Mike Munro Bell

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Beach Rhythms & textures no5, 2011 Mixed Media 40x40x4cms © M Bell
Low Tide beach textures Rhythms & driftwood no1, Jujly 2011 Mixed Media 60x60x4cms © MM Bell
Hauxley haven Blues Ryhthms & textures 1a, 2011 Mixed Media 40x40x4cms © M Bell
Hauxley haven Blues Rhythmns & textures 1b, 2011 Mixed Media On Canvas 50x50x4cms © M Bell
Coast Series Red& Gold, 2008 Mixed Media 30x30x4cms © M Bell
Coast Series Green & gold, 2008 Mixed Media 30x30x4cms © M Bell
Bondicar Low tide No1, 2007 Mixed Media Including Foils 76x76x4cms © Mike Bell
North Sea oil rig Ghost Series no1, 2007 Mixed Media 70x70x4cms
Winter Rhythms & textures Redesdale, 2008 Mixed Media & Acrylic 91x91x4cms © Mike bell
belsay Hall Quarry gardens Rock & root series, 2008 Mixed Media 60x60x8 © M bell
North Sea Oil Rig Ghost series no3, 2008 Mixed Media 40x40x4cms © M bell
North Sea oil rig Ghost Series no7, 2008 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © M bell
Evening Bondicar Rocks Rhythms & Textures, 2008 Mixed Media 70x70x4cms © M Bell
Winter Druridge bay from bondicar, 2007 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © M bell
Moonlight & Beach Debris series no1, 2009 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © Mike Munro Bell
North Sea Oil Rig series no8, 2009 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © Mike M Bell
Redesdale Rhythms & textures no2, 2007 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © Mike M Bell
Belsay Quarry gardens Rock & Root series Blue & White, 2009 Mixed Media 60x60x4cms © Mike M Bell
Redesdale Rhythms & textures Yellow & Sepi, 2008 Mixed Media 70x70x4cms © MIke M Bell
beach Textures Rhythms & debris2009a, 2009 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © Mike Bell
Beach rhythms textures & debris 2009b, 2009 Mixed Media 40x40x4cms © Mike Bell
beach Rhythms textures & debris 2009c, 2009 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © mike bell
Beach Rhythms & textures Blue1, 2009 Mixed Media 30x30x4cms © Mike Bell
Beach Rhythms & textures Blue2, 2009 Mixed Media 30x30x4cms © Mike Bell
Roman Wall Country no 5, 2009 Mixed Media 70x70x4cms © Mike bell
Orkney suite no1, 2008 Mixed Media Relief 28x28x8cms
Orkney Suite 2, 2008 Mixed Media Relief 28x28x8cms © Mike Bell
Orkney Suite 3, 2008 Mixed Media Relief 28x28x8cms © Mike bell
Evening Light, 2008 Mixed Media 60x60x4cms © Mike Bell
Winter beach Rhythms & Textures no 5, nov 2009 Mixed Media 70x70x4cms © Mike Bell
Winter Rhythms Kielderwater, 2009 Mixed Media 70x70x4cms © MMBell
Redesdale Rhythms & Textures Red & Gold, 2008 Mixed Media 70x70x4cms © MMBell
Druridge bay Rythms & textures series Green & gold, 2010 Mixed Media 40x40x4cms © MM Bell
North Sea Oil Rig Ghost Series no8a, 2010 Mixed Media 60x60x4cms © MM Bell
Belsay hall Quarry gardens Rock & Root Series Blue & White, 2009 Mixed Media 60 X 60 X 4 Centimeters © Artist
Belsay hall Quarry gardens Rock & Root Series Black & Gold 1, 2008 Mixed Media 30 X 30 X 4 Centimeters © Mike Bell
Belsay hall Quarry Gardens Rock & root series Sepia & green, 2009 Mixedmedia 60 X 60 X 4 Centimeters © M Bell
Incoming Tide low hauxley, 2010 Original Mixed Media On Canvas © Mike Bell
The Wannies in Blue, 2008 Ltd Edtion Print © Mike Bell
Nth Sea Oil Rig Ghost Series no8, 2010 Mixed Media 60 X 60 X 4 Centimeters © MIke M Bell
Mists & Heathers on the Beacon, sept 2010 Limited Edition Archival Print. Ed. Of 30 (Original Painting) 50 X 50 X 4 Centimeters © Mike Bell
Winter Light at Low Tide Northumberland Coast, 2010 Mixed Media 60 X 60 X 4 Centimeters © M Bell
Wild poppy rhythms Corbridge Northumberland, 2009 Original Offeredas Exclusive Limited Edition Giclee Archival Print Through Art Slant 50 X 50 X 4 Centimeters © M Bell
Heather & Mists on the Beacon no3, 2010 Mixed Media 16 X 16 X 1.5 Inches © M Bell
Moonlight & Driftwood Series , 2011 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © M Bell
Budle bay Mudflts Evening Light, 2009 Mixed Media 70 X 70 X 4 Centimeters © M Bell
Druridge bay Low Tide Coaldust,seaweed,driftwood, march2011 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © M Bell
Storms & beach Textures series Yellow, 2011 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © M Bell
Sunset Series Redesdale no5, 2011 Mixed Media 70x70x4cms © M>Bell
Low Tide beach Rhythms textures & Driftwood1a, july 2011 Mixed Media 60x60x4cms © MM Bell
Incoming Tide Northumberland Coast, 2011 Mixed Media 60x60x4cms © Mike M Bell
Sunset Low Tide Rhythms & textures 1aa, 2011 Mixed Media 60x60x4cms © MIke M Bell
Hauxley haven Blue Rhythms & textures 1a, 2011 Mixed Media 16 X 16 X 1.5 Inches © M Bell
Beach Rhythms & Textures, 2011 Mixed Media 40x40x4cms © M Bell
Mists & heathers on the beacon Redesdale no1, 2011 Mixed Media 20 X 20 X 1.5 Inches © M Bell
belsay hall Quarry Gardens Rock & Root series Purple & yellow, 2009 Mixed Media 60 X 60 X 4 Centimeters © MM Bell
Belsay Hall Quarry gardens Rock & root Series Blues&green, 2010 Mixed Media 60x60x4cms © M Bell
Belsay Hall Quarry Gardens Rock& Root Series Blues/Greens, 2010 Mixed Media 60 X 60 X 4 Centimeters © M Bell
LOw Tide Rhythms Textures & Driftwood no3, 2011 Mixed Media 50x50x4cms © MM Bell
Quick Facts
Newcastle upon Tyne
Birth year
Lives in
Northumberland; UK
Works in
Northumberland; UK
Representing galleries
The Brownston Gallery , Edinburgh Gallery, alpha art , EdchasenfineArt , The Biscuit Factory, Chancery Art Gallery, Artrom gallery, Xanadu Gallery
impasto, textures mixed-media, landscape

