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Preserved # 4, 2008 Stainless Steel,Strip Light, Copper, Resin , Brass, Teeth 22cm X 60cm © joy lai
Preserved # 1, 2008 Stainless Steel,Strip Light, Copper, Brass,Resin, Eye 25cm X 38cm © joy Lai
preserved # 5, 2008 Stainless Steel,Strip Light, Copper , Resin, Eye, Teeth 45cm X 22cm © joy Lai , Mike Turner
preserved # 8, 2008 Stainless Steel,Strip Light, Copper Brass, Resin , Teeth 55cm X 20cm © Joy Lai and Mike Turner
Beastie 2, 2005 Copper, Brass, Nickel, Resin, Liquid 55cm X 22cm © Joy Lai and Mike Turner
Beastie 1, 2005 Copper, Brass, Nickel 55cm X 24cm © oy Lai and Mike Turner
Dental Resin © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
Stemcell injection Bracelet and Ring, 2007 Stainless Steel, Glass, Liquid, Brass © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
Specimen # 8, 1998 © Mike Turner,
Specimen # 42, 2000 © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
implements, 2006 Stainless Steel , Glass, Nickel, Brass, Liquid © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
Parasite # 2, 2000 Copper, Brass, Nickel, Resin © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
preserved # 9, 2008 Stainless Steel,Strip Light, Copper, Brass,Resin, © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
Specimen # 3 and eye ring , 1998, 2006 Base Metals ,Silver, Eyes © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
Experiment # 2, 2006 Copper,Brass,Nickle, Resin © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
Beastie # 3, 2007 Brass, Nickel, Copper © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
Experiment # 3, 2006 Copper, Brass, Nickel, Resin 34cm X 10 © Mike Turner, Joy Lai
spare part neckpiece and embro pendant, 1996 © Mike Turner , Joy Lai
preserved # 10, 2008 Stainless Steel,Strip Light, Brass, Copper Resin 65cm X 25cm © Mike turner , Joy Lai
Metalhead, 1998 Silver , Nickel, Brass Resin Liquid 9cm X 3cm © Mike Turner
Blade earpiece , earring and pendant , 2000 Silver,Copper, Brass, Resin 8cm X8cm And 7cm X 2cm © Mike Turner ,Joy Lai
Syringe , 1999 Copper Brass , Nickel, Resin 15cm X 6cm © Mike Turner
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Mike Turner has been a metalsmith and jeweller for over 17 years , his work is included in the collection of the Victoria and Albert museum, London, and featured in Unclasped - British contempory jewellery .He has lived and worked in Australia for the past 9 years and now lives and works in Chengdu China.

I belong to the school of thinking that believes art is a nonstop exploration, a constant voyage into the unknown. Without wanting to know exactly what direction I am taking or what I'm looking for I have set out on a quest to discover whatever my brain is capable of producing, I allow my art to take on an evolution of its own, despite having what feels like an unhealthy amount of ideas I can not predict, nor want to, exactly what I will be producing in the next year, month or sometimes even days. My inspirations and influences are many, science fiction , insects , genetic science ,and  surgical instruments to name a few, but It is never quite clear what impact these will have, if any, on any given work. Starting with a general concept and perhaps a basic shape, the object is allowed to grow piece by piece, until it reaches a satisfactory conclusion, if I were to design the entire work, or even half of it, beforehand I would be utterly bored soon after I started to make it. The excitement comes from the process, I enjoy the element of surprise, discovering a new shape, a new way to use the materials, and a new challenge, I gain little satisfaction from creating work that has not stretched my abilities. Between  and during works I can spend weeks experimenting with new and interesting materials, looking for innovative ways to use them and the possibilities they might hold, these discoveries help inspire new pieces and the evolution continues. Ironically it may be the fact that my work has never been a commercial success that means I am at liberty to work like this, there is never the need for compromise nor any pressure to be producing the same things over and over.

The one constant is my intention to create what I consider beautiful, visually engaging and (hopefully) mentally stimulating objects .I make pieces that I am content to(and often have to) look at for a long time, these days most works take weeks and even months. Whilst every step of the manufacturing process is carefully considered,  explaining  the why of  what I make is far more difficult. Ultimately if what I do inspires even a few, then I believe it is justified.

Born 1969, London, UK

Lived and worked in London from 1993 till 2000 before moving to

Australia. Currently Living in Chengdu, China


Higher Education (selected)

1989 - 1992 Ba(Hons) Jewellery Design            Middlesex University, London, UK

1987 - 1989 Diploma DesignCrafts                    Epsom school of Art, Epsom, UK


Solo / Joint  Exhibitions

2008    Gaffa Gallery , Sydney ,NSW                             Metalmorphosis (with face a

face by Pierre Cavalan)

2005    New View Gallery  , Newtown, NSW                  Joint exhibition with Okipa

2001    Urban  Cow Studios, Adelaide,SA                      Spawn Again


Group exhibitions (selected)

2008   Galerije Meno Nosa, Vilnius, Lithuania                Escape from Vilnius

733 Arts Factory, Chengdu, China                      Re-stArt

2007   Australia Council for The Arts, Surry Hills           Ozco   expose

Gaffa Gallery, Surry Hills, Aus                             Explorations 07

2006   Pyrmont studios , Pyrmont, Aus                          Out of site

Gaffa Gallery, Surry Hills, Aus                             Profile Week 1

Createx Gallery, Redfern, Aus                              Is that Latex

Sub Gallery, Newtown, Aus                                  Cluster


Gaffa Gallery, Surry Hills, Aus                               Maiden Voyage

Mekanarky Studios, Turrella, NSW                       Mecarnivale show

Wedding Circle,Chippendale, NSW                      Heavy Petting


Wedding Circle, Chippendale,NSW                        Artist-run spaces exhibition

Mekanarky Studios, Turrella , NSW             Bio-logical Wearfair and Mecropolis


Knot Gallery ,Surrey Hills ,NSW                            Monsters and Mutations

Space 3 ,Chippendale, NSW                                 Untitled

Mekanarky Studios, Turrella,NSW                         Sound of impact and I Scream ,


Victoria and Albert Museum ,London,UK                Street Style,


Design Centre ,London UK                                     New Designers,



1999 - Time out London and Time out shopping guide

1997 - Unclasped - British Contempory Jewellery

1996 - Dazed and Confused Magazine ,London



1996 - Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK



Mikes recent work takes an uneasy look into the realm of genetic science. Bizarre objects from a brave new world in which the quest for immortality through cloning and replacement has led to a culture of crude d-i-y  experimentation. Random body parts are coupled with metal contraptions that facilitate their development .......with unpredictable results! Ornate steel boxes encase these oddities as preserved specimens, whilst an array of primitive surgical instruments lay poised to inspect and dissect  them.


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