Patricia Fairon

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La Escondida, 2014 Oleo S/ Tela 40 X 50 Cm © Patricia Fairon
Mariana, 2014 Oleo S/ Tela 1 X 0 ,80 M © Patricia Fairon
Lago di Como, 2014 Oleo S/Tela 0,80 X 1,50 M © Patricia Fairon
Taormina II, 2016 Oleo S/ Tela 60 X 60 Cm © Patricia Fairon
Night Blue, 2016 Oleo S/ Tela 0,80 X 1 M © Patricia Fairon
Winter Light, 2016 Oleo S/ Tela 0,40 X 1 M © Patricia Fairon
Blue in Green, 2016 Oleo S/ Tela 1 X 1,40 M © Patricia Fairon
Kindom of Gold, 2016 Oleo S/ Tela 1 X 0,80 M © Patricia Fairon
Beryl, 2016 Oleo S/ Tela 1 X 1,20 M © Patricia Fairon
Where I Go?, 2017 Oleo S/Tela 1 X 1,20 M © Patricia Fairon
The Dreamer, 2017 Oleo S/Tela 1,10 X 1,40m © Patricia Fairon
Spring Morning, 2016 Oleo S/Tela 1 X 1,20 M © Patricia Fairon
Flowers, 2017 Oil On Canvas 1,20 X 1 M © Patricia Fairon
Early Hours of the Day, 2017 Oleo S/Tela 1 X 1,20 M © Patricia Fairon
Earth, 2017 Oleo S/Tela 1,10 M X 1,40 M © Patricia Fairon
Dismantle, 2017 Oleo S/Tela 0,40 M X 1m © Patricia Fairon
Gravity, 2015 Oleo S/Tela 1,30 M X 1,20 M © Patricia Fairon
Sin Titulo, 2017 Oleo S/Tela 40 Cm X 35 Cm © Patricia Fairon
Blue and Green II, 2017 Oleo S/Tela 60 Cm X 60 Cm © Patricia Fairon
Mandarin Tree, 2017 Oleo S/Tela 60 Cm X 80 Cm © Patricia Fairon
Quick Facts
Santa Cruz do Sul , Brasil
Lives in
Buenos Aires
Works in
The joy of color

The beginning of a new painting is always a very exciting time.

I draw on a daily basis and blank canvas is the starting paint where I place my ideas and decisions on what i will paint.

I" m influenced and inspired by life and by everything that sourrounds me. It can be nature, colors, emotions, music or on experience.

As a  figurative,  expressionist painter, I enjoy the freedom of  communicating.

The entere process of making a painting is filled all kind emotions: building, creating, desconstruting, erasing, painting over until I am complely satisfied with my work.

Oil is my main technique but also love working with ink and water colours.

If sameone stops for moment to see one of my paintings, to enjoy to reflect on a certain piece of work,  I will have  succeeded  in my mission.


Patricia was born in Brazil, Santa Cruz do Sul.

She studied at Prilidiano Pueyrredon Art School as well as  Guillermo Roux, Gabriela Aberastury, Jose Ferrari, Anna Rank, Lucrecia Orloff.

Art Critic

Alina Tortosa 

Color is the central theme in Patricia Fairon’s works. It outlines shapes, sustains and textures volume and creates the atmosphere. It is the starting point of the sense of belonging that defines her regional identity. Her creative process, her relationship with the canvas and paintbrush, arise from the sensitive perception of the places where she lived and visited.
Her work is genuine, vital and poetic.


2002 Solo Exhibition at Manzana de las Luces, Buenos Aires.

2003 Permanent artist at Pegasus Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2004 Group Exhibition of 10 artists: “El Milagro del Arte Argentino” at Pegasus Gallery, Bs.As.

2004 Museo Provincial de Artes - Santa Rosa City, La Pampa Province.

2006 Ecos de la Creación - UCA

2008 Solo Exhibition at Galería El Puente.

2008 Individual Exhibition - Banco Nacion, Buenos Aires

2010 Galeria do Tribunal de Justica, Porto Alegre, Brasil

2011 Solo Exhibition  - Bolsa de Comercio, Bs. As.

2011 Classical Art Fair, Bs As

2014- 2016 Individual Exhibition - Centro Cultural Borges, Bs. AS.

2016- 2016 Individual Exhibition - Centro Cultural Borges, Bs. AS.

2017- Collective Exhibition in Puntovero. 

2017- Collective Exhibition in Black Cat.


Received the following awards:

6th 2016  Artslant Showcase winner

8th 2016  Artslant Showcase winner

9th 2016  Artslant Showcase winner

2th 2017  Artslant Showcase winner

7th 2017  Artslant Showcase winner

8th 2017  Artslant Showcase winner

9th 2017  Artslant Showcase winner

1th 2018  Artslant Showcase winner