Eugenia Abramson

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Chicago, 2008 Oil On Canvas 36"X24" © 2008
Chicago, 2008 Oil On Canvas 36"X24" © 2008
Chicago at Night, 2008 Acrylic 48"X36" © 2008
Just For You, 2008 Oil On Canvas 36"X24" © 2008
Festive, 2008 Oil On Canvas 48"X36" © 2008
Dallas, 2008 Oil On Canvas 40"X30" © 2008
Reds, 2008 Oil On Canvas 24"X18" © 2008
Amber Fog, 2008 Oil On Canvas 24"X18" © 2008
You Drive Me Crazy, 2008 Acrylic 36"X24" © 2008
Hot!, 2008 Oil On Canvas 24"X18" © 2008
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Abramson, Eugenia


Eugenia Abramson -

 professional architect, interior designer, and artist.

Eugenia received her Master's Degree from Architectural University in Europe more than 20 years ago and has been an architect, interior designer, and artist ever since. She is a member of US Association of Licensed Architects. During the past 10years, she has concentrated her work on designing high end residential houses. Even though Eugenia continues her architectural business, she has since launched her art career into the forefront by selling her abstract and impressionist paintings on eBay. Working as an artist gives her the creative freedom, while her background as an architect informs her art. Through color and textures, perspective and scale she expresses her emotions and feeling. It is a joy and a blessing for her to be able to work at what she loves - Painting.

Eugenia's Art Display

I am very pleased to announce that my solo art show in Chicago will start on May 10, 2009 at 5pm at Starbucks Coffee Shop, 347 Park Avenue in Glencoe IL, 60022. The exhibition will run through June 7th. This show will feature over 30 new paintings I've been working on over the past year. If you happen to be in Chicago, please check out the show. Thank you, Eugenia