Kristjan Aalto

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Sex sense 2007, 2007 Oil On Canvas 220 X 140 Cm © Yes
Tempo-Spazio per il nu, 2003 Oil On Canvas 220 X 140 Cm © AraozSystem Copyright
Spazio avec nous, 2001 Oil On Canvas 180 X 140 Cm © AraozSystem Copyright
Il furbo ladro, 2000 Oil On Canvas 80 X 100 Cm © AraozSystem copyright
Sexstyle 2005/arena, 2005 Red Chalk, Pencil On Board 24 X 70 Cm © AraozSystem copyright
Ci sentiamo la 2005/cercato, 2005 Oil On Canvas 200 X 150 Cm © AraozSystem
Nu insieme altri nu 2005/arenaP, 2005 Oil On Canvas 240 X 165 Cm © AraozSystem
Another meeting on the space, 2007 Oil On Canvas 250 X 160 Cm © AraozSystem copiright
Begin Arena2009, 2009 Wax Crayons, Pencil And Mixed Media 24 X30 © AraozSystem Copiright
Bouleguard, 2000 Oil On Canvas 80 X 100 Cm. © AraozSystem
Network, 2007 Oil On Canvas 250 X 170 Cm. © AraozSystem
Monumenta, 2004 Oil On Canvas 200 X 140 Cm. © AraozSystem
sunset, 1995 Oil On Canvas 90 X 120 Cm. © AraozSystem
Undertown, 1995 Oil On Canvas 80 X 100 Cm. © AraozSystem
Burano-incontro, 2000 Oil On Canvas 80 X 100 Cm © AraozSystem copyright
léncontre, 2005 Oil On Canvas 250 X 140 Cm. © araozsystem
Monumenta 2008, 2008 Oil On Canvas 150 X 220 Cm. © Araozsystem copyright.
australis, 2007 Oil On Canvas 140x200 Cm. © copiright.
rendez-vouz, 2001 Oil On Canvas 1140x180 Cm. © oil on canvas
Monumenta, 2009 Oil On Canvas 140 X 220 Cm © Author rights
Cosa2010 serie Arena2000, 2010 Oil On Canvas 140 X 100 Cm © Author right reserved
cosa 2010, 2010 Oil On Canvas 140 X 100 Cm. © author rights reserved
Kalevala, 2013 Oil On Canvas 140x160 © Reserved rights
Space talkings, 2009 Oil On Canvas 160x200 © Reserved
World birthing, 2012 Engraving 40x50 © Reserved
Me, 2013 Oil On Canvas 160x180 © Reserved
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Italy. Finland and Chile
Works in
Chile and Finland
Instituto Politecnico di Milano
Accademia di Belle Arti, Accademia di Brera Milano
University of Art and Design, Helsinki
Representing galleries
No yet
research Industrial Design mixed-media pop, sculpture, installation, video-art, conceptual, pop, modern, exhibition/performance

Kristjian Aalto  a great expressionist abstract talk about us in term of faith and tempo-space landscapes and scenes.

“Painting works of  Kristjian Aalto, is on the plastic mind space´s site of our age. Of great courage and boldness, his gestural hand to across braking the national tradition of our bigger artistes. Have creative air, it´s a bizarre painting, got from emotion spontaneous of the canvas. Cosmic image´s speed, amazing backgrounds of dreams and determination. Personal dream of to cross the same talent and god send with a masterwork produced for a each time more demanding spectator that is looking for the visceral beauty. Kristjian Aalto  isn’t only an artist, but an agitator of the similar, so that inspirate and recreate to us with own morphology. Each time that he paint, it´s an exploration totally of the ego and his environment, from his subjectivity of draw and the fall to the amazing creativity.”

                                                                                       Felipe Vilchez Rubio, Critic, writer and philosopher.


Kristjan was educated in the Accademia Belli Arte in Brera, Milan, restore and technology of art. Later it's entitled as industrial designer at Milano Politechnic Institute. Later obtains a post-title in industrial processes of the école des art Lausanne and MB of business administration in the technological University of Helsinki. It has received numerous prizes, between which the mention of the prize art lagoon of the arsenals of Venice, the third place of the lounge of Lithuania's masters, and Moscow. Together with the attorney partners, fund IK Studio that develops projects of product, strategic design, brands, patents and industrial and intellectual property. Nowadays they live in Chile, planning to establish in scandinavia inside the next years. Though his work is similar to the work of Matta, Brera's teachers determined that it had introduced the work in the content; Matta was the automatism of the form abstract expressionist and Kristjan psychology semiótica of the form spread time of totally different content. In the opinion of Carmen Melian from Sotheby's... " It is difficult to deal since the work is generated, only it is born of an eidetic experience and surprises that a great format is born in only an hour ".... Nowadays is Chief Creative Officer of I+K studio Design.