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San Francisco Collagescape, 2014 Mixed Media, Acrylic 12"X12" © scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2014
Hidden Landscape, 2014 Mixed Media, Acrylic 24"X12" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu)
Valley of Fire Collagescape, 2014 Mixed Media 12"X12" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2014
New Mexico Collagescape, 2014 Mixed Media 12"X24" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2014
Mount Diablo, 2014 Mixed Media With Vintage Frame Overall 14”X12” © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2014
Beer by any Name, 2013 Mixed Media, Beer Packaging 12"X16" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu)
Birra, 2013 Mixed Media, Beer Packaging 12 © Scott St. John (aka Tofu)
2011 Project - Art, It's What's for Dinner, September 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 4"X4" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2011
2011 Project - Loteria, March 2011 Mixed Media 4"X4" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2011
2011 Project - Cesar Chavez, March 2011 Mixed Media 4"X4" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2011
2011 Project - Abandoned Shoes, 2011 Mixed Media, Acrylic 4"X4" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2011
2011 Project - Swinging London, 2011 Mixed Media 4"X4" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2011
2011 Project - Ask, 2011 Mixed Media 4"X4" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2011
2011 Project - The first 90 pieces, 2011 Mixed Media 4"X4" Each © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2011
The End of 2010 - a temporal piece in 62 parts, December 2010 Mixed Media On Paper, Glassine Envelopes 4"X3" Each © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2010
American Jesus Horse, 2010 Mixed Media, Maps 10"X10" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2010
Float, 2009 Mixed Media, Wood, Maps 16" X16" X 2" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2009
Kirichigae Prototype, 2009 Mixed Media 8"X8" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2009
Yosegi Triptych, 2009 Mixed Media 8" X 8" (Each) © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2009
Hand Made Postcard Booklet Series, 2009 Mixed Media 6"X30" (Each) © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2009
Map of Hope, 2008 Mixed Media 12" X 16" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2008
Virgen de Guadalupe, 2007 Mixed Media 12" X 24" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2007
New Globe, 2005 Mixed Media 12"D X 17"H © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2005
Golden Circles, 2004 Mixed Media 12" X 12" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2004
Don't Step on the Cracks, 2011 Mixed Media, Photo Collage 12"X12" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu)
Three Trailers, October 2011 Mixed Media 5"X5" Each © Scott St. John (aka Tofu)
London, 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 10"X10" © Scott St. John (aka Tofu), 2011
Map of California's Gold, 2012 Mixed Media, Map Collage On Canvas 20"X20" © Scott "Tofu" St. John
Stampedelic, 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 24"X24" © Scott "Tofu" St. John
Arrivederci Roma, 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 10"X10" © Scott "Tofu" St. John
Beach Day, 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 10"X10" © Scott "Tofu" St. John
Impatient Passengers, 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 10"X10" © Scott "Tofu" St. John
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map mixed-media mixed-media mixed-media painting

My artwork has two main focuses; mixed media collage and landscape painting.  

I have always used old maps in my collages and incorporated map inspired ideas into my art. In January of 2001, I experimented with a collage using only maps. The success of the experiment and the resulting piece changed the direction of my work. Much of the map work takes its inspiration from other traditional art forms using repetitive patterns, in particular quilts and other textiles. In 2009 the patterns used in my collage work started to take on a more painterly appearance. 

In 2011 I spent the entire year creating a large-scale piece called the 2011 Project. Essentially I created a map of the year by making a piece of art on each and every day of 2011. The work is made up of 365 individual, mixed media pieces, each 4"x4" (10x10 cm) in size.  

In many ways the 2011 Project was also my sketchbook for future work. I experimented with new materials and subject matter for many of the 365 pieces. Those ideas have been playing out since 2011. 2012 saw a solo show that was a travel-themed mixed media installation called Imagining Val Travel. In 2013 I created a series beer-themed mixed media work for a solo show in San Francisco.  

In the summer of 2014 I exhibited a new series of collagescapes in a show in San Francisco. With collagescapes, I begin with a painting on paper. I create proportional fields of different colors to represent a particular landscape. The painting is then cut up into small pieces for a collage where they are reconfigured into various patterns. The finished piece may appear abstract, but it is designed to retain the color palette of the place it represents. 

2015 saw the publication of Helen's Postcards - my book about a collection of a young woman's postcards from 1908-1918. I also am the curator for Pink Mail Art, an exhibit of 200 pieces of mail art form all over the world. The show is part of Pink Week this November/December in Sacramento, California.

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