Dawn Ertl

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Short Term, Long Term, Relationships (weather data drawings), 2015 Weather Data Variable
Radius of Action (Exhibition shot), 2015 Mixed Variable
Short Term, Long Term, Relationship, 2015 Rayon, Wool, Weather Data Variable
Short Term, Long Term, Relationship (detail), 2015 Rayon, Wool, Weather Data Variable
Short Term, Long Term, Relationship (detail), 2015 Rayon, Wool, Weather Data Variable
One Nation Under God, 2015 Wool, Single Use Plastic, Music Variable
One Nation Under God (detail), 2015 Wool, Single Use Plastic, Music Variable
Short Term, Long Term, Relationships, 2014 Tencel, Wool, Weather Data Vairable
Quick Facts
Otis College of Art and Design, 2009, BFA
California State University Long Beach (CSULB)
fibers/plastics mixed-media, fiber installation, conceptual, sculpture
Upcoming Exhibitions and Events
Jan, 2018
Taking Up Space
Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles

Radius of Action, was a term coined during World War II from the expression “The Point of No Return.” This term was employed to describe the maximum distance a military vehicle could travel in order to still have enough fuel in reserve to return to home base. Built into this concept is a systematic approach that accounts for available resources and factors in sustainable limits. The works in this exhibition are guided by a similar ethos, in many ways our industrial consumer society is at a critical point were there is no going back, we need to figure out a new plan to survive and sustain life. 

This exhibition features two different weaving installations, each dealing with our relationships to one another and the environments we inhabit. I am using music notations and captured weather data as variables to make systems coded for the loom. While making each piece, I introduce a multitude of human byproducts and actions to disrupt the natural progression of the process of weaving. The two installations are meant to create a sense of tension and contrast between one another, for instance one installation has a gestural or aggressive presence while the other has a contemplative or calming effect.