Winnie Chan

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Plastic Happy Socks Box Set, 2016 Plastic Bags, Shoes Box, Pencil And Wall Paint
Bathroom in Exeter, 2017 Oil On Canvas 10" X 10"
Alumni: 2001-2015, 2016 Oil On Canvas 8" X 32"
My Limited Edition Lipstick, 2016 Collage, Pencil And Acrylic On Canvas 10" X 10"
Helpless, 2016 Acrylic, Pencil And Pastel On Canvas 40" X 30"
Plastic tank tops, 2015 Acrylic On Plastic Bags And Garden Wire Dimensions Variable
Loneliness, 2015 Acrylic On Canvas And Pastel Dimensions Variable
Identity, 2014 Acrylic On Canvas And Clay 10" X 10" And 5.5" X 3.7"
Whatsapp, 2015 Acrylic And Image Transfer On Canvas 10" X 12"
London bucket list, 2015 Acrylic And Pencil On Canvas 48" X 36"
Skype on a foggy day, 2015 Acrylic On Canvas And Video Projection 30" X 40"
Skype, 2015 10" X 10" Acrylic On Canvas And Collage
Around the world, 2014 Oil On Canvas 6" X 6" In A Set Of 12
Postcard, 2014 Oil On Canvas 6" X 12"
Winnie's Travel Map, 2014 Oil On Canvas 71" X 35.5"
Contradictory in 2012, 2016 Acrylic On Canvas 12" X 12"
Bedding I II & III, 2012 Oil On Canvas Panel 10" X 8" In A Set Of 3
Laundry, 2013 Oil On Canvas 12" X 12"
Pajamas, 2013 Oil On Canvas 12" X 16"
Ocean bedspread, 2013 Oil On Canvas 20" X 16"
Two dresses, 2013 Oil On Canvas 12" X 24"
Sim's duvet, 2013 Oil On Canvas 16" X 16"
Two pillows, 2013 Oil On Canvas 10" X 12"
A pile of shirts,, 2016 Oil On Canvas 24" X 30"
Stripe Sleep Shirt, 2014 Oil On Canvas 20" X 30"
Homemade pop tart, 2016 Acrylic On Clay 7.5 X 5.5cm
Strawberry bow, 2014 Acrylic On Paper Clay 17 X 8.5cm
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United Kingdom
Cheslea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, 2015, MA Fine Arts

Winnie Chan is originally from Hong Kong and is currently based in the UK, where she graduated from UAL/Chelsea College of Art with an MA in Fine Art in 2015. 
She sees painting as a way to communicate with others, through the translation of messages and expression. Winnie’s works are her self-explorative and reflective of her own life’s experiences. Her process involves research on consumerism, where she questions herself and the meaning of “true happiness”. Her practice has evolved to deal with issues relating to social content, nature, capitalism and the ecological technosphere.



2014-2015 MA Fine Art, University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Arts, UK

2008-2011 BSc (hons), Lancaster University, UK

2006-2008 International Baccalaureate, Higher-Level Visual Arts, The Bolitho School, UK


Solo Exhibition

2015 Consolidate, Owlstand, Online

2017 Wishlist, the Oddfellows, Exeter, UK


Group Exhibition

2016 Paper Tiger Wood Horse, BananaJam Space, Shenzhen, China

         Fast Forward/Rewind, Punctum, London, UK

2015 MA Summer Show, CG02, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

         ASYAAF, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, South Korea

         CompoSITE, Triangle Space & Cook House, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

         Ree-bit, A122, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

2014 Tangent, Triangle Space & Cook House, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

2008 International Baccalaureate Visual Arts, The Bolitho School, Penzance, UK


Open Studio

2013 Fotanian Open Studio, Hong Kong

2017 Art Week Exeter Open Studio, Exeter, UK


Teaching Experience

2015 - 2016   Part-time Art Tutor, Abracadabra Storyland, Hong Kong

2013 - 2014   Part-time Art Tutor, Cuckoo Arts, Hong Kong

2012 - 2013   Art Tutor, Smart Wisdom Education Center Ltd, Hong Kong



2013  Certificate of Appreciation - Curatorial

          "SmArt Wisdom 2013 Exhibition", Smart Wisdom Education Center, Hong Kong

2008  Sixth Form Art Purchase Prize

          The Bolitho School, UK

2006  Masterpiece of the month

          The Bolitho School, UK

2004  Certificate of Merit for Outstanding performance in Art and Design

          St. Mark's School, Hong Kong

1997  Joint School Art and Design Competition Award

          T.W.G.Hs.Lee Chi Hung Memorial Primary School, Hong Kong



2013 SmArt Wisdom 2013 Exhibition, The Pacifica, Hong Kong