Inspired by 30 years living and working on the Northumberland coast and now in the wilds of Redesdale, near Scottish Borders. Fascinated by patterns of sand on beach, piles of seaweed/driftwood order and chaos together. Images I create use a wide range of materials, sand, soil coal dust, driftwood are often embedded in paint surface[Antonio Tapies been Favourite for long time] I want paintings to be as natural as possible. Rarely use brush but finger, knife, trowel, sand, spray paints plus lots of builders materials to create impasto surfaces. Experimenting with Holographic foils in paint to simulate wonderful light in Northumberland. Moving to Redesdale I have been inspired and become aware of the interaction of man and nature, in the Otterburn Ranges military roads, bunkers and old tanks contrast with crags, quarries, moorland and forest to create a wonderful tapestry at different times of year. Rock strata, strange cloud formations, moody sunsets, reflections in rivers and Lakes have me rushing for sketch book or camera. "The Land of Far Horizons" Northumberland has light which enhances the tactile quality of the landscape no matter what the season. I hope my work stimulates a wide range of perceptions and feelings for this "Land of Far Horizons" Other influences/artists I admire include Turner, John Blockley, Andy Goldsworthy, Cezanne, Tapies and many more.


Upcoming Show

Summer exhibition at The Biscuit Factory until Sept


Jan - June Cass School of Business Studies ,Univ of London UK
From march [ongoing] North East Art Collective,Newcastle UK
Jan /Feb Margate gallery Margate Kent
April Still Point Art Gallery Mass.USA [online Comp]
May Frameworks gallery ,Cottenham Cambridge
May -Aug Summer Show Biscuit Factory ,Newcastle
from June "Landscapes" Claremont Gallery Sevenoaks kent UK
June 8-30th "FAPC 2012" Artists haven gallery FtLauderdale Florida USA

Oct newcastle/gateshead Art fair ,Siott gallery
Dec/jan Winter Show ,Schoolhouse gallery Alnmouth Northumberland
Ist Place American Art awards
Sept Autumn Show ,The Biscuit Factory Newcastle UK
august/sept Caelum Gallery New York, USA
June International FAPC Artists Haven Gallery Ft Lauderdale,USA
July15/Aug31 Summer Abstracts Frameworks gallery,Cottenham ,Uk July/Aug " Seaside"The Margate Gallery ,Margate, kent UK
June Artists Network Open Studios ,Northumberland UK
March Balman Gallery Corbridge Northumberland UK
From March,Spencer House Tetbury .UK

