Mira M. White

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A New Visitor, 2015 Mixed 16"X20" © Mira M. White
The Visitation, 2015 Acrylic, Mixed Media On Canvas 48" X 60" X 2" Inches © Mira M. White
Afloat 2015, 2015 Mixed 24 X 30 X 2 Inches © Mira M. White
Just Travelin', --------------- Oil, Mixed Media 41" X 72" X 2 Inches © Mira M. White
Shimmer Red, Shimmer Green, ------------ Mixed Acrylic/ Pastel/ Collage 30"X22" © Mira M. White
Livin' Tall, ------------ Mixed Acrylic, Collage, Pastel 30"X22" © Mira M. White
Blue Shimmer, 2015 Mixed Media Diptych 32"X12" © Mira M. White
New Figure#2, 2015 Mixed 21"X13 1/2" © Mira M. White
New Figure #1, 2015 Acrylic, Soft Pastel 22"X15" © Mira M. White
When Up is Down and Down is Up, 2015 Soft Pastel 13"X21" © Mira M. White
HourGlass Time, 2015 Soft Pastel/ Graphite 13"X21" © Mira M. White
It's A Red World, 2015 Soft Pastel 13"X21" © Mira M. White
A Pearl At Every Crossroads, 2015 Soft Pastel 13"X21" © Mira M. White
New Becoming, 2015 Collage, Mixed Media 12"X36" Triptych © Mira M. White
Happy Crossing, --------- Encaustic, Mixed Media 24"X30" © Mira M. White
Queen of the Material World, -------- Encaustic, Mixed Media 12"X12" © Mira M. White
And Mama Says...., 2015 Encaustic, Mixed Media 24"X30" © Mira M. White
Falling Into The Bowl of Sky, ------ Oil, Mixed Media 60"X40" © Mira M. White
Goddess Is!, ------ Mixed 40"X17" © Mira M. White
The Turn, ------- Oil, Mixed On Panel 48"X36" © Mira M. White
Searching For Order, 2009 SOLD Oil/ Panel 12"X10" © Mira M. White
Bearing Witness: The Turning of An Age, 2009 Mixed Media/ Canvas 24"X36" © Mira M. White
Symphony #1, ---- Encaustic, Collage 12"X12" © Mira M. White
Symphony #2, ------- Encaustic, Collage 12"X12" © Mira M. White
New Scaffoldings, 2008 Mixed Media/ Canvas 41"X83" © Mira M. White
Butterflies On The Rise, 2009-10 Soft Pastel/ Black Paper 40"X30" © Mira M. White
Her Divine Cascade, 2010 Oil/ Canva 48"X36" © Mira M. White
Her Name Is Sophia And She Wears A Dress of Stars, 2010 Soft Pastel/ Acrylic/ Paper 39 X 53 X 1 1/2 Inches © © Mira M. White
Within, 2008 Acrylic On Museum Board / Panel 30'x40" © Mira M. White
ZeroOne, 2015 Soft Pastel 13"X21" © Mira M. White
Triangle 7, ------- Encaustic, Mixed 8"X8" © Mira M. White
Quick Facts
Kinston, North Carolina
Lives in
Walnut Creek, California
Works in
San Francisco Greater Bay Area
Calif College of Arts & Crafts, 1966, MFAw/Distinction
Calif College of Arts & Crafts, 1964, BFA w/HighDistinction
Representing galleries
arts-education mixed-media modern, figurative

Painting is my meditation. The most compelling, even haunting,force propelling my images has been an unquenchable thirst for recording and expressing transformation. I try to synthesize different influences in my life into a rich and complex imagery that tells of the connection between the outer experience of daily life and the inner world of a developing spiritual heart.

My paintings have usually employed recognizable images, although they are not “realistic”, and are represented in ambiguous spaces, watery and atmospheric. In much of my work, my experimentation with images has evolved with an understanding that there is a kind of internal logic linking certain forms with each other, a logic that, perhaps, belongs to the world of archetypes, and definitely forms its own iconography of symbols.  All of my work reflects constant motion and change. The pieces are layered and developed, usually, over an extended period of time. Regardless of the medium, be it watercolor, acrylics or oil, time plays a significant role in these works and I think it important to honor its importance.  There is often an intentional blurring of boundaries between exterior and interior, between the physical and the psychical- this is what sustains my interest and what, for me, continuously opens up future possibilities.    

My newest work leans toward a primary concern for color and I often record images with a very sensuous and textured palette. Symbolic themes are interwoven into the pieces in what I would call a musical way, as I try to “reach” for a certain “note” or “tone”.  I am increasingly engaged in a process in which the application of color is simultaneously a musical note, a vibrant color shape, and often a symbol with which I resonate.  Currently, I am working on a series centered around the theme of  house/ home.  The metaphor of the house is, for me, our world.  It is also a many layered symbol of levels of consciousness – the inside world / the outside world.  I am fascinated by the evolution of this image in my work and it has, I think, interesting implications. I began incorporating little abstract villages into my paintings thirty years ago, externally motivated by my trips through Europe by train, passing countless clusters of small towns amidst verdant landscapes.  This imagery came to mean civilization to me- all the little villages of our planet.  My intention with these pieces is to integrate my mixed media methods of paint handling and formal concerns with the power of the image , thus hopefully producing pieces that resonate meaning in a contemporary format.  Titles are poetry for me and are an integral part of the intention of the pieces I am creating.

Mira M. White
June 30, 2009