Barbara Krupp

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"Seventh Day", 2016 Acrylic Painting 60"X72" Diptec © 2016
"Beach Games", 2016 Acrylic Painting 48"X60" © 2016
"Old Apples, New Oranges", 2016 Acrylic Painting 36"X48" © 2016
"Electric Airplane", 2016 Acrylic Painting 36"X36" © 2016
"Vibration", 2016 Acrylic Painting 30"X30" © 2016
"Full Moon", 2016 Acrylic Painting 36"X36" © 2016
"Early Morning", 2016 Acrylic Painting 48"X60" © 2016
"Send In A Clown", 2016 Acrylic Painting 40"X40" © 2016
"The Thinker", 2016 Acrylic Painting 20x20 © yes
"Mind Games", 2016 Acrylic Painting 72" X 72" © yes
"The Prize", 2017 Acrylic Painting 60"X48" © yes
"In An Organic Garden", 2017 Acrylic Painting 48" X48" © yes
"Journey To April", 2017
"The Gray In Between", 7/2017 Acrylic Painting 30x30" © yes
Wiki Wacky Widget, 2017 Acrylic Painting 40"X40" © yes
"Astrosphere", 2017 Acrylic Painting 48"X36" © yes
Quick Facts
Elyria Ohio
Birth year
Lives in
Vero Beach, Fl
Works in
Vero Beach , Fl
Representing galleries
Sarasota, FL, Cleveland , Ohio, Dabbert Gallery, Pennello Gallery
Current Statements and Short Bio 2017

Barbara Krupp Statement

When I paint, I paint. I just start working with colors because I’m really a colorist. I know what goes with what, what works, or what plays; I have my feelings and I just want to get everything flowing, and the color working great.

It’s not all about color, though. When I was very young I trained to be an x-ray technician. From that time on, as T.S. Eliot wrote in his “Whispers of Immortality,” I have seen “the skull beneath the skin.”

The structure of the painting is very important to me, and in my most recent series I have, in a manner of speaking, allowed the bones of the painting—both compositionally and metaphorically,  become the painting’s’ subject matter.

Like Georgia O’Keeffe, whose early 1940s series of pelvic bones enclosed spaces that later in the decade became forms themselves, I found the areas of interest in my own landscape and floral abstractions to be the atmospheric spaces between forms.  I came to realize that the significance in my paintings was not in the forms, but in the spaces in between them.

In my “Abstract Stories” series, those atmospheric spaces became increasing bounded by spontaneously drawn shapes. Painted in shades of ochre-tinted white –the color of bone-- the enclosed spaces began to take on shapes that suggested something as intimate and normally hidden as bone; organic shapes that suggest body parts unveiled here and there as though to tease a lover.

T.S. Eliot ends his poem with, ”Our lot crawls between dry bones to keep our metaphysics warm.”

I explore the interface between passion and the intellect, pulsing tissue and desiccated bone.

Our lot may be to crawl through our mortal span but, like the poet, we also sing.


Barbara Krupp Biographical Statement

I was born and raised in Elyria, a small city in northeast Ohio. After graduating high school I trained as an x-ray technician at Elyria Hospital, where I worked from 1969 through 1974.

As a self-taught artist, I place the beginning of my professional career in 1976, when I both gained my first gallery representation in Rockport, Massachusetts, and had a painting accepted into the permanent collection of the Massilion (Ohio) Art Museum. My first solo show was held in 1979 at the Rockport Art Association in Massachusetts.

Through the years I have actively shown my work in galleries and at prestigious art fairs not only in the Midwestern states of Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, and Ohio, but also in the nation’s capital and New York City. Beginning in 1996 I began to show extensively in Florida’s major art cities: Fort Myers, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Naples and Miami. Through the venues in which I chose to exhibit, my paintings have to date found their way into dozens of private and public collections throughout the United States.

My earliest work was in landscape and my medium was watercolor. As a young wife and mother, I took my formal art instruction in workshops whose instructors were not only at the top of their form as artists, but who also worked within proximity of my Ohio home.

The first of these was Fred Leach, a member of the American Watercolor Society and a recipient of that body’s Dolphin Fellowship. Under his direction in 1976 I learned that space can be implied through restraint rather than over-reliance on detail.

 In 1982 I learned from another A.W.S. member, Lowell Ellsworth Smith, how to create subtle variations of color and texture in massive forms.

As I eventually broadened my personal outlook through travel, my artistic horizon widened, as well.

In 1993 watercolorist Christopher Schink assisted me in my desire to move away from literal representation to a pared down abstraction of natural form and a more personal use of color.

By 1999 I was working larger and more abstractly than ever, and had made opaque paint on canvas, along with watercolor, my medium of choice.

In that year a week-long workshop with Graham Nickson, a painter educated at the Royal College of Art in London. A recipient of the Prix de Rome and the Harkness Fellowship at Yale University, Nickson is celebrated for his monumental canvases whose figural abstractions place the human form against vast blocks of land and sea. The atmosphere in his paintings is felt, rather than seen. His sense of space and his palette made an indelible impression on my own work.