Dec Opening Show The Art Gallery, Tetbury Glost. UK
Nov -Dec Xmas Show ,The Balman Gallery Corbridge UK
Oct 25-30 UJADF Award Exhibition ROA Gallery Pall mall london
Oct23-Nov24 Scapes Exhibtion The Balman gallery Corbridge Northumberland
June7th Solo Show The Biscuit Factory Newcastle upon Tyne UK
Ongoing Exhibitions of work at Brownston gallery Devon,bBakehouse Gallery Alnwick & Alpha Art Edinburgh
jan/March Winter Ex. Gallery Artists Chancery Art Gallery Ontario

Nov28th2009-Feb28th 2010 Winter Show The Biscuit Factory Newcastle
Nov30 Dec24 Invited Artists Alpha Art Edinburgh, Scotland
nov15-Dec24 Invited Artists Ingoldsby Gallery margate ,kent Uk
Sept30-Oct31 "Lazy Cottager" Chancery Art Gallery Bracebridge Ont.Canada
Sept-Nov Invited Artists Stark Gallery ,Canterbury,Kent UK
July1-Aug30 " Celebrating 100 Artists " Artists Haven Gallery Ft Lauderdale Florida USa
from15th rep by Elisa Tucci Contemporary Art. New York USA
From march6th Monsoon Gallery Bethlehem PA USA
march6-28 World of Imagination vol 2 APW Gallery New York, USA
March-may Spring Exhibition ,The Biscuit Factory Newcastle
Feb 13-22nd Spring Exhibiton HadfieldFineArt Cheltenham Glos. UK
Jan Winter/Fall AJAS online Exhibition at

nov-Feb Winter Exhibition The Biscuit Factory Newcastle UK
nov Edinburgh Art fair rep by The Seascape Gallery Uk
Oct25th-Jan25th 2-3-d-11 Online Exhibition Energy Gallery Toronto Canada
Oct23-25 Art expo Montreal rep by Chancery art gallery ,Canada
Sept/Dec Autumn Exhibition The Biscuit Factory Newcastle UK
sept 4-26th Summer Retropective Chancery gallery ,Ontario, Canada
Sept 11-14 NG Art Fair Newcastle ,with The Seascape gallery, Uk
Aug-Nov Opening Exhibition ,Gossipgate Gallery Alston, Cumbria UK
July30-aug8 Cork st Open,Gallery in Cork St ,London
June-Aug30th "land" St Dogmaels gallery ,Cardigan ,Wales UK
May-Dec ongoing The Bakehouse Gallery Alnwick Northumberland UK
May Cambridgeshire Art Fair rep by Seascape Gallery
April AAF Bristol rep be The Brownston Gallery , Devon UK
March 20-24 Northern Art Fair Harrogate rep by Seascape Gallery
Mar.-Sept Spring & Summer Shows The Biscuit Factory . Newcastle UK
march13-16th AAF Battersea London Rep by Sheridan Russell
Feb13-March 20 "Abstact ideas" Needhams Gallery Cambridgeshire UK
Feb-may24 Spring Show Sheridan Russell Gallery London
Jan 11th-feb11th "4"Artists Group Show Artists Haven Gallery
Ft Lauderdale Florida USA
Jan 8th - Feb11th 7th Annual Art/International BoxHeart Gallery Pittsburg USA

From 1stDec The Winter Show The Biscuit Factory Newcastle UK
Dec "Small rays & fragments of A Large Idea" Rhonda Schaller Studio New York
Nov Ed Chasen Fine Art Washington DC USA
Sept 28-30 ArtExpo Las Vegas Crisolart Galleries Barcelona
Sept 14-Oct28 Gallery Artists The Troubadour Gallery Manchester UK
Sept 7th Autumn Exhibition THe Biscuit Factory Newcastle
Aug/sept Needhams Gallery & Restaurant Ely England
July18-30th Untitled Gallery at Adam St London
July /Aug "A Great Awakening " The Rhonda Schaller Studio New York
July4-aug4th Summer Exhibition MOA Doral Florida USA
June /Aug The Summer Exhibition @ The Biscuit factory Newcastle UK
June Network Artists Open studios northumberland UK
May Affordable Art Fair Bristol UK
May International Exhibition Museum of The Americas Florida USA
May American Juried Art Salon Spring/Summer online Show
April 1st Anniversary Exhibtion The Brownston Gallery Devon UK
March " The Spring Collection " The Biscuit Factory Newcastle
March Untitled Gallery Artists @ Adam St.Club Gallery London
Feb invited Artists Edinburgh Gallery Scotland

