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REFLECTION , 2015 100 Foil Bags (6x8cm) With The Contents Of A Junk, One Empty Coat Male Inverted Inside Out, Size 48; © sara.hupas
ASPECT, 2016 Sponge Recycled, Hot Glue 97 Cm, Other Dimensions Are Dependent On The Exposure © sara.hupas
CONSONANCE, 2015 Sponge Recycled, Hot Glue, Cord Jute Variable Dimensions © sara.hupas
freeSTANDING, 2015 Sponge Recycled, Upholstery Springs, 4 Mirrors (2x) 427x50x50cm © sara.hupas
UNDERSTANDING, 2014 Steel Rod, Sponge Recycled, Upholstery Springs, Cord Jute 130x550x150cm © sara.hupas
ABYSS, 2015 Glued Cardboard 27x25x5cm © sara.hupas
MATRIX, 2015 Glued Cardboard 34,5x40x7cm © sara.hupas
RAPPROCHEMENT, 2015 Glued Cardboard 39,5x28,5x5cm © sara.hupas
SOURCE, 2014 Aluminum, Mirror, Board 20x21x3,5cm; 1x12cm; 22x22cm © sara.hupas
WHISPERS, 2015 Bronze, Aluminum, Glass: 19x13x14cm; 19,5x11x13cm; 36x26cm © sara.hupas
CLIMBING, 2015 Bronze Cast, Welded Wire 16x33x17cm © sara.hupas
DISCLOSED, 2015 Wooden Slats, Non Woven Fabric, Fishing Line, Steel Wire: (6x)16,5x16,5cm © sara.hupas
FROM CALM WATER TO ROUGH SEA, 2015 Wooden Slats, Non Woven Fabric, Styrofoam Ball: (3x)16x16cm © sara.hupas
EMERGENCE - STEP I, 2014 Iron 15x15cm; 16,5x15cm © sara.hupas
EMERGENCE - STEP II, 2014 Iron, Bee Wax 15x15cm © sara.hupas
EMERGENCE - STEP III, 2015 Bronze, Aluminum 14,5x15cm; 15x15cm © sara.hupas
EMERGENCE - STEP IV, 2015 Bronze, Aluminum 16,5x15,5cm; 12,5x14,5cm + Free Electrons © sara.hupas
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Born in 1987 in Prudnik. A graduated from PLSP in Opole. In 2007-2010 student of the Opole Institute of Art at the Art Education in the arts. She acquired Bachelor's degree in sculpture under the direction of Prof. Marian Molenda. Since 2010, she has been studying Sculpture at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Currently she is preparing a diploma work in the Sculpture Studio IV, which leads Prof. Józef Murzyn and an annex to the diploma in collaboration with Prof. Krzysztof Nitsch (Studio of Sculpture in Metal) and Mrs. Prof. Ewa Janus (Drawing Studio III).

Deals with the evolution of matter in the activities of sculpture from the small mold to the realization of the monumental.

Undertakes the tasks of a conceptual and experimental. Draws from the phenomena /situation/ specific properties of matter. Listens to the reality and captures it contains complexities that converts into your own language. Exploration in the structure give impetus to the transformations and transmission of meanings. Although generally operate on the basis of abstraction, the works contain an emotional element, which refers to the psyche and the human experience.

In embodiments involving a space counts consistency with the environment. Projects grow into place, interact with it and establish a dialogue. Their specificity requires constant research, thanks to each exposure is unique.


  • 4rth Student Biennale of Small Sculpture Forms, Atrium UA, Poznań, PL;
  • Finalists’ exhibition of the 11th Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenal, Venice;
  • “Materia (ł) & Forma (t)”, Akademia w Bronowicach, Cracow;


  • V International Art Review Alternatywy 33, Ostrów Wielkopolski;
  • “Potok Sztuki”, I Pomorskie Biennale of Young Art, Sopot;
  • exhibition summing up the project STAN, Miejsce X in Opole;
  • “Wielogłos materii”, Gallery “R”, Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department in Cracow;
  • “Lubię cukierki, nawet kiedy smakują jak kamyki”, Gallery Razem Pamoja Foundation in Cracow;
  • “Młoda Sztuka w Starym Mieście vol II”, Galeria pod Baranami in Cracow;
  • “Rysunek z Pracowni - Wydzał Rzeźby krakowskiej ASP”, Centre for Contemporary Art Solvay in Cracow;


  • “All-Poland Platform of Academic Cooperation”, Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko;
  • 3rth Student Biennale of Small Sculpture Forms, Galeria Aula, UA - Poznań, Galeria Promocyjna - Cracow, Wrocław;
  • competition exhibition of XV International Iron Casting Workshops, Small Armoury in Gdańsk;


  • competition exhibition of XIV International Iron Casting Workshops, Small Armoury in Gdańsk;


  • open air exhibition (Harenda), Gallery “R”, Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department in Cracow;


  • collective project called “?”, 2 FREE ART FEST, MOK in Opole;
  • collective exhibition of landscape paintings (Obsza) “OBSZAr roboczy”, MOK, Opole;


  • “Antyzgnioty”, Drama Theatre in Opole;
  • competition exhibition called “Artistic Index Hestia”, Galeria Aula, Great Armoury in Gdańsk;


  • collective exhibition of landscape paintings (Tuscany), Galeria nad Odrą in Opole;


  • - Honorable Mention in It’s LIQUID International contest - 4th edition 2017;
  • - Second Prize of the 4rth Student Biennale of Small Sculpture Forms in Poznan, PL;
  • - Honorable Mention in the Q1 Art Competition organized by Artist Portfolio Magazine - for the work “Mission”;
  • - Finalist of the 11th ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE competition in Venice, IT;


  • - 1st place in the competition Abstracts Art Exhibition 2016 organized by Artist Portfolio Magazine;
  • - Scholarship SAPERE AUSO for academic year 2016/2017;
  • - Finalist of the 1st Biennale of Young Art “Potok Sztuki” in Sopot, Poland;


  • - Scholarship SAPERE AUSO for academic year 2015/2016;
  • - Rector’s scholarship for the best students for academic year 2015/2016;
  • - Jan Matejko scholarship in the field of fine arts;
  • - Finalist of the 3rd Student Biennial of Small Form of Sculpture in Poznań;​


  • WOTISART?, May 2017;
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  • - “11° Arte Laguna Art Prize 16.17”, 25 MARCH/9 APRIL 2017, Finaliste collective exhibitions, Venice, Italy, Arte Laguna 2017;
  • - “Materia[ł] & Forma[t]”, Krakow 2017, ISBN 978-83-65570-60-4;
  • - Red. Bartłomiej Struzik, “Przestrzeń. Czas. Forma”, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im.Jana Matejki w Krakowie, 2016, ISBN 978-83-65570-31-4;
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