Christy Gast

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[NAME] Publications was founded in 2008 by Gean Moreno, a Miami-based artist and writer whose own recent works in the form of texts, prints and sculpture (undertaken collaboratively with Ernesto Oroza) document and ruminate on the building blocks of contemporary material culture. Moreno made the leap from newsprint, milk crates, speaker boxes and cast concrete to the hardcover book with the intention of offering artists an exhibition venue in book form.The imprint’s newly released fourth title... [more]
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Kevin Arrow, Autumn Casey, Clifton Childree, Alyse Emdur, Christy Gast, Adler Guerrier, Jason Hedges, Justin Long Isabel Moros, Nicolas Lobo & Kenneth Andres Mroczek, Peggy Nolan at BFI July 10th, 2010 - September 18th, 2010
Posted 8/2/10
WEIRD MIAMI ARTIST-LED BUS TOURS: Reserve your seat now!   During the 3rd Sundays of July, August and September the BFI will kick-off a series of monthly school-bus tours each led by 2 artists from Miami, taking tour-goers to unexpected locations around the city. Each location is selected by the artist-leaders, and will not be revealed ahead of time in order to keep riders in suspense. “We’ll load into the big yellow school bus and be completely at the artists’ mercy!” – Agatha Wara, BFI.... [more]