Jimena Kato

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Handrail , 2003 Loop Video © jimenakatomurakami
Underlinen, 2005 White Cloths, Paraffine © jimenakatomurakami
Storage, 2005 Loop Video © jimenakatomurakami
Bands, 2005 Loop Video © jimenakatomurakami
Shelf Life, 2008 Installation © jimenakatomurakami
The Grass is always greener, 2009 Installation © jimenakatomurakami
There is no place like home, 2010 Installation © jimenakatomurakami
Enclenques, 2014 Wood, Rubber, Pvc And Other Isolating Materials © jimenakatomurakami
OTSEFINAM, 2013 Action/Installation (Gutai's Manifesto Pencil Drawing, Eraser Rubber) © jimenakatomurakami
Ruff, 2012 Pattern Tracing Paper 80 X 60 X 60 Cm © jimenakatomurakami
Going nowhere fast, 2014 Loop Video © jimenakatomurakami
Palitroques, 2015 Wood, Acrylic Paint © jimenakatomurakami
draWing, 2016 Paper, Adhesive Tape © jimenakatomurakami
Cut water, 2016 Paper, Adhesive Tape © jimenakatomurakami
Enclenques (detail), 2014 Wood, Different Isolation Materials © jimenakatomurakami
Enclenques (detail), 2014 Wood, Different Isolation Materials © jimenakatomurakami
Stardust, 2015 Resine, Marble Powder © jimenakatomurakami
Orbital coil #1, 2016 Pvc © jimenakatomurakami
Embolism #01, 2017 Pvc, Latex © jimenakatomurakami
Being orbital, 2016 Pvc © jimenakatomurakami
Soft cast, 2016 Concrete Brick, Silicone © jimenakatomurakami
Plaf, 2016 Concrete Brick, Latex © jimenakatomurakami
Solid color, 2016 Ceramic © jimenakatomurakami
Palitroques #02, 2015 Wood, Acrylic Paint © jimenakatomurakami
Quick Facts



Jimena Kato, Lima 1979, resident in Madrid.

I studied painting and academic drawing at the School of Art Corriente Alterna and analog photography in the Gaudí Institute (now Centro de la Imagen) in Lima. In 1999 I started my studies in Europe at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Marseille (today School of Art and Design in Marseilles, Mediterranean (ESADMM) from 2000 to 2005 obtaining the Diplôme National d'Expression Plastique (DNSEP) in sculpture and video, (Master's degree) with the congratulations of the jury. Then in Belgium I did the Post-Diploma of the Sint Lukas school in Brussels (Hogeschool Sint Lukas) in Art and New Media. In those years I was part of the Collective Threeplusone ( together with Juan Duque (Colombia), Hallveig Agusdottir (Iceland) and Marie-Laure Delaby (Belgium). During that time I participated in group exhibitions at Mobil Institute, id11 Flatland Poptahof in Delft, Zennestraat in Brussels and Leopoldskaserne in Gent to name a few and I worked parallel as an assistant to the artists Pierre Bismuth and Lionel Esteve. 

Since 2011 I live and work in Madrid. I have recently participated in the exhibitions Collectives "Disrupt" at the Rodriguez Gallery in Poznan, "Light and Time" at Espacio Odeón in Bogotá, "Graphing" in Espacio Trapecio, "Vidas Cruzadas" at the Paula Alonso Gallery, "Temporary Projections" within the Interferences program of the Jose de la Fuente Gallery in Santander, at the "In-Situ" exhibitions and "the Vietnamese" in OTR Art Space, and also in the Drawing Contest Centera Jaraba carried out in the Sala de la Lonja, among others. Outside of Spain I exhibited in "Linealidad Interrumpida" at Artista x Artista in La Habana, "Fold" at the CIAP in Hasselt in Belgium, "Multi-plier" in the Gallery Les Filles du Calvaire, "Flat-land" in Id11 in Delft among others.

What interests me is to develop projects where the subject lies in the crossing points between gesture, volume, space and movement within the means of drawing, sculpture, video and site-specific installation.

How to approach a given space? How should it be occupied? How is a given volume generated? What is the criteria to build a construction? How do different systems of resistance operate? How is territory created? How is balance achieved?

The process to develop an art project or research operates in a sort of question and answer dynamic that leads me to a specific piece, installation or video

Images of my work can be seen online on: 


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