Richard Lund

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Green and Yellow Array, 2009 Mixed Media 24"x3" © 2009
White Swarm, 2010 Mixed Media 36"x36"x2" © 2010
Blue and White, 2011 Mixed Media 30"x30"x3" © 2011
Nightside, 2010 Mixed Media 24"x24"x3" © 2010
Mixel Pixel, 2011 Mixed Media 24"x24"x1" © 2011
Blue and White 2, 2010 Mixed Media 28"x28"x3" © 2010
Pink Moon, 2011 Mixed Media 30"x24"x3" © 2011
Last Parade, 2011 Mixed Media 30"x24"x3" © 2011
Distant Gray, 2011 Mixed Media 30"x24"x3" © 2011
Somewhere Out There, 2012 Mixed Media 36"x3" © 2012
Domesday, 2012 Mixed Media 36"x3" © 2012
Mixel Pixel 2, 2012 Mixed Media 24"x24"x1" © 2012
Crowded Universe, 2012 Mixed Media: Faucet Handles, Bottle Caps, Buttons, Wall Protectors, Shower/sink Strainers, Drawer Pulls, Cut Plastic and Paint on Acrylic 30"x24"x3" © 2012
Circles Around the Sun , 2013 Mixed Media: Fan Cover, Wall Protectors, Sink/shower Strainers, Crumb Cups, Drawer Pulls, Buttons, Bottle Caps, Cut Plastic/rubber, Electrical Connectors, Snap Caps, Stainless Steel/aluminum Fasteners on Acrylic 36"x3" © 2013
Blue and White 4, 2013 Mixed Media - Cut Plastic/rubber, Bottle Caps, Drawer Pulls, Buttons, Shower Strainer, Styrene Model Girders and Plastic Caps on Acrylic 30 © 2013
The Starry Night, 2013 Mixed Media - Steel Screws/cap Nuts, Nylon Screws/spacers, Plastic Caps, Drawer Pulls, Electrical Connectors and Buttons on Acrylic 24"x24"x3" © 2013
Quick Facts

Working with mixed media to create assemblage wall art, my current body of work is abstract, colorful, and textural. I approach art-making with a purely aesthetic and creative method, meaning I allow my mind's eye to envision a desirable composition and then find the materials needed to create it. For me, this results in the most expressive and effective way to produce a meaningful work. 

Operating from my apartment in Long Island City, New York, I tend to work on projects as ideas occur. A mental, emotional, and even physical need to create arouses my spirit, and that is when I work best. My work is relief-style sculpture which incorporates everyday items and found objects. As I create in this style, patterns of color and texture develop, and symmetry and asymmetry become especially pronounced. In some pieces I use grid-like modules, while in others I allow more freedom of movement by placing assorted pieces in rhythmic arrangements.

 The assemblages I make incorporate a concoction of media, primarily everyday items and found objects. The act of creating art from mundane materials presents a stimulating challenge that provides a basis for my motivation. At some point, a profound conversion occurs. As I build my pieces using techniques such as laser cutting, surface treatments, and joining methods, I see this transformation slowly take place. This process of subliminal metamorphosis of materials drives me to continue in my current series.