Charla Puryear

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WIntered Beach, 2011 Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint And Oil Pastels 36"X36" © Charla Puryear
Forest Spring, 2011 Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint And Oil Pastels 22"X44" © charla puryear
Ascension, 2010 Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint And Oil Pastels 48"X48" © charla puryear
Change Is In the Air, 2008 Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint And Oil Pastels 56"X56" © Charla Puryear
Up At Night, 2011 Oil Paint And Oil Pastels 48"X48" © Charla Puryear 2011
Windswept, 2010 Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint And Oil Pastels 72"X144" © Charla Puryear 2010
Forest Spring
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Washington, DC
Lives in
Los Angeles, CA
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Los Angeles, CA
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 1987, M.Sc.
Brown University
artist/naturalist, environtmental artist, nature art

"When I am in the woods or at the water's edge, away from crowds and enveloped by nature, I feel connected to my own "naturalness." I feel quiet, like a tree. I feel like air, as the wind blows through me, cleansing and renewing my spirit. I become one with nature, and nature becomes one with me. My heart is nourished and I can more clearly understand who I am. All I have to do is get there."

My paintings honor nature by cooperating with it, amplifying its voice, and sharing it with others.

Working outdoors, I wrap canvas around a rock, tree, or other natural object. I apply acrylic paint to the canvas and then, by rubbing, I transfer the image of the surface texture onto the canvas. This image provides the sketch for my painting, which is completed at the site or in my studio, with oil paint and oil pastels.

Being out in nature was the first training ground for my work. Mother Nature became an early role model. I received my bachelor's degree in art from Brown University and a master's degree in communications design from Pratt Institute. I studied in Italy, through Temple University's program, and it was in Italy that I found specific rock imagery to incorporate into my work.