Christian Van Haesendonck

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Study for Mardi gras Painting, 2017 Marker On Paper 50 X 37,5 Cm © courtesy of the artist
Discontinued drawing in meeting folders with partially folded cover, 2011 Drawing Variable © courtesy of the artist
Double Portrait, 2015 Carbon On Paper © Christian Van Haesendonck
Double Portrait and unfinished double Portrait, 2015, exhibition view Galerie EL 2016 Oil On Canvas On Panel © Christian Van Haesendonck
Small hierarchic but free community, exhibited in galerie EL, and Eva Steynen.Deviations © courtesy of the artist
Discontinued drawing on a meeting folder with partially folded cover, drawing 2011, photography 2012 Poster By Frank J.M.A. Castelyns, Photo By Hans Theys 31 X 22 Cm © Christian Van Haesendonck
In F44(sic), 2017 Box, Edition Of 30 21,5 X 15,5 Cm, 40 Pages © courtesy of the artists
Not all I see is there, 2014 Box, Edition Of 25, 100 Pages 23x17 Cm © courtesy of the artists
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Welle (B.), Galerie EL
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After completing his studies of bachelor and master in cultural history, Van Haesendonck earned his living by both teaching modern art history in the Royal Academy of fine arts Antwerp and civil servants activity in the flemish administration based in Brussels. These undoubtedly left traces in his visual work, which he developed from the mid-1980s onwards. His series of 'discontinued drawings' and 'folders', to be adapted on the situation, are based on his art practice as side-activity during other occupations, using a drawing technique of immediate notation and a universally shared language, common to everyone. 

Van Haesendonck pursued his interest in a multifaced artistic practice where he combines image curation, creative publishing, curating of exhibitions as inclusive platform for thinking and acting with scholars, exemplary in his preoccupation with art education. Simultaneously he continues to focus on his drawings and collages, remaining so long as possible in the development-phase of creation, not without a subtile sense of humor, often balancing on the edge of the cut between representation and abstract. 

Comments on the works of Van Haesendonck: see:  Hans Theys, art. 'Christian Van Haesendonck', in: special number 'Tekenen vandaag', in: OKV (Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen) 2015, nr. 2:  and in: H. Theys, 'Focus. Een blik op 100 kunstenaars', edited by Snoeck Publishers, Gent, 2012 (dutch).

More texts by: Anne-Marie Poels, Annie Reniers, Marc Ruyters, Hans Theys and Gustaaf Vander Biest; interviews by Thomas Abelshausen, Annik Klaes, Eva Steynen, Hans Theys (dutch); and Joëlle Busca, Caroline Lamarche and J.A. Gil (french).

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