Mia Farizza

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Chanda, 2013 Acrylic 75 X 150cm © miafarizza
Splendour Island, 2013 Acrylic 80 X 200 X 5 Centimeters © miafarizza
Fabulous Flowra1, July 2011 Glaze And Acrylic On Primed Canvas 140 X 100cm © miafarizza2011
Unfurling the Goddess, 2011 Glaze And Acrylic On Primed Canvas 100x160cm © miafarizza2011
Flowra11, 2013 Acrylic 80 X 150cm © miafarizza
Meet me by the cherry-red trees, 24 March 2009 Acrylic On Primed Canvas 120 X 56cm © miafarizza 2009
The Eternal story of Dragon versus Tiger, 8 January 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 100x 160cm © miafarizza2010
kiss me under the mistletoe?, 10 June 2009 Acrylic On Primed Canvas 80 X 105cm © miafarizza 2009
My Flowering Womb, 2011 Acrylic On Primed Canvas 100 X 140cm © miafarizza2011
The Falling waters of Blessed Mountain, Aug 2009 Acrylic On Primed Canvas 100 X 160cm © miafarizza 2009
I remember the day we met, 23 July 2009 Acrylic On Primed Canvas 100 X 160cm © miafarizza 2009
By the cliff, I wait, August 2009 Acrylic On Primed Canvas 80x 160cm © miafarizza 2009
Desires and Lustful Flowers, 1 Sept 2009 Acrylic On Primed Canvas 100 X 160cm © miafarizza 2009
Our love is a tropical garden, 2013 Acrylic 100 X 140 X 8 Centimeters © miafarizza
The Golden Rebirth, 2013 Acrylic 140 X 80cm © miafarizza
The Sensual Mind, 2013 Acrylic 100 X 140 X 8 Centimeters © miafarizza
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Kuala Lumpur
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Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok
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Art Accent, R.A Fine Arts
acrylics mixed-media painting, colours modern, photography

My work is born out of the visceral. 


An urge to capture those raw emotions is the reason I paint. Quiet, secret thoughts. 

A vivid dream. The feeling of a stolen glance. They catapult me to an imagined land.


Through my art, my thoughts and feelings transfigure itself into an organic world filled with natural structures and forms. An almost random looking composition is what I am trying to create, much like the Universe we live in. 


I like my art to be ever-changing, always evolving. I want it to contain motion and interact with you while you react to it. 


It requires a high degree of spontaneity in order to keep the movement fluid, which I regard as an essential part of the creation process. At anytime I hesitate, the layers tend to collapse and I have to start again from scratch. I cannot doubt or edit myself during the creation process. Intense focus is key. If I lose the emotion, I lose everything.


At this point of time, I tend to favour acrylic as a medium because it affords me the explosive colours that I prefer. My work is multi layered, sometimes more than eight layers will be built on top of one another and acrylic’s quick dry nature aids me in keeping it spontaneous.


My point of inspiration is often like points of stars. Blinding and many-layered. However the titles and colour choices do sometimes serve as a jumping board to the narration I have in my head while producing the pieces.


I love all things Epic, Beautiful and Tragic. The Mysterious fascinates me, The Ancient World and its Wisdom inspires me. The Modern World excites me.


All That I Am is in my art, stored away on the canvas like a secret diary. When you look at my work, you are looking into Me.