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AD ASTRA, 2017
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Brooklyn based polyartist daaPo reo was born in Nigeria. He relocated to NYC in 1999, where he reincarnated as a virtuoso of bespoke tailoring for a clientele of artists and couture connoisseurs, while also exercising his talents through commissioned work that ranged from giving form to artistic compositions to designing art spaces. Over the past few years, daaPo transitioned to video art, debuting his efforts in exhibitions and events on the global scene from NYC to Tokyo, at Kinz + Tillou Fine Art gallery, nichido contemporary art, After Afropolitan Conference and the Brooklyn Museum, among other venues and contexts.
Recently back to his medium of choice, daaPo’s ALCOHOLOTOPIA (A GEOPOLITICAL DREAM UNDER THE INFLUENCE) marked the artist’s return to textile craft and venture into heraldic arts. Presented to the public in Johannesburg at the Goodman Gallery’s “In Context: Africans In America” and at Spring/Break Art Show in New York City, the flag is an assemblage of African textile representing layers of personal history, cultural memory and conflicting experiences to comment on utopian aspirations and past and current realities, poking fun at privileged elites and anonymous masses along the way.

daaPo reo is currently working on a series of fifteen flags.