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collages, comics, pop-art, pop, mixed-media

Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Audrey Welch moved to San Francisco just months before the big earthquake of '89. Her family urged her to move back home, but she found San Francisco so creatively inspiring she wasn't about to leave. With a Graphic Design degree already in hand, she studied painting at San Francisco City College. Her paintings are a combination of both of those disciplines. Sometimes the design element is subtler, but both components make their way into each piece of her art. The most important element of her paintings is color, she loves to experiment with different palettes and see how they work together (or not). The Superheroes is her newest series of paintings, using spray paint, comics, printed papers, stencils and resin. Welch starts by gluing down the comics and papers and selecting a color scheme, then uses stencils and starts painting on top of the paper, once the composition is finished, she pours the resin over the painting. She loves mixing the different paper patterns, and finds it exciting how the designs work together, though almost on the verge of clashing. The motif that is painted over the paper unifies the patters and prints, picking up colors throughout. The resin adds a thick glossy finish that also preserves the painting encased in acrylic, which really gives them a "wow" factor.

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