Joseph Sledgianowski

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Acrylic, Oil, Polycrylic
Acrylic, Oil, Polyurethane, Plastic, Found Canvas
Acrylic, Canvas, On Wood
Acrylic, Shellac, Polycrylic, On Canvas
Acrylic, Oil, Shellac, Charcoal, Dirt On Canvas
Acrylic On Canvas
Acrylic, Oil, Polycrylic, On Wood
Acrylic, Oil, Polyurethane, Charcoal, On Wood
Acrylic, Polycrylic, Nail Polish, Glitter On Wood
Acrylic, Polycrylic, Dirt, Canvas, On Canvas
Acrylic, On Canvas
Acrylic, Polycrylic, Shellac, Found Objects, On Canvas
Quick Facts
School of the Museum of Fine Arts | SMFA

I live a multi-media, multi-format, multi-function life. 


Divided formats of my art flow through sound, performance, painting, sculpture, installation, and poetry. 

My sound works hold a major basis through analog modular synthesizers, and exploration of irrelevance and exploration of possibilities through those.   

Sound art has developed over time to the major basis of my artwork.   Even if I am working on sculptures, installations, or performance art pieces I generally have a rather specified sound construct for the piece/event/situation/on going/etc. 

Most of my sound is performed through my modular synthesizer. Occasionally with tape machines (cassette & reel to reel). I go through many experiments in sound though, much trying to abstract time/ offset repetitions, representing feeling and constant mind/mental disruptions. Almost all music/sound/recording is analog.

Inevitably much sound & performance art in general of mine is representation of my life basis, living a harshened life dealing with epilepsy and multiple failed neurological surgeries.  An initial overbearing in perspectives and spacing.  A consistent stress and anxiety of and for life is a basis and not ironically a disfunction for life in continuum. 

A majority of my paintings have an experimental concept, an intentionally confued and complexed offset basis of each starting from an incongruence and distortion of paints, materials and process built into.  They all have some meaning or reflection of, but through my mind and relation to, in a sense a relaxation aside from the pure living and a handled, hidden deep mental relevance in need of translations for release of my immersed moment mind and perception.

Installation and mixed media are the full release of life and analysis. 

Its become common for my use of found objects, for my use as a meaningful comprehension relevant to the either misuse, of unneeded, or lacked care seen in my mind.  In a sense you can call it recycling, in a sense you can call it adaptation, in a sense you can call it a lack of funding, but it seems to me a rather emotional connection and beauty to some of the objects and materials felt in relation or continuing translated life to move forward.

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