2006/7 Jan Palm Art Award Art Domain Gallery Leipzig Germany

1965 Young Contemoraries Whitworth gallery manchester England
1970 pernod exhibition Laing Art gallery Newcastle upon Tynne England
2001/2/3 Small Works The Gallery Univ of Northumbria
2001 Invited Artists Dial gallery Warkworth Northumberland
2003 Charity Exhibition The Baltic Gateshead Tyne and wear England
2003 Art into Art {juried ] Hatton Gallery Univ of newcastle
2004 Invited Artists Pinfold Gallery Cumbria England
2004 Beyond Words Hatton Gallery Univ of Newcastle
2004/05 Invited Artists Walker Gallery Harrogate England
2004/5/06 Ongoing Invited Artists Biscuit Factory Newcastle England
2005 Blues on The Moors Grosmont Gallery Nr Whitby Yorkshire
2005 Glasgow Art Fair Represented by John Green Fine Art Glasgow
2005 Sept/oct/Nov Invited Artists Pinfold Gallery Cumbria UK
2005 Summer & Xmas exhibitions John Green Fine Art Glasgow Scotland
2005 Sept Coastal Views Invited Artists Minster Fine Art York UK
2005 Nov/Dec Advent Collection Minster Fine Art York UK
2005 Invited Artists Karen Taylor Fine Art London UK
2005 Dec Xmas Exhibition Biscuit Factory Newcastle
2005/06 ongoing Invited Artists Edinburgh
2006 Feb "4 Artists" Minster Fine Art Gallery York UK
2006 Feb Invited Artists PictureHouse Gallery Harrogate Yorkshire UK
2006 Feb/march Black Swan Arts Centre Open Frome Somerset England
2006 March/April Invited Artists Smokehouse Gallery Eyemouth Scotland
2006 Summer Exhibition Brownston Gallery Modbury Devon UK
2006 April .Palm Art Award Art-Domain Gallery Leipzig Germany
2006 Sun 30th April One day Show @ Showcase
2006 July Just Paint Prize Winners Exhibtion Artrom Gallery Rome
2006 July 18th Summer Exhibition Pinfold Gallery Windemere Cumbria
2006 July Invited Artists ARTCO Leeds Yorkshire England
2006 August Invited Artists Marziart Gallery Hamburg Germany
2006 Sept-Dec True Blues Invited Artists Artworks Galleries Newcastle
2006 Sept Ickenox Contemporary Art Fair Sudio 95 LONDON
2006 Nov The Great Christmas Art Fair Alexandra Palace LONDON
2006 Dec Abstraction 2006 online Prize Winners Exhibition Artrom Gallery Rome
2007 march The Spring Selection @ The Biscuit Factory Newcastle
2007 march Untitled Gallery at Adam st. London UK
2007 April 1st Birthday Exhibition The Brownston Gallery Devon UK

SOLO Exhibitions

2003 Landscape Textures Bondgate Gallery Northumberland
2004 Duchess Gallery Kielder Castle Northumberland UK
2004/5 Village Bakery Gallery melmerby Cumbria UK
2005 Rhythms&textures of Northumberland Gossipgate Gallery Alston Cumbria UK
2005 Landscape Rhythms Coningsby Gallery London UK
2005 Landscape Rhythms& Textures Calder Gallery W.Yorkshire UK
2005 Landscape Rhythms& Textures Gallery 2 Queens Arts Hexham UK
2006 April -May Mixed Media Paintings Gossipgate Gallery Alston,Cumbria
2006 Oct Seascape/Landscapes Mick Oxley/Mike Bell Calder Gallery Hebdon Bridge Yorkshire England
2008 Aug/sept Village Bakery Gallery Cumbria ,UK

Other Events

2005 Glasgow Art Fair [Rep by John Green Fine Art ]
2006 Winter/Fall online Exhibtion
2006 Fall/Winter American Juried Art Salon [selected Artists online from Oct 12th - Feb 15th 2007]
2006 Dec 7th-10th Art Basel Miami Beach USA [Selected Artists in CD Flash presentation by The NY Arts Magazine [Cd available ]
2007 Nov Edinburgh Art Fair [rep by Definite ARTicle gallery ]
2012 Cass Business School London Curated by The Siott Gallery

Prize Awards

1965 Queens Award Travelling Scholarship [Italy ]
2005 Dec Finalist Indigo Art Prize2005 Indigo Art Collection
2006 July 2nd Prize Award "Just Paint" Competition Artrom Gallery Rome Italy
2006 Dec Abstraction 2006 Prizewinners Exhibtion Artrom Gallery Rome
2007 Jan Palm Art Award 2006 2nd prize Medal Art Domain Gallery Leipzig Germany
2007Nov First Prize Mixed media International Avisen Gallery Denmark
2008 2nd prize Mixed media Art international Avinsen gallery Denmark
2009 June Winner Mixed media category Spring/Summer AJAS Exibition [online only]
2009.10&11 Mixed media American Art Awards [Online]
2011 & 12 Special recognition Awards Light Space & Time gallery