Niki Singleton

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Dinosaur, 2011 - 2015 Acrylic, Oil, Latex And Image Transfer On Board 53” X 43” © Niki Singleton
Kaia, 2016 Oil & Acrylic & Image Transfer On Board 27" X 18"
Gimme, 2014 Oil, Acrylic, Chicken Wire, Paper Mulch, Linoleum 24” X 16” X 27”
Astronaut, 2015 Oil & Glitter On Board 48”X48” © Niki Singleton
Twisted Elm, 2014 Acrylic, Oil, Spray Paint, Found Wood, Newspaper, Insulation Foam, Toy Gun, Elm Tree, String, Toy Soldiers 36"X36"X24" © Niki SIngleton
Dog King, 2012 Acrylic & Ink On Dog Food Box Mounted On Wood Frame 12” X 9”
Fanny, 2014 Acrylic, Spray Paint, Ink, Reclaimed Wood, Cecropia Leaf, Car Parts, Christmas Lights 72" X 36" X 24"
Gateway, 2014 Oil On Paper 14"X11"
Foxy, 2012 - 2014 Oil, Acrylic And Collage On Board 48" X 48"
Jellyfish Whimsy, 2011 Oil On Found Board 4.5'x2.5' © Niki Singleton
Gazing, 2015 Oil On Board 10"X11"
Carpe Deim, 2012 - 2014 Oil & Acrylic On Board 48" X 48"
ATM Man, 2015 Found Atm, Lanterns, Wood, Tiles, Barbie Dolls, Latex Paint, Wheels 15' X 4.5' X 4'
Firedancer, 2014 Oil And Ink On Paper 14"X11"
Star Cluster, 2013 Oil & Image Transfer On 4 Boards 18" X 24" ( Variable )
Bloomer, 2014 Oil On Paper 14"X 11"
2nd World Saw Shark, 2013 Oil, Acrylic, Chicken Wire, Newspaper Collage, Foam, Silk, Water Bottle, Water Pump, Plastic Fish 93" X 38" X 16"
Black Wheel, 2014 Oil, Acrylic & Ink On Canvas 10" X 8"
Four Squares And You're Down, 2012 Oil & Collage On Board With Videotape 6'x4'
Animals Occupy NYC, 2012 Performers, Cardboard, Acrylic, Pen, Collage Variable © Tom Carvaggio
Jesus! Your a Bad Boy, 2011 Oil, Acrylic & Collage On Board 8'x8' © Niki Singleton
Quick Facts
Vancouver, Canada
Lives in
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New York Studio School, 2009, MFA
University of Victoria, 1998, BFA
non-profit mixed-media installation video-art surrealism expressionism painting mixed-media, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, digital, graffiti/street-art, conceptual, exhibition/performance

A drawer, painter, sculptor, and installation artist, Niki Singleton draws on both popular culture and mythology in order to create works that simultaneously reference human history and comment on contemporary culture. Her characters are underdogs, failed kings and forgotten goddesses. The work celebrates those that scream or should scream from the fringes of society. The sculptures are characters roughly hewn from debris found in Brooklyn and Connecticut and ask us to remember who or what we discard.

Singleton’s work is variable, ranging from colored abstract compositions to surreal gestural works created in an expressionist style.  Her subject matter reflects this flexibility as well: her works are just as likely to feature her talented friends performing in local spaces as they are to depict grand compositions riddled with social commentary. Her work celebrates art as a positive force against robotic mentality and like Degas finds inspiration in theater and performance.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, to African and European parents, Niki is now based in Brooklyn after traveling and living abroad for 10 years. She has undertaken residencies in France, the Netherlands, New York and has had solo exhibitions at the Holocaust Museum in Dallas, Imagine Ic in Amsterdam and now Undercurrent Projects in New York City. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at Friedman Gallery, Nurture Art Benefit and White Box Gallery in Manhattan as well as Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery, Studio 10 and Triangle Workshop in Brooklyn. She holds an MFA from the New York Studio School.