Sheelah Mahalath Bewley

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The Bra A gentlemans Attire A Pair Of Mens Shoes Height 44cm Width 59cm Depth 10cm
Sports Jacket Sports Jacket ;Bugal Beads Width 33cm; Height 187cm; Depth 33cm
Shirt A gentlemans Attire Mans Shirt Metal Stand Width 44cm; Height 155cm; Depth 8cm
Shirt detail A gentlemans Attire Paint Anad Paper
The Cinderella Complex Paper; Pages From Five Centuries Of Religion Coulton. Height 170cm Width 120cm Depth 120cm Variable
The Cinderella Complex 2 Paint ;Wood; Page Five Centuries Of Religion Thread
The Cinderella complex 3 Paint ;Wood; Page Five Centuries Of Religion Thread
Journey Wood, Hessian; String.
Rupanzal Towel Hair.
Stairway to fairy land Book Cover Paint
Tell me what you want Book Covers Paint
Tell me what you want detail Book Cover Paint
Anima Animus Shoes; Taxidermy; Kitchen Knives; Antlers.
Anima Animus detail Shoes Taxidermy Kitchen Knife
The sybils foot Metal; Hessian; Kitchen Knives; Tailsman.
The sybil Found String
The Sybils face Rust Size: Height 47cm Width 45 Cm Depth 13cm
Nothing to be afraid of. Paint; Wax
Lighten Up after The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Albrecht Durer Paint; My Little Pony Stickers
Running Scared after Leonardo da Vinci Gouache
Wreath Shoes; Bolts. Height 128cm Width 45cm Depth 18cm
Memory wall Wood; Wall Paper; Paper; Found Objects
Baby sitter spider Mens Gloves
‘He reveals deep and hidden things he knows what lies in darkness’. Daniel 2:22 Carta Pesta 280cm X 50cm X 50cm
Variation (Bird and snake) from wont get fooled again Page From Darwin Paint
Natural Selection (Bird and snake) from Wont get fooled again Page From Darwin; Paint.
Transition of Organs from Wont get fooled again Darwin; Paint.
Domestic Instincts from wont get fooled again Page From Darwin Paint
Won't get fooled again. Carta Pesta; Pages From Darwin; Metal; Hessian Size 2 Meter X 10 Meters Appox
Serpent from Wont get fooled again Darwin; Paint
I Was... Mary and Martha from John Clare Ivy; Hay; Paint
I Was Mary and Martha from John Clare Paint And Print.
I was Detail Paint
Paradise Lost from John Clare Pafes From Paradice Lost; Paper
Paradise Lost in John Clare cottage Paradise Lost; Paper
I was and Paradise lost in Exhibition
Quick Facts
UAL Camberwell
Statement and CV


Sheelah Mahalath Bewley CV


2008-2011 University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Art:  BA Hons Sculpture

2006-2008 University of the Arts London, Wimbledon College of Art: Foundation

2000-2003 Roehampton University: Diploma in Counselling in Education (part time)

1965-1968 Hockerill teacher Training College:  secondary school Art

1963-1965 Cambridge School of Art: Pre Diploma in Art and Design


Group Exhibitions

By Our Own Hands 2017 Participant

Everything that rises must dance 2017 Participant

Thread and Word 2017 Participant walk

Once Upon A Time 2017 residency and exhibition Peterborough

Once Upon a Time 2016 residency and exhibition Stamford pre show

Concept Stamford 2015

Rivers and Relics Merton Priory Wimbledon 2014

Unearthed John Clare residency Clare cottage Peterborough Art Gallery 2014

Unearthed John Clare residency Clare cottage Northampton Art Gallery 2014

Unearthed John Clare residency Clare cottage second exhibition 2014

Unearthed John Clare residency Clare cottage First exhibition 2014

Illuminations Wimbledon 2013

M.A.S. group Show Wimbledon 2012

Open Studios Wimbledon 2012

Being British Stamford Arts Centre 2012

Show and Tell Peckham Gallery 2009

Contemporary Women Artists Europa Gallery 2009

192 Trinity Buoy Wharf Docklands 2009

 Post Conceptual Paintings by Gerard Blakely with Contemporary Sculpture curated by Gerard Blakely. Candid Arts Trust, Islington 2009

1YR  Greenwich 2008

Amateur  Peckham 2008

Ways of Seeing  Wimbledon 2008

The Red Thread  Wimbledon 2007


Solo Exhibition

A Gentleman's Attire and The Cinderella Complex Home House, London 2011


Talks/Advisory Roles

Once Upon a Time Artist Talk Peterborough 2017

The Yellow Wallpaper Talk  Peterborough 2015

Unearthed John Clare residency Clare cottage  Artist talk Peterborough Gallery 2014

A Gentleman's Attire and The Cinderella Complex  Artist talk Home House, London 2011

Fresh Take Burghley House, Stamford 2013

Selection committee, artists' mentor and advisory panel member


Sheelah Mahalath Bewley  Statement

The work is observational and hints at the possibility of small unnoticed cultural assumptions. The work is mainly drawn found and often gendered objects that through discreet interventions or reconstruction reveal patterns of behaviour that are unquestioned yet remain accepted as normal. This 'normal' is exposed as an unquestioned belief. 

As cultural beliefs and societal comprehension are invested in rules of behaviour, the questioning of these rules can reveal that there still might be an anxiety in not conforming. There is safety in the uniformity of the group.

Some of the work is performative even if the performance is not seen. The obsessive repetition can be seen as a strategy for warding off anxiety. The time invested in the reiteration of these small actions is captured in the work and anxiety is expressed through the repetitive, process involved.

An interest in myth, religion and fairy stories often appear and are questioned as methods used to convey the rules required by society both now and in the past.

There is an exploration of psychological concepts, and a recognition of female craft and pattern making in the work.