Ben Young

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Self Portrait, 2008 Oil & Spray Paint On Linen 180 X 150 Cm © Ben Young
Study For Sunrise, Victoria Park, 2008 Oil & Spray Paint On Linen 180 X 180 Cm © Ben Young
I've Got Nothing Left To Say, 2008 Oil & Spray Paint On Linen 170 X 160 Cm © Ben Young
Angel Of Death, 2008 Oil & Spray Paint On Linen 180 X 180 Cm © Ben Young
The Black Heart Of Bagman23, 2008 Oil & Spray Paint On Canvas 100 X 120 Cm © Ben Young
Night Angel, 2008 Oil & Spray Paint On Linen 190 X 170 Cm © Ben Young
Beggar, 2008 Oil & Spray Paint On Linen 190 X 170 Cm © Ben Young
Double Rush, 2003 Oil On Canvas 70 X 120 Cm © Ben Young
Accidental Behemoth, 2009 Oil & Spray Paint On Linen 72 X 100 Cm © Ben Young
Traces Of Night (Diptych), 2009 Oil, Collage & Spray Paint On Canvas 120 X 200 Cm, 2 Panels © Ben Young
Wall St Kids, 2009 Oil & Spray Paint On Canvas 152.4 X 101.6 © Ben Young
Ponzi Scheme, 2009 Oil & Spray Paint On Linen 120 X 120 Cm © Ben Young
Oy Vey, 2009 Oil, Oil Stick, Collage, Felt Tip Marker & Spray Paint On Linen 150 X 200 Cm © Ben Young
Broken Promise, 2009 Oil & Spray Paint On Canvas 152.4 X 122 Cm © Ben Young
Quick Facts
Amersham, UK (Dual American & British Citizenship)
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New York & London
Works in
New York & London
Central Saint Martins - UAL
Representing galleries
Locuslux Gallery
mixed-media, pop, modern, graffiti/street-art

These are metaphysical paintings. Look at the surfaces. Something is being scratched away to reveal inner workings, hidden truths. Appearances are being stripped away. There is a questing movement with these paintings. They are a snapshot of a search; a stop along the way through the dark night of the soul. Nothing has been fully resolved and the destination has not been reached but there is a trajectory towards a goal - self-knowledge.

I would be happy to be part of a movement that defined itself in opposition to the last 20 years of art which has been too clever by half - just like the clever but dishonest financial system that underpinned the global economy during the same period. People tire of clever lies eventually. In art, as in consumer society, there has been a clever, conspiratorial hoax for far too long. Art as expensive baubles for the rich. This is not a new accusation but it is still valid. If art is always, whether it likes it or not, a reflection of the society in which it is made, then the art of the last 20 years has accurately reflected the truth of the avid collectors, curators and consuming public of that time. We made decadent, over-hyped, cynical art. Times have changed.

My paintings are a search for some kind of truth, however fleeting or marginal. The truth of a lonely, mixed-up individual sitting by the side of a canal at midnight in the middle of winter in London. Truth is real because it is that which you cannot escape. In my paintings there is truly a search for authenticity - against the grain of postmodernism. But look in the dumpster - there lies the body of Late 20th Century Consumer Capitalism wrapped up in the works of Baudrillard, Bourriaud & Art Forum, killed by a monitor fallen from an abandoned Matthew Barney installation at the sadly recently foreclosed MoMA.


Kabin Collection (UK)

Bernard Jacobson Gallery (UK)

Locuslux Gallery (Belgium)

White Box (New York)