Yaryna Yuryk

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Primma verra, 2016
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Ivan Trush College of Decorative and Applied, 2003, artist
National university Lvivska polytechnika, 2012, Ph D of architecture
painting, drawing, abstract, figurative, landscape, photography, design

Yaryna Yuryk was born in 1984 and is working in Lviv.

She is an artist, designer, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, PHD of Architecture. She works in the author's patented technique of watercolor and oil paintings, pastel.

She graduated from the Ivan Trush College of Decorative and Applied Arts  nd Lviv Polytechnic National University.She is working as an associated professor of Design in Lviv Politechnik national university. She is the winner of the international competitions in painting in the USA, EU, Ukraine, Asia


Kazakhstan Art Week, GCE "Tauelsizdik Saraiy", Astana, 2013 (2 place )

"Days of Slavic art in Portugal" 2013 (millionaires club «Rotary» Coimbra, 1 pl.)

"Art Week in Portugal", Lisabon, 2014 (2 pl.)

“Seasons” 2014 International Art Exhibition (Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, 4-pl.)

"Ukrainian Art Week" (Central House of Artists) 2014 (3 place)

«Figurative», «Landscapes », «Botanicals» (Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery) 2014.(special recognition)

"Saint-Petersburg Art Week", 2014 (1 – pl.)

"Art Week in Italy", 2014, Florence (1, 2- pl.)

"Art Weeks in China", 2015 in the city Pekin (3- pl)

Art week in Hungari (Budapest, 2015, 1- pl.)

She represented Ukraine in 4th SOAL (Automn Salon of Latin America – 2016)  and she will represente in Nepal (IWS Nepal)

She has also been the exhibitor at exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries.

Yaryna Yuryk says: « Art and painting in particular can not be deaf to the people's problems: pain and joy that cover their hearts at the same time must be created by the artist with a positive-energy systems and to heal. Therefore, every stroke of the artist falls on paper or canvas, can not be a solid, pasty, dark and dirty, but only-ethereal, sonorous, joyful

I'm trying to help the audience through my art to expand the awareness that human life is a great and a very short, that is necessary for people to create beauty every minute and every moment of life to live as if it were the last.

Fix the time and invite to reflect for self-healing of viewer.!

Every moment will never happen again, every lost life is no longer to recover ....

We can not create something destructive, negative, sick, choking in the art  hiding behind the concept ...

Art should bear good and light, capture the elusive amorphous moment».

Her art works was published in «Artexpo New York 2015 guide" "Rarallax art fair 2015, London, magazine «Art beyoung» (summer 2016, winter 2015)