Gina Brezini

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Life's Lessons Mixed Media 12" X 36" © Gina Brezini 2011
Gifts of the Moon Mixed Media 12" X 36" © Gina Brezini 2011
Blessings Mixed Media 12" X 36" © Gina Brezini 2011
Art Behind Bars Mixed Media 12" X 36" © Gina Brezini 2011
Ancient Roots Mixed Media 12" X 36" © Gina Brezini 2011
Prayer, 2010 Violins, Grass, Music 6' X 15' X 20' © Gina Brezini
The Face of Forgiveness, 2012 Mixed Media Painting 36" X 108" © Gina Brezini
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Lives in
New York
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New York
paintograph, Europe mixed-media, India, layers, collage, art painting, photography, graffiti/street-art

I practice art in many different ways of expression: painting, sculpture, photography, installation and paintography. My seemingly varied journey is always connected to painting, where I continue to search for new ways to blend various art forms. Mixing media and styles has been my trademark as an artist. I continue to look for innovative and unusual ways of expression—revering tradition yet challenging it by exploring new artistic possibilities.

Living in New York requires attunement to the dynamics of its urban life. It demands breathing with the pulse of this city and aligning with its speedy, ever-changing pace. Life in New York City is not one-dimensional; it is multi-layered, unique 'mixed media' experience and my paintographs reflect this kaleidoscopic blend of images and occurrences. They are loaded with symbolic meanings and coded personal memories. I often blend the urban landscape with my own stories and experiences. In my artworks both coexist as part of an intricate mosaic.

I combine and utilize many of the different media and techniques that I mastered over the years. The process involves superimposing of layers while aiming to preserve a sense of integrity in each canvas.

I view my art as a giant self-portrait created as I go: my artworks change and evolve as I do. My paintings inevitably reflect that which is current in my life. I believe this is true for all artists, for art is above all, a personal experience. All works of art are self-portraits. The themes, which engage my attention, are vividly and consistently evident in my artworks. Life poses the questions. The paintings answer them. And I simply listen, holding the brush.