Stephanie Mufson

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Elf Power Oil 12x12 © Aspect Gallery
Death and Sleep Oil And Ink 32x56 © Aspect Gallery
Waking Up at the Eternal Carnival Oil And Ink 32x34 © Aspect Gallery
Artist At Work © mufson,eclectix
Quick Facts
General Fine Arts, 2003, BFA
surrealism, figurative

Artist Statement

Inside of me there lives another world. Life in that world is involved in an endless love affair with mystery, and each moment is walk across a tightrope between light and dark. The joy is real and the sadness is sweet. The colors are rich. The inhabitants, exotic and sensual. There, hope is boundless while fear is nothing but a small voice, rarely listened to.

There; art, spirit and science were never at odds. Nature and beauty are revered, growth is encouraged, and peculiarity is celebrated. I prefer to spend most of my time in that place. I believe the more time I spend there the more I will learn how to best live my life here. My art is a collection of snapshots and souvenirs I bring to share with others, and an invitation to join me in creating another kind of world.

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