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The City-Coexistence, 2017 Corrugated Cardboard,Acrylic,Epoxy Resin 24x36 Inches © kyunglim lee
The City-Coexistence, 2017 Corrugated Cardboard, Acrylic,Epoxy Resin 24x36 Inches © kyunglim lee
Coexistence , 2016 Corrugated Cardboard,Acrylic,Epoxy Resin 80x107 Cm © kyunglim lee
The City-Coexistence, 2014 Mixed Media 43.3 X 66 Inches © kyung lim lee
First Christmas, 2013 Mixed Media 39.3 X 69.2 Inches © kyung lim lee
No fear, 2013 Mixed Media 39.3 X 33 Inches © kyung lim lee
Stroll with Sor, 2013 Mixed Media 19.2 X 19.6 Inches © kyung lim lee
Coexistence 24 x36 inches , 2016 Corrugated Cardboard, Acrlyic, Epoxy Resin 24 X36 Inches © kyunglim lee
Coexistence , 2017 Mixed Media 24 X36 Inches © kyung lim lee
Brooklyn Bridge, 2017 Mixed Media 8 X 8 Inches © kyung lim lee
Quick Facts

Corrugated cardboard is an inevitable by-product of modern mass production and transportation systems. The cardboard, with winding symmetrical curves on its surface, stands for its necessary usage in today's commercial society as a reliable packaging medium. In my work, cardboard that has tacitly and murmurlessly finished its role as containers, protectors, and transporters of mass produced goods symbolizes a regeneration and a revival.


In fact, I feel fairly limited when it comes to using oil colors as a sole medium of expressing textures. Instead, I cut and form soft and attractive cardboard into small pieces and attach them together before adding the color and creating a sense of a sculpted paper form.   


In my work, a world of coexistence for tightly interrelated people and a gorgeous nature creates a harmonized "a cappella". In a world where individuals are destined to fall into a state of lethargy under a suffocating social structure, I believe my work quietly reflects my wishes to create a lively world where people find their purpose and meaning from one another


1990 B.F.A. in Oriental Painting College of Fine Art, Seoul National University(Seoul,Korea)


2004   1st Solo Exhibition  "Gifts from daily life"(UM  Gallery)
2005   Art-Seoul Exhibition “Here and Now” (Seoul Arts Center)
2005   LA Art Fair
2006   The 5th Goyang Art Fair (Goyang International Floral Exhibition Ground)
         Gift from daily life - Just4U (Gallery Lamer,Seoul)
         Art-Seoul Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center)
2007   07 MANIF (Seoul Art Center)
2008  Gallery the Space(Seoul)
         Danwon Arts Competition (Danwon Pavillion,Ansan)
2009   Our Town-Space Movin(Seoul)
2009   Gallery SSun(Seoul)
2010   LeeHouse gallery(Seoul)
2010   Gallery the K(Seoul)
2010   Ah-San gallery(Seoul)
2010   10 MANIF (Seoul Art Center)
2011   Palais de seoul Gallery(Seoul)
2011    Nam Song International Art Show(Sungnam Art Center,Bundang)
2012    Gagagallery (Seoul)
2012    Fine Tree Gallery (Daegu)
2013    Santorini Gallery (Seoul)
2013    Morden Art Show(Seoul Art Center)
2013    Ara Art Center (Seoul)
2013    Pink Gallery (Seoul)
2013    Gyung Nam Art Fair (Changwon Convention Center)
2013    Zoom Gallery (Seoul)
2013    GS Tower Gallery (Seoul)
2014    Umoha Gallery (Kyunggido)
2014    Peace Gallery (Namisum, Chounchen)
2014    TorchTrinity Mission Hall (Seoul)
2014    Morden Art Show (Seoul Art Center)
2015    Art n Life show(AT center,Seoul)
2016    Kimjaesun Gallery (Busan)