Since 2012 my large painting in acrylic on canvas has become more minimal and my color more sensuous. My current “Abstract Stories” series is a culmination of all I have learned to date, after decades of commitment to the practice of my art. For me they are also an exciting new beginning in my search for a totally abstract form of expression.


Barbara Krupp

2125 Seagrape Drive, Vero Beach ,Florida,   440 574 4662

Museum Exhibitions:

2015 Garrett Art Museum, Garrett, IN “Cubes of Life” one person show

2013 Canton Museum of Art, Canton, OH,” Restoration, Recycling and Remembering” one person

2011 Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Oh, Toledo, Group Exhibition


Solo Exhibitions:

2016 Muse Gallery, Hilton Hotel, “Barbara Gone Wild” Columbus, Ohio

2016 Pennello Gallery, “Barbara Gone Wild” Cleveland, Ohio

2016 Dabbert Gallery, “From a Shout to a Whisper” Sarasota, Florida

2015 Dabbert Gallery, “Color” Sarasota, Florida

2015 Muse Gallery, One person show, Columbus, Ohio

2015 Pennello Gallery, One person show, Cleveland, Ohio

2014 Muse Gallery, “Barbara Krupp at Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2014 Dabbert Gallery, “Fog and Mist”, Sarasota, Florida

2014 Center For Spiritual Care, “Divine Beauty” Vero Beach, Florida

2013 Dabbert Gallery, “Black and White and Red All Over” Sarasota, Florida

2012 Darby Gallery, “Contemporary Master” Vero Beach, Florida

2012 Dabbert Gallery, “Hidden Cities” Sarasota, Florida

2010 Dabbert Gallery, One person show, Sarasota, Florida

2006 Dabbert Gallery, “Abstract Nature”


Group Exhibitions”

2016 Miami River Art Fair, “Gates of Paradise”, Miami, Florida

2016 Artbox Project, Spectrum Miami, Miami, Florida

2016 Lighthouse Art Center and Museum, “Size Matters”, Tequesta, Florida

2016 Linus Gallery, “Heaven and Earth”, Long Beach, California

2016 John Travolta Movie “I am Wrath”

2015 NOAPS,  fall exhibition,  on line

2015 Lighthouse Art Center and Museum “Contempo” Tequesta, Florida

2013 ISOAP on line

2013 Pennello Gallery, two person show, Cleveland, Ohio

2012 ISOAP, open exhibition, Paso Robles, California

2011 ArtTrail, artist studio tour, Vero Beach, Florida

2011 Toledo Art Museum, Canaday Gallery, Toledo, Ohio

2011 Pennello Gallery, two person show, Cleveland, Ohio

2011 South Shore Art Center, “Souces Origins” Cohasset, MA

2011 DeLuce Gallery, “Ephemera” Northwest MO State University

2010 Artoteque, “Work on Display “Canary Wharf, London, England

2009 Dabbert Gallery, Dual Reality” Sarasota, Florida

2007 Dabbert Gallery, “A Couple of Visions” Sarasota, Florida

2006 Pennello Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

2005 Orange Center for Contemporary Arts, “Road to Time”

2005 Vero Beach Art Museum, “Art by the Sea” Vero Beach, Florida



2016 Lighthouse Art Center and Museum, “Size Matters” 2nd place

2016 Miami River Arts Fair, Lorenzo De’Medici   Award of Excellence, Miami, Florida

2016 Listed in Forbes/Media & Entertainment by Jason Borby for the best of 12 Contemporary art studios

2015 NOAPS, Award of Excellence

2015 ISOAP, First Place


Publications and Events

2015 “The Best of 2015”,

2015 “Restoration, Recycling and Remembering”,

2014 “Artists Home and Studio” Schiffer Publishing

2012 Artist Portfolio Magazine, full page

2011 Planet Vero Radio 107.9 WAXE “Women in the Arts with Mark Rodolico

2010 Children’s Charity Fund Raiser Poster,  Naples, Florida


Public and Corporate Collections:

Garrett Art Museum, Garrett, IN

Smith& Nephew, Inc.  St. Petersburg, Florida

Osceola County Board of City Commissioners, Osceola, Florida

Disney Collection, Orlando, Florida

Five Points Building, Sarasota, Florida

Hotel Adler, Stuttgart, Germany

Richard & Barbara Gruber, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Key Bank, Wakeman, Ohio

Dr. Tom Timko DDS, Lorain, Ohio

Massilion Art Museum, Massilion, Ohio


Studied With:

Graham Nickson

Christopher Schink, A.W.S.

Lowell Ellsworth Smith, A.W.S.

Fred Leach, A.W.S.


Gallery Representation:

Dabbert Gallery, Sarasota, Florida

Pennello Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

Frame of Mind Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada

Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

Muse Gallery Hilton Head, Hilton Head, S.C.

Mary Martin Gallery, Charleston, S.C. & Naples, Florida 

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Barbara Krupp has Exhibited with these artists:

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Barbara Krupp has Exhibited at these venues:

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