Alberto Magrin

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Between male and female, 2003 Digital Photo 70x100 Cm © Alberto Magrin
77, 2009 Digital Photo 70x100 Cm © Alberto Magrin
To water him, 2008 Digital Photo 70x100 Cm © Alberto Magrin
The farmer, 2012 Digital Photo 70x100 Cm © Alberto Magrin
Dans le coeur du penseur, 2012 Digital Photo 70x100 Cm © Alberto Magrin
Anele, 2008 Digital Photo 70x100 Cm © Alberto Magrin
For love of love, 2005 Digital Photo 70x100 Cm © Alberto Magrin
Eye on the sea, 2011 Digital Photo 70x100 Cm © Alberto Magrin
Afloat monk, 2005 Digital Photo 100x70 Cm © Alberto Magrin
Civis romanus, 2008 Digital Photo 100x70 Cm © Alberto Magrin
Roman, 2008 Digital Photo 100x70 Cm © Alberto Magrin
love yourself, 2008 Digital Photo 100x70 Cm © Alberto Magrin
My thumb, 2011 Digital Photo 100x70 Cm
Corpus Christi, 2011 Digital Photo 100x70 Cm
Madonna of mozzarellas, 2003 Digital Photo 100x70 Cm © Alberto Magrin
700 MB prayer
Witout value, 2003 Digital Photo 100x70 Cm © Alberto Magrin
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Santa Maria Coghinas
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Santa Maria Coghinas
mixed-media, installation, video-art, landscape, performance, modern, traditional, photography, digital, figurative, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Alberto Magrin was born on December 29th 1970 in Rapallo (Genoa) Italy. He studied architecture at the University of Genoa. He underwent a brief stint in the theatre after having obtained a scholarship to study alongside sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro at University of Urbino. He was awarded the 'Libertas Prize' for visual arts and literature by MP Ferri and collaborated in the creation of the 'G. A. Rol Scientific Association' in Turin, the purpose of which was to demonstrate man’s victory over time through the capacity of the individual spirit. In the meantime, he was also awarded the ‘Open Art’ prize by MP Vita in Rome. He participated in founding of the International Digital Art Organization ONDA. He designed the 'ONDA Contemporary Art Museum' in order to allow internationally renowned artists to construct their own permanent spaces and create a dialogue between themselves and eternity. Like a premonition and a symbol of ‘eternal nothingness’, this project represents the downfall and rebirth of the modern era. Through a series of donations, he succeeded in creating a worldwide network of art galleries, which he called 'Magreen Galleries', the artworks of which are located in public and private institutions, thus eliminating every form of personal control or management over the works themselves. These artworks are currently held by some of the worlds most important permanent collections: The British Museum (London), MOCA (Los Angeles), Stiftung Museum Kunst Palast (Dusseldorf), Spazio Oberdan (Milan), Staatliche Kunstsammlungen (Dresda), Musèe desBeaux Arts (Lyon), Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea (Trento), CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, The State Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg). He makes use of every artistic language, experimenting with new techniques. He lives and works in Rapallo and S.Maria Coghinas (Italy).

The theory of coincidences
'Coincidences' determine an individual’s state of being, balanced and in harmony with the universe. In this sense, coincidences can be understood as nature’s purest law, and beyond nature they represent the perpetual bond between the relative and the absolute, as well as the birth of all forms of life and love. They’re a link between reality and imagination, between desire and fantasy, between the body and the spirit, between life and death. The importance of such moments should form the basis of all scientific, artistic, economic, political and religious laws, as they determine the existence and subsistence of human beings upon the Earth, as well as upon any other planet. As the laws indicated above, like their establishment, are inseparable from one another, this theory becomes the bond that could further the quest, the growth and the evolution of mankind.

(Alberto Magrin)

Critical note
Alberto Magrin's latest works arise from the 'Theory of Coincidences' and are based on mediations suspended between the earth and the heavens, between the world of the mundane and that of dreams. Like a modern shaman, the artist receives messages and conveys them to us in the form of photographic images accessible to everyone. The lyricism that distinguishes his works becomes part of them thanks to an ironic play on randomness, a mapped out destiny that can only be made to blossom in our eyes through the artist’s sensitivity. Works derived from real life and recreated experiences, characterized by symbolic meaning, as if attempting to reinterpret the divine message.  

(Monica Sampietro)

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