1990-92  “Korean Painting- New Form and Spirit” IV,V, VI
           (KwanHoon Gallery, CheongNam Gallery, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation 
1991-92  “Madi” Exhibition I, II (BaekAk Gallery, CheongNam Gallery,Seoul)
1992      “Fine Art Our Generation” (Cosmos Museum,Seoul)
         “JaJooHean” Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)
           The Grand New Art Exhibition
1999      “Korean Painting ? New Form and Spirit” XI (DukWon Gallery,Seoul)
2005      LA Art Fair (Gallery 3, LA)
2006       Danwon Art Fair (Danwon Gallery,Ansan)
2006       Gallery Ho Auction (Gallery Ho,Seoul)
2007       Seoul National Univ. 60th Anniversary Memorial Exhibition 
(Seoul National Univ. Museum)
2007      Rainbow Exhibition (Ga-San Gallery,Seoul)
2008     Pure harmony  (Gallery the Space,Seoul)
            Seoul,New York exchange Exhibition (Hun Gallery,Gallery Ho)
2009     Art mission Exhibition (In-sa art center,Seoul))
2009     Free-Oneself Exhibition(Han Jen Art center,Seoul)  
2009     For you Exhibition(Mil-al  Museum,Seoul)  
2010     Joyful Exhibition   (In-sa art center,Seoul)
2010     On the Otherside of The Globe(London,Britannia centre)
2011     sofa(Coex,Seoul )  
2011     Art Daegu(exco,Daegu)
2011     Gong Zon(Gallery Is,Seoul)
2011     Zoa do u seo Exhibition(Danwon Art Center,Ansan)
2011     Art-Mission Exhibition-New Horizon(Grimson Gallery,Seoul)
2011     Koln Art Fair (Koln ,Germany)
2011     Miami Art Fair( Miami)
2011     Affordable Art Fair(Singafore.F1 pit building)
2012    Blessing5(Hoam faculty House,Seoul)
2012    "My Mother is Docent" (Kuoria Gallery,Seoul)
2012    Blessing4(Interbulgo Gallery,Daegu)
2012    SOAF(Coex,Seoul)
2012    Hongkong Art Fair(Parkrain Hotel,Hongkong)
2012    BAMA(Centum Hotel,Busan)
2012    Connoi-Space Opening event(Connoi-Space Gallery,Seoul)
2012    Art Ulsan (Ulsan)
2012    Affordable Art Fair(Singafore.F1 pit building)
2012    SK-II NYLON Collaboration Exhibition(SK-II Company,Seoul)
2013    "Walking in the Sky"(Gallery I am,Ilsan)
2013    Worlds Apart Art Fair(Conrad Centennial Singapore)
2013    the District-S(KEPCO Art Cente,Seoul)
2013    "Free Space" Exhibition (Zoom Gallery,Seoul)
2013    HongKong Affordable Art Fair(Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition centre)
2013    "Today's jinkyungjeon"(Museu of Art GyuhmJae)
2013    Affordable Art Fair(Singafore.F1 pit building)
2013    FreshAir Fine Arts Festival( The Luxe Art Museum. Singapore)
2013    Art Expo,Malaysia(MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre)
2013    Koln Art Fair  (Koln ,Germany) 
2013    Affordable Art Fair( Seattle.U.S.A)
2013    Art Gwangju13( Kimdaejung Convention Center)
2013    Art-Mission "The Road"(SunGallery)
2013   "Tree of Life"(Palais de Seoul)
2013   "A Spring breeze in front of the yard" (Dasahun Gallery,Seoul)
2013    Three-man three-color (InhaHospital Gallery,Incheon)
2014    Blessing (Scalatium Gallery,Seoul)
2014   "City of 36.5c"(Hwabong Gallery,Seoul)
2014    HongKong Affordable Art Fair(Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition center,Hongkong)
2014    Houston Fine Art fair (NRG Center,Houston)
2014    Artmission special Exhibition (KEPCO Art Center)
2014    FreshAir Fine Arts Festival (The Luxe Art Museum. Singapore)             
2014    Affordable Art Fair ( F1 Pit Building. Singapore)
2014    Omajyu Contemporay Artist41 (Park Soo-keun Museum of Art)
2015   'Korean art now' -Susan Eley Fine Art ( NewYork)
2015   'Kollega'exhibition (Art Center P Plus)
2015   BAMA-BEXCO(Busan)
2015   Malaysia Art Expo (Kuallarumpeureu Convention Center) 
2016   Art Palm Beach (Palm Beach Convention Center)
2016   Good Bye 2016 (K&P Gallery,NY)

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