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The Evolution of Art And It's Industry......Or Not.

With hard economic times and with so much clutter in the media, will artists survive? How will the art industry evolve?...Or will it remain dominated by galleries, museums and collectors? It seems like the only exposure to Fine Art for the young was through education. Exposure during grade school and high school but with the lack of funds from the public education system and with so much media emphasis on glamour, fame, and money driven culture. How will our young be exposed to Fine Art? Hence,... [more]
Posted by EFREN LUNA on 6/27/09

Call To Artists!!!

Hello everyone I am Curating/Organizing an artshow/musicshow... Theme: "Art-Music-Jam" Where Art, Graffiti Art, and Music Gravitate!!!! I am looking for artworks that somehow represent/reflect/remind/express the big-city enviroment as in Urbanism. We live in a large urban community where everypart of society intermingles at some point. This is the focus of our show. ... every participating artist will have to contribute a $10 flat fee to cover cost and expenses...also there will be a 20%... [more]
Posted by EFREN LUNA on 5/30/09