Ebony T. Perry

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Quick Facts
Santa Monica, California
Works in
Los Angeles, CA
Marymount California University, 2014, BA Media Studies, Digital Art & Design | AA Theatre Arts, Acting & Production.
Current Exhibitions and Events
Aug, 2010
Exhibition List
Several locations along Hollywood Blvd

Ebony T. Perry is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist born and raised in California. She specializes in design, as well as the visual and performing arts. Ebony holds a B.A. in Media Studies with a concentration in Digital Art and Design, and an A.A. in Theatre Arts from Marymount California University.

Always having been invigorated by crossing the boundaries between traditional art and digital media– Ebony continues to produce for, consult for, collaborate on, and direct several freelance art and design projects as part of her practice and trade. Ebony's own artwork is predominantly inspired by themes that continually awaken her curiosity and prompt her to explore new ways of nurturing a deeper connection the world. Themes that often fuel her creations consist of topics circling the humanities and finding her own freedom through imagination and creativity. Other key subject matter that impacts her work includes:

• reflective storytelling  • history  • psychology and expressive therapy  • self discovery through truth seeking, empowerment, and balance  

• symbolism  • ritual  • society  • culture  • unfolding identity   • honoring nature and origin  • music  • poetry  • movement 

• healing and the magic of resilience

With her versatile background, profound passion for wisdom, connection, and all things intermedia; Ebony seeks to continue generating unique and meaningful art content that enkindles deep-rooted thought, emotion, and inspiration.