Delma Godoy

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"EARTH'S MEMORY', 2010 Sculpture In Refractory Land 50 Cm Diameter © Delma Godoy
"WIND", 2010 Sculpture In Refractory Land 60 Cm Diameter © Delma Godoy
"OCEAN", 2010 Sculpture In Refractory Land 50 Cm Diameter © Delma Godoy
"ROCK", 2010 Refractory Land 25cm X 20 Cm X 50 Cm © Delma Godoy
"Galactica", 2003 Sculpture In Refractory Land 80 Cm Diameter
"Aspectos", 2009 Sculpture With Whale Bones And Refractory Land 500x60x40
"Caravelas", 2003 Sculpture In Refractory Land 123 X 50 X 30
"Serie Galacticas", 2003 Sculpture In Refractory Land 80 Diameter
"Transmigration", 2004 Sculpture In Refractory Land 100 Cm Diameter
"Serie Galactica", 2006 Sculpture In Refractory Land 40 Cm Diameter
"Ventania", 2007 Sculpture In Refractory Land 40 Cm Diameter
"El vuelo", 2007 Sculpture In Refractory Land With Wood 80 X 50 X 20
"El Bejo", 2006 Sculpture In Refractory Land With Fer 30 X 20 X10
"Worlds", 2007 Sculpture In Refractory Land 100 X 50 X 20
"Oceania", 1997 Sculptur In Refractory Land 100 Diameter
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Maria Elena Kravetz Art Gallery - Córdoba/Argentina
mixed-media, photography, digital, sculpture

I live and work in Paris - France

I've been exploring ceramics for over 31 years. I'm researched and created many new materials from of Brazil´s minerals and clays.  The result is Refractory Land.

More recently, I has also been intensively painting, working on iron and wood sculptures, photography  and digital painting.

 I tend to look on the bright side of life and to see the best in people.

 I'm really into  spiritual awakening and spiritual development as it is bringing me lots of bliss and happiness. I love to interact as human beings in all the social and environmental causes, always approaching from a spiritual side.

 In my work, I associate the materiality with the silent sound of the form. It's through this process that I search for the exact starting point, but completely atemporal. I believe that the creation of our universe came from this silence. I vizualize the way of the wind, silently sculpting, throughout time, landscapes and worlds. I try to transport myself to this path, creating superposed erosions that fit into a ludic game where the sight finds this mute work. Inert but at the same time flutt

In my first exhibition at O3 Gallery, Rio de Janeiro(1984),I began my career in the survey forms and materials within the technique of contemporary ceramics.

 I lived in Paris in 1986, where I exhibited at the Gallery Cath'Art, and specializes in technical of Thermoformage glass.

 In 1991, I participated in the exhibition "13 Designers' Gallery in Zone D, São Paulo, along with the exponents generation of Brazilian designers.

For 10 years, the sculpture associated with the utility design, participating in the Contemporary Ceramics Movement in Brazil, in numerous exhibitions.

 In 1995, after studying with Angel Garraza, a famous spanish ceramist, I deepened the survey of more than 50 types of minerals and clays collected in various regions of Brazil, whose results are Refractory Land, with unprecedented colors and textures, which gave to my work a unique signature within the ceramic sculpture.

The exhibitions - "Landscapes of Gaia" (1996) in Toki Gallery in São Paulo and "Movements" (1998) in the Gallery Laura Alvim in Rio de Janeiro, were selected by the Brazilian Association of Art Critics as one of the Top 10 on these years.

 I also participated as a guest artist in exhibitions that brought definitely contemporary ceramics to new heights in Brazilian Visual Arts, including:

*"Ceramics with tradition" BNDES-Gallery – Rio de Janeiro

*"Art Pottery" - National History Museum – Rio de Janeiro

*"Ceramics- a permanent design" BNDES-Gallery – Rio de Janeiro

*"Ceramics and Flora"-Museum of the Botanical Garden – Rio de Janeiro

*"Earth" - Museum of Earth Sciences – Rio de Janeiro

*14º Salon of Ceramics - Alfredo Andersen Museum – Curitiba - Brazil

 In 2000, I started a partnership with Marco 500-Design in São Paulo, where strings produced sculptures in polyester resin, where the result of their concerns before the materiality.

For five years, my sculptures were produced on an industrial scale, being sold in all states of Brazil, and winning two exhibitions annually in the Museum of Braziliam House, in São Paulo.

Since 2006, invited by Waylight Gallery, in Lisbon, my sculptures in Refractory Land, began to be exposed in International Contemporary Art Fair, Art Books and Galleries, including:

*Artists at Home & Abroad - Broadway Gallery - New York

*32 Of International Edition Art Fair - Artexpo 2010 –New York

*Meeting in London Art IV - 118 Gallery - London

*Carrousel du Louvre - Art Fair – Waylight Gallery -Paris

*V International Contemporary Art Fair -Marbella-Spain-

*“United by Art" - Gallery Waylight - Lisbon

*"Trajectos" - Waylight Gallery - Alenquer - Portugal

*"Brazil Talents" - Palace of Independence - Lisbon

*"Contemporary Artist - Gallery Zero - Barcelona - Spain

*ETNIA - Latin American Space - Brussels

*“Ways” - Junction Gallery - Lisbon - Portugal

*Pure Art Dosmilsiete - International Plastic Art Fair – Vigo-Spain

*Watercolor Gallery - Lisbon - Portugal

*"Whitout Borders" - Waylight Gallery - House Guide - Portugal

*"Encouter in the art" - Alzejur Gallery - Portugal

*"Contrast" - House of Culture of Rio Mayor - Lisbon


In 2008, allied with software technology to my research, creating

digital printmaking, where a figurative language brought a new form of

artistic expression to my career, being exhibited in New York, Paris,

Lisbon and London.

 You can see my sculptures and paintings in the site -