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Collage + Landscape = Collagescape

 is coming this summer.  It will be on view at San Francisco’s Glama-Rama Salon and Gallery.  The show runs from July 29 to September 28, 2014.  The opening reception is on the evening of Friday, August 1 (7pm to 10 pm).   The show will have two parts: Collagescapes On the main level, there will be an exhibit of my current series of collagescapes.  With collagescapes, I begin with a painting on paper.  I create proportional fields of different colors to represent a particular... [more]
Posted by Tofu S on 6/3/14

Can artists use Pinterest?

As new social network sites come and go, it’s hard to be sure which ones will really stick around.  Among a few of my friends, there is a bit of debate about Pinterest.  “What’s the point?” seems to be a question that often comes up.  Frankly, I am not sure where Pinterest is going.  But so far, I have found it useful.  It is a good way for me, as well as others, to share some of my own artwork.  But I also find it a useful way to catalog some of the work I like by creating different art-themed... [more]
Posted by Tofu S on 7/25/12

Reflecting on 2011

Now that 2012 is a few weeks old and 2011 is behind us, I am beginning to miss making a 4”x4” piece of art every day.  Last year the project became the focus of my artistic life.  There were a few days when it felt like a chore, but overall, I truly enjoyed working on it.  Gradually my wall kept filling with the grid of piece after piece.   But it really wasn’t until near the end of the year that the impact of the project began to feel “real” to me.  Around November I was reaching the point... [more]
Posted by Tofu S on 2/4/12

2011 Project - A Map of a Year

A piece of art every day to create a single work made of 365 parts The 2011 Project is conceived to bring together a set of common themes in my work and my approach to art. Those themes include:• Small work that, when it’s completed, is affordable and easy to distribute out into the world.• Larger works made up of a set of smaller components.• Work that is ordered in a map-like grid.• Work that incorporates old maps. • Work that incorporates and repurposes ephemera.• A single large piece where... [more]
Posted by Tofu S on 12/18/10