Jukka Nopsanen

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Enigma II, -2013 Oil on Canvas 90 X 55 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
Enigma, 2006 Oil on Canvas 81 X 100 Cm © jukka Nopsanen
Puberty, 2006 Oil on Canvas 80 X 65 Cm © jukka Nopsanen
On The Cross, 2012 Oil on Canvas 150 X 100 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
Invita Minerva, 2013 Oil on Canvas Mounted on Wood 86 X 47 X 9 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
The Story of the White Bear, 2012 Oil on Canvas 100 X 200 Cm
Eternal Things, 2010 Oil on Canvas 80 X 100 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
Revelation, 2010 Oil on Canvas 100 X 120 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
Mozart, 2012 Oil on Canvas 150 X 100 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
The New Icon, 2012 Oil on Canvas 65 X 100 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
In The Midst Of The Woods, 2011 Oil on Canvas 92 X 116cm © Jukka Nopsanen
Through the Wall, 2011 Oil on Canvas 100 X 120 © Jukka Nopsanen
Typhoon, 2009 Oil on Canvas 100 X 120
A Monster, 2010 Oil on Canvas 80 X 100
Entropy, 2011 Oil on Canvas 65 X 140 © Jukka Nopsanen
In the Woods, 2010 Oil on Canvas 120 X 60 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
Self Portrait, 2010 Oil on Canvas 100 X 120 © Jukka Nopsanen
The Shrine of three Bears, 2010 Oil on Canvas 150 X150 © Jukka Nopsanen
Far from Home, 2010 Oil on Canvas 110 X 110 © Jukka Nopsanen
Eden, -98 Oil on Canvas 100 X 120 © Jukka Nopsanen
A Refugee, 2010 Oil on Canvas 125 X 73
Angst, 2009 Oil on Canvas 80 X 65
Last Voices, 2007 Oil on Canvas 140 X 120 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
Climate Change, 2007 Oil on Canvas 102 X 102 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
A Man´s Burden, 2001 Oil on Canvas 100 X 120 Cm © Jukka Nopsanen
The Cry of a Butterly, 2005 Oil on Canvas 100 X 120 © Jukka Nopsanen
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environmental, arts-education realism, landscape, surrealism, modern, traditional, abstract, figurative

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I am a painter and a portrait painter drawing strength from my  Finnish roots and nature.

I work also as a teacher of drawing and painting at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki,  the Aalto University.

I like classical and modern  painting.

As an artist I depict the relationship and contradiction between human beings and nature. I stand for the nature and animals.

Summary as a painter:

In the seventies, during the decade of political participation, I painted the "fables". In these metaphorical paintings, the figures with heads of animals, depicted different features of the human nature.

In the eighties the shades became darker and the figures were transformed into abstractions. I called them discoveries from a destroyed ancient culture. That`s how the "archaeological diggins" were initiated. It was a reaction against the instant culture.

In the 90`s my broken view of the world was "crystallised" in mosaic patterns describing the relationship between man and nature and the problems of the human spirit.

From the beginning of this millennium I have started to combine the figurative and abstract elements into a sort of a synthesis of the past. I combine new and old ideas trying to paint an image of the human spirit.

As a portrait painter:

Concurrently with my development as an artist I have studied portrait painting from its traditional point of view approaching a portrait which combines classical figures and my personal expression.




Jukka Nopsanen, painter

Born in Helsinki, Finland

Lives in Finland




Education: The School of The Academy of Fine Arts -70 -73.


Exhibitions: Since 1970 c.80 times in Finland and two times abroad.


Private exhibitions: Gallery Katariina in Helsinki -75. TM Gallery in Helsinki -76. Hotel Torni in Helsinki -77. Gallery Tallinvintti in Helsinki -79. Cultural Center of Hanasaari in Helsinki -79. Wäinö Aaltonen Museum in Turku -80. Gallery Strindberg in Helsinki -82 and -85. Restaurant Motti in Helsinki -82. Art Hall of Kajaani -84. Cultural Center of Vihti -84. Galllery Aura in Nummela -86. Gallery Kaivopuisto in Helsinki -86. Gallery Mino in Lohja -87 and -90. Gallery Pictor in Nummela -89 and -93, -02. The Library of Sysmä -89. Gallery Vanha Kerttu in Sysmä -90. Gallery Janus in Helsiki -91. Gallery Pihagalleria in Lahti -91. Gallery Katariina in Helsinki -94. Gallery Ida in Stockholm, Sweden -95 and -97.

Art Center Mältinranta in Tampere -98. Olkkala Estate in Vihti -03.

Gallery Katariina in Helsinki, the 30`th anniversary exhibition, year 2000.

Anna`s Gallery  in Helsinki, 2006.

Gallery Pictor, 2009,

Gallery Johan S, Helsinki, 2010

Gallery Johan S, Helsinki, 2013

Scholarships: The School of The Academy of Fine Arts -73. Stipend of State for the exhibition, -76 and -80, -84. Cultural Foundation of Finland -76 and -91, -97, Helsinki City -76, Paulo Foundation -78, Kordelin Foundation -78, The Province of Uusimaa -88, Stipend of State -2000 and 2010.


Prizes: I and III prize, the competition arranged by Nokia for the students of The Academy -73. I prize, the competition arranged by the USA Embassy for the students of The Academy -73. II prize, The Painting Competition arranged by State -77. I prize, the Altar Painting of Pedersöre church -91.


Public paintings: The Altar Painting of Pedersöre church -91. Keskiviikkokerho portrait painting in Suomalainen klubi in Helsinki -86. The wall painting of the hospital in Nummela -88. The wall painting of the bank Osuuspankki in Nummela -90.

Several public portraits, for example at the University of Helsinki and the University Hospital of Helsinki.


Membership: The Finnish Painters Union since -74. The Painters Union of Helsinki since -75.



Teaching activity:  Aalto University  School of Art and Design, Helsinki, 1980 - 2014.



Materials and techniques used: Oil on canvas. Traditional oil painting technique.