Lucinda Luvaas

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"The Times of Our Lives" Exhibition, September 17th-October 31st, 2011 Relief Paintings On Wood Panels © 2011
Autumn Strollers, 2010 Imprints On Wood Panel 36x54 Inches © copyright/2010 lucinda lluvaas
Bethesda Fountain, 2010 Mixed Media 24x48 Inches © lucinda luvaas/2010
Hot Art | Cool Prices Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media Various © Artspace Warehouse
Going and Coming, 2010 Relief Painting, Wax, Wood Figurative, Mixed Media Painting 36x48 Inches © lucinda luvaas
People, Places and Things, January 29th - February 23rd, 2011 Mixed Media Varied
Alley Kids, 2010 Relief Painting On Wood Panel 24x36 Inches © lucinda luvaas
Alley Kids Mixed Media
Alley Kids, 2010 Mixed Media 24x36" © Artspace Warehouse
Skyscraper Palms, 2010 Mixed Media 20x30" | $950 © Artspace Warehouse
Scyscraper Palms - detail view, 2010 Mixed Media © Artspace Warehouse
Alley Kids, 2010 Mixed Media 24x36" | $2,800 © Artspace Warehouse
Alley Kids - detail view, 2010 Mixed Media © Artspace Warehouse
Alley Kids, 2010 Mixed Media 24x36" | $2,800 © Artspace Warehouse
Alley Kids - closeup view © Artspace Warehouse
Love the Sun Mixed Media 12x60" © Artspace Warehouse
Trajectory, 2011 Imprints/Relief Painting On Wood Panel Using Oils, Acrylics, Wax And Gel 30x40 Inches © copyright: 2011/lucinda luvaas
Mixed Media On Canvas, Watercolor On Paper Various Sizes © Artspace Warehouse
Going and Coming, 2012 Relief Painting On Wood Panel Using Oils, Wax And Gel 36 X 48 Inches © lucinda luvaas
Shoppers, 2012 Relief Painting On Wood Panel 30x30 Inches © lucinda luvaas
Illumination, 2015 Mixed Media 30x40 Inches © lucinda luvaas
Spin, 2015 Mixed Media Relief Painting On Wood Panel 40 X 60 Inches © lucinda luvaas
Subterranean, 2013 Mixed Media Relief Painting On Wood Panel Diptych: 30x40 Inches Each Panel © lucinda luvaas
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Walter Wickiser Gallery NYC/Chelsea
mixed-media, video-art, landscape, modern, figurative, exhibition/performance




My technical process produces pictorial effects much like impressions, imprints, fossil left overs from life. That's very much what drew me into the web of this technique. The process creates a feeling of historic iconography.


I'm drawn to capturing moments, and the passing of time. There is something timeless about the nature of what I do and create....the people on their bicycles, a woman walking her dog, a man reading the daily paper in a cafe. The timeless and recurring activities that make us who we are.

For two years I've been perfecting the exacting technique of imprinting and continue to do so. The content of these works revolves around actual scenes and inspirations from them--from New York City to Durango, CO, from Oregon to the Redwood Forest, as well as Los Angeles and the Southern California high desert.


I have been recording natural settings with my own particular twist as well as scenes from urban life. I'm not interested in simply recording what I see, but rather interpreting what I see. To achieve these goals, I change the natural color values, and embellish actual scenes by creating visual composites. This technique is somewhat similar to collage in that I bring different elements together to create the visual ambience of a picture. I started using this compositional technique while painting murals in New York City and I've worked this way ever since.


As an offshoot of larger works, I've started a series called, "The Times of Our Lives." These pieces are 12x12 inches and I plan to make at least fifty of them. The title sums up what these works are about: views of life from many angles; activities and scenes that depict people in their daily lives as well as imagery from nature.


I see this group of works almost like a symphony because the whole is the sum of its parts. Here I'm dealing with repetition of color and activities in order to hold all of the pieces together. Although each piece stands on its own, it also has to stand as part of a whole like a chorus of action and activity. I want to portray all of the teeming energy that makes up who and what we are. A sort of contemporary visual glance at history.


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